Close Rolls, Edward III: March 1364

Pages 46-47

Calendar of Close Rolls, Edward III: Volume 12, 1364-1369. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1910.

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March 1364

March 4.
Simon Danyel to John Bryklesworth of London. Recognisance for 30l., to be levied etc. in Essex.
Membrane 30d.
Indenture of accord between the abbot and convent of Bonrepos (de Bona Requie) in Brittany and the abbot and convent of Sawtry (Salteria), upon a debate between them moved, namely touching a yearly farm of 80 marks claimed by the abbot and convent of Bonrepos for the churches of Fulborne, Hunygham, Costeseya and Fendrayton by a writing produced under the name of the abbot and convent of Sawtry, which writing the abbot and convent of Sawtry altogether denied, setting forth another writing of the abbot and convent of Bonrepos of prior date containing that they had the said churches at a yearly fee farm of 60 marks only, which writing the abbot and convent of Bonrepos do not acknowledge; whereupon by the intervention of friends the parties have agreed that the abbot and convent of Sawtry shall render for the farm of those churches 60 marks a year which they acknowledge to be due of old time, and 10 marks more, the said 70 marks to be paid on the feast of the Beheading of St. John Baptist or the eighth day after to the abbot and convent of Bonrepos or to their proctor in the cathedral church of St. Paul in the city of London before the cross 'atte Northdore'; and for better security thereof the abbot of Sawtry or his successors shall by himself or his attorneys appear to a writ to be by the abbot of Bonrepos or his successors brought before the justices of the Bench on the morrow of Midsummer next, and shall acknowledge this deed, so that the abbot of Bonrepos shall recover in court the yearly rent aforesaid; and the abbot and convent of Bonrepos grant that if the abbot of Sawtry shall acknowledge this writing, and shall pay the rent as aforesaid, a recognisance in chancery for 40 marks made by the abbot of Sawtry to the abbot of Bonrepos shall remain without execution, otherwise the same shall be put in execution; and the abbot and convent of Sawtry grant that in case of any default they are bound to pay 40 marks within 15 days of such default, binding themselves and their successors and all their goods to pay the said yearly farm of 70 marks and to observe all other the covenants aforesaid, the abbot and convent of Bonrepos granting for them and their successors that henceforth they will claim no greater farm than 70 marks, but that the abbot and convent of Sawtry shall have and hold the said churches for ever for that farm. Dated London, the feast of St. Valentine 1363. These presents notwithstanding, the abbot of Sawtry owes 20 marks to the abbot of Bonrepos in full of 40 marks payable at Midsummer next as appears by the said recognisance; also 11l. 18s. 2d. at the same feast in full of 121l. 8s. 2d. (sic).
Memorandum of acknowledgment by both abbots, for themselves and their convents, 20 February.
Memorandum that on Midsummer day aforesaid the abbot of Sawtry came here in court, and paid to the abbot of Bonrepos 20 marks in full of 40 marks, wherefore the said recognisance is cancelled, also 11l. 18s. 2d. in full of 121l. 18s. 2d. mentioned at the end of this indenture.
Writing of John Bays of Yevele, being a quitclaim to Guy de Bryene knight, John de Sancto Laudo the elder knight, Robert Couele parson of Slymbrugge, John de Mersshton and Walter Laurens and to their heirs of the manors of Westbaggeburgh, Thornesfaucon, Chelvy, Merygge and Beere Craucombe, a moiety of the manor of Wynsford, a messuage and one carucate of land in Hisbere and Seinte Marie Bokelond, and the advowson of Wandestre church. Dated 29 February 38 Edward III.
Memorandum of acknowledgment in the chancery at London, 1 March.