Close Rolls, Henry IV: December 1405

Pages 7-9

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry IV: Volume 3, 1405-1409. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1931.

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December 1405

Dec. 1.
To the collectors of the great and petty custom and of the subsidy in the port of Dovorre or Sandewich. Order to suffer John Fesant and William Lonesdale without payment of custom or subsidy to take to Marke castle nine pieces of cloth of divers colours containing 180 ells by them bought in the city of London; as John Arundell knight captain of that castle has made oath in chancery that the same shall be taken thither by them for their raiment and the raiment of other the hired soldiers there, and not to traffic withal.
Nov. 16.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer. Writ of supersedeas in respect of their demand against the now sheriff and escheator in Lincolnshire, or the late sheriff and escheator, to answer or account for the issues and profits of the alien priories of Wenghale and Ravendale from Easter 5 Henry IV to the morrow of the Easter next following, and order to discharge them, Robert Lincoln the king's clerk, one of the clerks of his chapel within the household, and others whatsoever, although in the parliament holden at Coventre it was agreed (among other things) that every man and woman of whatsoever estate and condition who by grant of the late king or of the king has castles, manors, lands, rents or possessions whatsoever shall suffer the king to enjoy the profits for that term of such as they have for life or a term of years, and shall answer for the same at the exchequer; as the king has granted that the said Robert, who by letters patent of the king has the keeping of the said priories, shall enjoy the issues and profits thereof arising during the said term, that ordinance or any other ordinances, proclamations or commands to the contrary notwithstanding. By p.s. [4569.]
Nov. 1.
Kenilworth Castle.
To the keepers or governors of the city of York and their representatives. Order to deliver to Katherine sister of Randolph del See for burial the head of the said Randolph, lately set up by command of the king over the gate of that city called 'Bouthombarre.' By K.
Oct. 24.
To the escheator in Herefordshire and the march of Wales adjacent. Order to remove the king's hand and meddle no further with the castle and a moiety of the lordship of Ewyas Lacy of Elizabeth le Despenser, delivering to her any issues thereof taken; as lately the king ordered the escheator to certify in chancery the cause wherefore he took the said castle and moiety into the king's hand, and he returned that so he did because of the rebellion of the tenants; and proclamation was made divers times in chancery for any who would give the king or council or the serjeants at law information wherefore his hands ought not to be removed, and when no man appeared, by advice of the justices, serjeants at law and others of the council learned in the law it was determined that they should be removed.
Dec. 16.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer. Order, upon petition of Peter Chiryton, to discharge and acquit him of a balinger called 'la Marie' of Bordeaux, which was of Gaillard prévôt of Bordeaux who forfeited to the king, and of the goods and merchandise of the owner therein found; as his petition shews that by writ of 12 January 5 Henry IV the king commanded Thomas Erpyngham constable of Dovorre castle and warden of the Cinque Ports to cause the said balinger, then in the port of Sandewich, goods etc. to be appraised and delivered to the petitioner, with proviso that he should answer for the same at the exchequer; but before that writ was delivered to him the constable delivered the same to the said owner by command of the king, so that the petitioner received nought thereof or of any parcel thereof. By K.
Dec. 1.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer. Order to make Robert Claydoun the king's clerk, keeper of the hanaper of chancery, allowance in his account of 29l. 3s. 2d. by him delivered to Thomas de Longley the chancellor for the winter and summer livery of the clerks of the chancery against Christmas and Whitsuntide last, over and above the usual sum by reason of the dearness of cloth, furring and lining, and of 4l. paid to Robert Ragenhille clerk, keeper of one part of the seal of the Common Bench, for his usual fee for last year, as by his acquittance may appear, any former command of the king to the contrary notwithstanding.
Membrane 38.
To the mayor and bailiffs of Hull. Order, upon petition of John Hadyngton and John de Akyne merchants of Scotland, if assured that Lawrence Tuttebury of Hull and his men took the same in time of the truce with them of Scotland, to compel him without taking ransom to deliver to the petitioners their goods and merchandise, or the value thereof if they exist not, suffering them therewith to pass to their own parts according to the truce, and so behaving that they shall have no matter for further complaint to the king; as their complaint shews that in time of the truce, namely on 5 September last, while at sea on a voyage to their country with a ship of theirs and the seamen and merchan dise therein, the said Lawrence and his men in a barge and a balinger of war came upon them contrary to the truce, took them, spoiled their goods to the value of 500 marks, and detained them eight weeks in the said town; and the king's desire is that the truce be kept on his side, and justice done.