Close Rolls, Henry IV: October 1406

Pages 220-224

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry IV: Volume 3, 1405-1409. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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October 1406

Oct. 14.
John atte Wode of Hirst co. York to Robert Brayton clerk. Recognisance for 4 marks payable at Michaelmas 1408, to be levied in default of payment of his lands and chattels in Yorkshire.
Oct. 22.
William Yeuerslay to John Percy of Kildale. Recognisance for 200l., to be levied etc. in Yorkshire.
John Percy of Kildale to William Yeuerslay. Like recognisance.
Joan who was wife of Alan Waldeyeve esquire of Warwickshire to William Mountfort esquire lord of Colshulle, otherwise called William Mountfort of Colshulle, David Newynton otherwise David de le Halle, Ralph Toly, John Wodnot, John Bysshopp, Richard de Burton, William 'of the Stable,' Richard 'of the Botery,' John son of Nicholas Bailly of Colshulle, Richard Waryner and Robert Pety. General release of all actions, plaints, suits and demands, assizes of novel disseisin and pleas of land excepted. Dated 29 October 8 Henry IV.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 29 October.
Thomas Olyve of Haveryng atte Boure to John Hacche and Edward Scherd. Letter of attorney, appointing them to deliver to John de Macclesfelde clerk the elder, John Bedulf and John Macclesfelde rector of Denham seisin of the whole field called 'Moryesfelde,' a tenement with three little fields sometime of Walter Fychet and a croft called 'Lamescroft' in Haveryng atte Boure. Dated Saturday 30 October 8 Henry IV.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 3 November.
Thomas Olyve of Haveryng atte Boure to John Macclesfelde clerk the elder his heirs and executors. Bond in 40l. payable at Christmas next. Dated (as the last).
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 3 November.
Thomas Olyve of Haveryng atte Boure to John de Macclesfelde clerk the elder, John Bedulf and John de Macclesfelde rector of Denham, their heirs and assigns. Charter indented with warranty of the whole field called 'Moryesfelde,' and a tenement with three little fields sometime of Walter Fychet with a croft called 'Lamescroft' in Haveryng atte Boure, under a condition that if the grantor, his heirs or executors shall on the feast of Allhallows 1407 pay 40 marks to John de Macclesfelde clerk the elder, his heirs, executors or assigns it shall be lawful for him again to enter and hold the premises in his first estate. Witnesses: John Wynbushe, John Longe, William Goldesmyth, John Mirable, Adam Bereman. Dated (as before.)
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 3 November.
John son and heir of Thomas Botiller of Suydeleye knight (militis) to Alice late the wife of the said Thomas and now of John Dalyngrugge knight. Confirmation with warranty of the estate for life in the manors and advowsons of Suydley co. Gloucester, Dorset and Greve co. Warrewyk which she has by charter of demise of John Rous, John Bereforde clerk and John Kirkeby the younger; and release of all actions for waste therein. Sealed one part by John Botiller, the other by John Dalyngrugge. Dated 4 November 8 Henry IV.
Memorandum of acknowledgment by the said John son of John (sic), 5 November.
John Bonham the elder and John Bonham son of Margaret Rous to Walter Bekles and Thomasia his wife. Charter of a yearly rent of 4l. 6s. 8d. to be taken during the life of the said Thomasia of the grantors' lands in 'Berewyk Seynt James' and Uphamton co. Wiltesir, and to the said Walter of 5 marks for life, if he shall overlive her. Dated 4 November 8 Henry IV.
[No acknowledgment.]
Nov. 9.
John Burgeys of Melton to Walter Roskyn of Melton. Recognisance for 40l., to be levied etc. in Leycestershire.
Nov. 21.
John Kedall of Lincolnshire to John Walesby of the same clerk. Recognisance for 13 marks, to be levied etc. in Lincolnshire.
Membrane 35d.
Anthony de Spanby, cousin and heir of Sir John de Meaux of Bewyke in Holdernesse knight, to the prior and convent of Hautempris and their successors. Quitclaim with warranty of all lands, rents and services of free men and neifs, woods, meadows, pastures, stews, stanks, fisheries, reed beds, moors and marshes in Willardby, Newton, Wolferton, Sculcotes and Elueley which were of Sir John and by him given with licence of the king to the prior and convent. Witnesses: Sir Donald de Hesilrik, Sir Gerard de Usseflett, Sir John Constable knights, John Spayne, Thomas de Beverle, Richard de Beverle. Dated Hautempris, Monday after St. Bartholomew 2 Richard II.
Memorandum of acknowledgment at Sempyngham on Wednesday after St Luke this year before the prior of Sempyngham, by virtue of a dedimus potestatem which is on the chancery file for this year.
Oct. 20.
