Close Rolls, Henry IV: May 1406

Pages 38-40

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry IV: Volume 3, 1405-1409. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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May 1406

May 5.
Order to the sheriff of Suthampton for election of verderers in the New Forest in room of those appointed in time of the late king; as by his cession their power expires.
Like writ for election of verderers in the forest of Little Bere by Winchester.
May 3.
Order to the sheriff of Cornwall for election of a coroner instead of Thomas Forde, who is insufficiently qualified.
Membrane 15.
May 14.
To the justices appointed to hold pleas before the king. Order, upon petition of Joan Southerey, to proceed in the plea hereinafter mentioned, the allegation of John Prophete the king's clerk, William Ploufelde and John Cheser notwithstanding, so that they proceed not to rendering of judgment without advising the king; as it is found by inquisition, of his office taken before Helming Leget escheator in Essex, that John Deyncourt knight died seised of the reversion of the manor of Upmynstre after the death of Lora who was wife of William Morewode, that the reversion was sometime of William de Wyndesore knight by gift of the late king to him and his heirs, that the manor is otherwise called the manor of Gaynes in Upmynstre, that the said Lora died 4 November 17 Richard II, that the same is held of the king, by what service the jurors knew not, and is worth 10l. a year, that John Deyncourt died on Monday after Allhallows 17 Richard II, and that Roger Deyncourt is his son and next heir, and at the date of that inquisition was within age and in ward of the king; and at suit of the said Joan, shewing that long before the said John's death and before that inquisition John Neve was seised of that manor and, by name of John Neve of Hardewyke cousin and heir of John de Freton clerk, made a demise thereof, by name of the manor of Upmenstre co. Essex, to her as tenant at will, that by writing produced in chancery, dated Upmynstre the feast of Michaelmas 2 Henry IV, he made a release thereof to her, by name of Joan Despaigne otherwise Southerey daughter of Alice de Perrers, in her possession being by virtue of the said demise, and to her heirs and assigns, that she peaceably continued in possession thereof by virtue of the said demise and release, as she is ready to prove, until unlawfully thrust out by colour of the said inquisition, and of letters patent of 5 July 4 Henry IV, whereby for render of 40l. a year at the exchequer the king granted the ward thereof to John Prophete and the others, without that that John Deyncourt died seised of the reversion thereof, or had aught therein or in the said reversion, and praying for revocation of those letters patent, and to be put again in possession in her first estate with the issues taken since she was thrust out, the king ordered the sheriff to give notice to John Prophete and the others to be in chancery in the quinzaine of Easter last in order to shew cause for the king or for themselves wherefore that ought not to be done; and at that day upon return of the said writ the cause was sent for debate before the king, and the said Joan appeared by Robert Hore her attorney, and John Prophete and the others by Thomas Holme, and alleged the said letters patent, producing the same, and that John Deyncourt died seised of the reversion of the said manor after the death of the said Lora, who overlived him, that after his death William de Wyndesore knight had, by gift of the late king to him and his heirs, the reversion of the manor which by the deaths of the said Lora and John Deyncourt and by reason of the nonage of Roger Deyncourt is in the king's hand, so long as the same shall remain in his hands, not being thrust out by reason of any increase during that term, craving aid of the king, by reason whereof the justices have deferred to proceed.