Close Rolls, Henry V: February 1414

Pages 120-121

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry V: Volume 1, 1413-1419. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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February 1414

Membrane 1d.
Feb. 4.
To the sheriffs of London. Order upon sight etc. to cause proclamation to be made of a general truce by land and sea for ten years from 3 January last, made by the proctors, envoys and deputies of the king for him, his lands, dominions, countries, territories, jurisdictions, cities, towns, castles, fortresses and all territories under his rule, his vassals and liege subjects, and by the proctors and envoys of John duke of Brittany count of Montfort for him, his duchy, lands, subjects etc., and order to cause the same to be observed; as the king's will is that the truce be brought to the knowledge of all concerned. By K.
Like writs to eleven sheriffs of thirteen counties etc., the chancellor in the county palatine of Lancastre, and the mayor and bailiffs of Weymouth.
Jan. 26.
To the prior and convent of Dunstaple. Nomination of John Culle to receive the pension wherein by reason of the prior's new creation they are bound to one of the king's clerks, until by them provided with a benefice. By K.
Henry Merston clerk, William Babyngton, William Flete, Alice his wife and John Deryng to Katherine Gloucestre, daughter of John de Chilterne and late the wife of Philip Bluet. Grant for her life of a yearly rent of 100s., to be taken of their manor of Brittewelle co. Hertford and all other their lands in the parishes of Watforde and Caysho sometime of John de Chilterne; and proviso that this grant shall only be a charge upon the said manor and lands, and not upon the persons of the grantors. Dated 15 February 1 Henry V.
Memorandum of acknowledgment in chancery at Westminster, 15 February, by William Flete and John Deryng.
Feb. 8.
To the constable of the Tower of London and his lieutenant. Order by a mainprise to suffer Thomas Chaworth knight, Thomas Tikhulle of Derbyshire and Henry de Bothe, who are in custody in the Tower by command of the king, to be therein without irons or other duress, and to dwell in certain houses therein needful and fitting; as they have found security in chancery that they shall be the king's true prisoners there, and so behave themselves, until delivered according to law and the custom of the realm, or otherwise by command of the king, not escaping nor withdrawing in the mean time.
Like writs in favour of the following:
Thomas Broke.
Feb. 12.
Thomas Beauchamp of Somerset knight.
Feb. 22.
John Clerk of Peston clerk of the crown in chancery is sent to the abbot and convent of Meaux, to take of that house for life such maintenance as William Wyncelowe deceased had at the request of King Richard II. By K.