To the sheriff of Middlesex. Order for the safety of the parts hereinafter mentioned and of the king's lieges therein, as that concerns the honour of the king's estate and realm, upon sight etc. to cause proclamation to be made, that all lords, knights, esquires and yeomen of that county who have fees or annuities by grant of King Edward III, the late king, Edward prince of Wales or the king's father, confirmed by the king, or of the king, and all others who are of the king's retinue, except such as are in Wales in company of the prince of Wales, shall cease every excuse and without delay array and furnish themselves with arms, every man as his estate requires, so as to be at London with all possible speed, ready to sail with the king to Calais to resist the malice of his enemies, so that by their default, delay or negligence no hurt or peril shall happen to the castles and towns hereinafter mentioned, and by consequence to the king and realm, which the king would lay to their account, and that his other lieges shall likewise array and furnish themselves, ready to defend the realm if the enemy shall invade the same, giving notice to the lieges who are to come to the king's presence that the king will in person set out for Calais on 9 November next; as in divers ways the king has information that on 16 September last the duke of Orleans, the counts of Cleremonde and Lansoun, the constable and admiral of France and others of France left Paris for the duchy of Aquitaine, and the dukes of Burgundy and Lymbeburgh and the sieur de Hugevylle, with other the king's enemies of Brabant and Flanders, are purposing to be at Calais on the 25th of the next month with no small power to besiege the castle and town of Calais and other castles and towns in those parts, and to destroy his lieges there. By K. and C.
Like writs to singular the sheriffs throughout England, and to the chancellor in the county palatine of Lancastre.
Memorandum of a mainprise under a pain of 200l., made in chancery 6 November this year by Master John Cateryk clerk, treasurer of the cathedral church of St. Mary Lincoln, Edward Suthworth of Middlesex, John Wotton of Devon and Robert Hillyarde of Yorkshire for John Haket clerk, that he shall by himself or by others make no attempt in the court of Rome or the court christian elsewhere which may tend to prejudice of the king or realm or to impair the laws and customs of England, and especially touching the title whereby the king lately presented John Bathe clerk to the prebend of Cherdestoke in the cathedral church of Salisbury.
John Coteler otherwise called John Wolpet of Canterbury co. Kent 'chapman' to John Sutton citizen and merchant of London, his executors and assigns. Sale of all his goods and chattels, moveable and immovable, quick and dead, in the town of Canterbury and elsewhere in England. Witnesses: Sampson Benet 'taillour,' John Gale 'goldsmyth,' Richard Skarthowe citizens of London. Dated London, 5 November 8 Henry IV.
Memorandum of acknowledgment in chancery at Westminster, 7 November.
John Bonham the elder and John Bonham son of Margaret Rous to Walter Bekles and Thomasia his wife. Charter of a yearly rent of lands in Berewyke Seynt James and Uphamton co. Wiltesir (as above, p. 221). Dated 4 November 8 Henry IV.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 6 November.
William Kylvyngton esquire of the parish of Stebbenhuthe to Richard Hamme esquire of Haverynge co. Essex, his heirs and assigns. Quitclaim with warranty of a lordship called Quenhawe co. Hertford, which the said William and Margaret his wife had by feoffment of Roger atte Mede, and Matthew Lety, John Noreys the younger and the said Roger had by purchase of Philip Melrethe clerk, with liberties, services, homages, rents, suits of court, customs, wards, marriages, waifs and strays, reliefs, heriots etc. Witnesses: John fitz Johan, John Beauchamp, Simon Clerke, Alan Tayllour, John Lokle. Dated Brantffeld, Thursday the feast of St. Mary Magdalene 7 Henry IV.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 11 November this year.
Henry de Percy of Athell to William de Metforde. Grant for his counsel of a yearly rent of 10 marks for life, to be taken of all the grantor's lands in Hunmanby co. York; and he has put him in possession by payment of 1d. Dated 8 January 7 Henry IV. French.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 19 November this year.
Oct. 26.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer. Writ of supersedeas in respect of any process against Richard Tempest knight, by the late king appointed with others to make inquisition in Cumberland and Westmerland concerning extortions, misprisions and evildoings there committed against the king and Thomas late bishop of Karliol while the bishop was in the king's service, but order to proceed against others who did meddle therein; as that commission came never to the said Richard's hands, as he has made oath in chancery.
Membrane 34d.
Walter Bekles and Thomasia his wife of the one part and John Bonham the elder of Wiltesir and John son of Margaret Rous of the other part. Indenture of defeasance of a recognisance for 300l., by the said John and John made in chancery 5 Nov. 8 Henry IV, upon condition that they or the heirs and assigns of John the elder pay to the said Walter and Thomasia a yearly rent of 4l. 6s. 8d. to them granted for their lives, and to the said Walter a yearly rent of 5 marks for life after the death of Thomasia, in case he shall overlive her. Dated 6 November 8 Henry IV.
Memorandum of acknowledgment by the said Walter, 6 November.
William de Karnaby to William his son and to the heirs male of his body, with remainder to the grantor and the heirs male of his body, remainder to his right heirs. Charter of all his lands, rents and services in Halton, Claverworth and Whetyngton. Witnesses: Robert Lyle knight, John Erington, Simon de Welden. Dated Halton, 4 November 18 Richard II.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 9 November this year.