Close Rolls, Henry IV: October 1406

Pages 155-157

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry IV: Volume 3, 1405-1409. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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October 1406

1406. Membrane 36.
Oct. 1.
To John earl of Somerset captain of Calais, or to his lieutenant. Order without further process to continue in the state wherein it now is until further order a plea in the court of Calais between John Lancastre and John Crofte knight, late captain of Merke castle, concerning certain lands in the territory of Merke and the profits thereof, which John Crofte had for life by grant of the king with reversion to the king and his heirs; as that plea is to the prejudice of the king and peril of his disherison.
Oct. 14.
To the bailiffs of Portesmouth co. Suthampton for the time being. Order to pay to Queen Joan 18l. 6s. 8d. a year, and the arrears since 20 February last, on which date the king granted her for life from Michaelmas then last a yearly rent of 18l. 6s. 8d. of the fee farm of that town, in exchange for the manors of Maunesfelde and Lyndeby in Shirwode which, by name of the town of Maunesfelde with the manor of Lyndeby co. Notyngham, she exchanged with Eleanor who was wife of Nicholas Dagworthe knight, any ordinances or proclamations to the contrary notwithstanding.
Et erat patens.
Oct. 11.
To Robert Claydoun the king's clerk, keeper of the hanaper of chancery. Order without taking the fee for the great seal to deliver to Peter Lagherne 'Ducheman' letters patent whereby the king has granted him for life 20 marks a year at the exchequer. By K.
Oct. 24.
To Robert Claydoun (as above). (Like) order concerning three several letters patent, being pardons for Hugh bishop of Deir, William de Clifton and John de Faryngton. By K.
Oct. 22.
Order to the sheriff of Cornwall for election of a coroner instead of John Tregoys, who is dead.
Oct. 28.
To the escheator in Roteland. Order to remove the king's hand from the manor of 'Merketoverton,' and the issues thereof hereinafter mentioned; as it is found by inquisition, taken before William Palmer and John Alblaster commissioners of the king, that John de Horsham clerk, John Haukewode the elder, Richard Esmoun clerk and Thomas Thurberne of Cotton chaplain were seised of the said manor, and gave it to William Wynkefelde knight and Joan his wife for life with remainder to Thomas de Veer late earl of Oxford and Maud then his wife and to the heirs of the said earl, that the earl had issue Robert late duke of Ireland and died, that William and Joan likewise died and the said countess entered as in her remainder, and gave her estate therein to Robert Boleyn and Nicholas Brayham, that they gave their estate therein to Henry late earl of Northumberland and the said countess and to Thomas late earl of Worcester and Henry Percy knight both deceased, to the use of the said countess, which estate they continued until unlawfully thrust out by colour of an inquisition, taken at Okeham 24 April 11 Richard II before John Dautre clerk and Walter Scarle by commission of the late king, whereby it was found that the said William was tenant for life by grant of the earl of Oxford with reversion to the duke and his heirs, and that he was yet alive, making no mention of the countess, and by colour thereof after the decease of William and Joan the same was seized into the king's hands by virtue of a judgment against the duke rendered in the parliament holden at Westminster in 11 Richard II, and it is found that the said William and Joan never had any estate therein by gift of Thomas earl of Oxford or of any other; and the said earl of Worcester and Henry Percy forfeited to the king, and in the parliament holden at Westminster in 5 Henry IV order was made that no manors or lands should be forfeit whereof they or other traitors at the battle of Shrewsbury were by feoffment seised jointly or solely to the use of another or upon trust to do the will of them that made such feoffment, and whereof they were not inheritors but feoffees, although the feoffment should be by fine or otherwise without a deed witnessing the condition thereof; and those inquisitions being read in chancery, and the matter understood, divers evidences of the countess were viewed, and proclamation was made for any who would give information to the king and council or to the serjeants at law, and when no man appeared, after deliberation with the justices, the serjeants and others of the council learned in the law it seemed good that the king's hands be removed from the said manor and the issues thereof taken in the mean time.
Membrane 35.
Oct. 20.
To the collectors of customs and subsidies in the port of London. Order under pain of forfeiture, with assent of the council, for the consideration herein after mentioned and for other causes specially moving the king, to keep in their hands all sums of money levied of the fourth part of the subsidies upon wool, hides and woolfells, and of the 12d. in the pound and 3s. upon the tun of wine and other subsidies whatsoever to the merchants of the realm assigned for safeguard of the sea from 14 September last, all bonds and securities taken in that behalf, and all such sums hereafter levied and bonds etc. hereafter taken, so that the money be safe kept until by advice of the council justice shall be done to the lieges and aliens and other complainants, or until further order; as by the loud complaint of some of the lieges and of divers aliens of his alliance and friendship and of the commons in this parliament the king has particular information that, from the time the merchants had the safeguard of the sea by ordinance or appointment in that parliament made, for lack of safeguard great number of damages, robberies and grievances have been committed, and worse is like to happen if a speedy remedy be not applied. By K. and C.
Like writs to the collectors in fourteen other specified ports.