Close Rolls, Henry V: January 1414

Pages 114-116

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry V: Volume 1, 1413-1419. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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January 1414

Membrane 6d.
Jan. 7.
To the sheriff of Kent. Strict order at his peril, as he would save him harmless toward the king, to cause proclamation to be made on behalf of the king, that no man of whatsoever estate or condition shall henceforward make or procure congregations or unlawful assemblies upon any pretence, or take part therein, under pain of forfeiting life and limb etc.; and order to arrest and bring before the king and council any whom he may hereafter find so doing, taking with him if need be the whole posse comitatus, that by advice of the council the king may deal as ought to be done according to law and the custom of the realm for their punishment; as certain subjects of the realm, who with great number of others have held and do hold divers opinions contrary to the catholic faith, in these days commonly called lollards, have now of late been taken and brought before the king in person, and by willing confession informed him that they and those others did purpose to make such assemblies in divers parts of the realm, for that he as a true christian prince, and as by his oath he is bound to do, has made him a party against them and their opinions, to the destruction not only of the catholic faith but of his person and the estate of the lords and great men of the realm spiritual and temporal; and the king's will is to make provision against their malice, as he is bound to do. By K.
Like writs to singular the sheriffs throughout England.
Robert Oulepenne to Walter de la Pole knight and Elizabeth his wife and to their heirs. Quitclaim with warranty of the manor of Stintiscoumbe otherwise called 'Mylkeshamcourt' co. Gloucestre. Witnesses: Thomas fitz Nicholl knight, Robert Poynes, Edmund Bassat, John Skeye, John Archer. Dated 25 January 1 Henry V.
Memorandum of acknowledgment in chancery at Westminster, 25 January.
William Horwich citizen and tailor of London to John Sondeforde of the parish of Camerwelle co. Surrey, his executors and assigns. Gift with warranty of all his goods and chattels moveable and immovable, quick and dead, in the city of London and elsewhere within the realm, and all debts to him due: William Crowmere being mayor of London, John Sutton and John Micole sheriffs. Witnesses: Henry Julyan, John Ergaston, John North, John Sydyngbourne. Dated London, 24 January 1 Henry V.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 28 January.
Robert Trewenneke to Ralph Botreaux knight, his heirs and assigns. Charter with warranty of the manors of Trewenneke and Trewente in Cornwall, and of all his lands, rents, services and reversions in that county, with moors, waters, ways, profits, easements etc. thereto belonging. Witnesses: John Herle, William Talbot, John Greynvyle knights, John Whalisbrewe, Reynold Plente. Dated 'Botreaux Castelle,' Monday before St. Matthew 1 Henry V.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 30 January.
Philip Thornbury esquire to John Peryan esquire, Thomas Beaufort earl of Dorset, Sir Hugh Luterell knight, Sir John Tybbay clerk, William Brokesby, Robert Basset esquires and John Fouler clerk, and to the heirs and assigns of John Peryan. Quitclaim of the manor of Digoneswelle, and of all lands, rents and services of freeholders and neifs, and all reversions of tenants for life or years etc. in Digoneswelle, Welwen, Tewyng, Hertfordyngbury and Dacchworth cos. Hertforde and Middlesex, sometime of John Lodewyk, John Rolande clerk, Thomas Cotere, Richard Horewode clerks, John Westwycombe, John Durham, John Pope of Hathfelde, the said John Lodewyk by name of John Lodewyk esquire and Alice his wife, Nicholas Rys clerk and the said Philip, the manor of Lodewyk excepted, all which with that manor Robert Thrisk clerk, John Durham by name of John Deram and the said Philip, with John Lodewyk, Alice his wife and Nicholas Rys now deceased, had jointly by feoffment of Richard Horwode, and with the exception aforesaid John Deram (by name of John Derham esquire) and Agnes his wife now hold for their lives and the life of the longest liver by demise of Robert Thrisk, with remainder to John Peryan (and the others above named) and to the heirs and assigns of John Peryan. Witnesses: John Goldyngton, William atte Water, Walter Mees, William Brembelde, Nicholas Susshe. Dated Digoneswelle, 30 January 1 Henry V.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 30 January.
Membrane 5d.
Memorandum of a mainprise under a pain of 1,000 marks, made in chancery 8 February this year by William Palton knight, Richard Chedder esquire, both of Somerset, Thomas Beaumonde and Edmund Pyne, both of Devon esquires, for Thomas Broke esquire who by command of the king is in the Tower of London, that he shall be a true prisoner therein until delivered according to law and the custom of the realm or by command of the king, and shall so behave himself, not escaping nor withdrawing thence in the mean time.
Memorandum of a like mainprise, made 12 February by Richard Whityngton, Richard Everarde citizens and mercers of London, John Philippot of Worcestershire and John Kendale of Somerset esquires for Thomas Beauchamp of Somerset knight who etc. (as above).
Memorandum of a like mainprise, made 8 February by John del Bothe the elder of Lancashire, John de Fynderne of Derbyshire, James del Holt and John del Bothe the younger, both of Lancashire, for Henry del Bothe who etc. (as above).
Memorandum of a like mainprise, that day made by Walter Cotton 'mercer,' John Raynwelle, both of London, William Huddilston of Norhamptonshire and Thomas Tykill of London esquires for Thomas Tykill of Derbyshire who etc. (as above).
Memorandum of a like mainprise, that day made by Thomas Maurewarde knight of Leycestershire, William Babyngton of Notynghamshire, Robert Chiselden of Leycestershire and Thomas Cressy of London 'mercer' for Thomas Chaworthe knight who etc. (as above).
The last cancelled by command of the chancellor, because the condition was observed.