Close Rolls, Henry V: October 1414

Pages 148-150

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry V: Volume 1, 1413-1419. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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October 1414

Oct. 1.
To the steward and marshal of the household. Order, upon petition of Master John Tylney, clerk of the bishop of Norwich, by mainprise of Bartholomew Petypace, Roger Galioun, William Halyate, all of Lynne, and Nicholas Lymnour of Norwich to set him free; as the king has learned that he is imprisoned in the marshalsea prison by reason of suggestions made against him to the king in person, which he knows not as he avers; and the said Bartholomew and the others have mainperned in chancery that he shall appear before the king or elsewhere together with the mayor and burgesses of Lynne, who have come before the king in person for the aforesaid cause. By p.s. [315.]
Oct. 6.
To the sheriff of Lincoln for the time being. Order every year to pay to William Somercotes the king's serjeant during his life 6d. a day, and to pay him the arrears since 1 October 1 Henry V, notwithstanding the preference of 10,000l. given to the king in the parliament lately holden at Westminster; as on that date for good service, and for that he advanced the said William to be one of the yeomen of the crown, retaining him for life with him, the king granted him for life 6d. a day of the issues, profits and revenues of that county.
Et erat patens.
Oct. 3.
To the mayor and bailiffs of the city of Coventre for the time being. Order to pay to Peter de Melbourne the king's esquire 40l. a year for life and the arrears since Michaelmas 13 Henry IV, any reservation, proclamation, preference or ordinance to the contrary notwithstanding; as by letters patent of 6 April 1 Henry V, for good and willing service to the king from his youth up, the king gave the said Peter for life 40l. a year of the fee farm of that city. By p.s. [316.]
Et erat patens.
April 9.
To the sheriff of Cantebrigge for the time being. Order to pay to Edward duke of York 20 marks a year and the arrears for Easter term last; as upon the finding of an inquisition, taken before William Castelacre knight late escheator, that by gift of King Edward III, confirmed by the late king, Edmund late duke of York at his death held to him and his heirs an annuity of 20l. of the issues of that county, the late king granted to Edward his son and heir full livery of all castles, manors, lands etc. which did descend or ought to descend, revert or remain to him by inheritance according to inquisitions taken in divers counties after that duke's death, with the issues and profits thereof since 28 September 3 Henry IV, except the castle and lordship of Rysyng co. Norffolk concerning which a plea was pending in chancery without debate between the king while prince and the said Edward, for a fine paid in the hanaper respiting the homage and fealty of the said Edward, who was then on service in Aquitaine, until his return to England, and commanding livery to be given him of those lands, with the issues and profits; and although by writ patent that king ordered the sheriff of Cantebrigge to pay him the 20l. a year and arrears since the date aforesaid, for that the said Edward gave up that writ in chancery to be cancelled, willing with the now duke's assent that William de Wylughby knight deceased, who took to wife Joan who was the late duke's wife, and the said Joan in name of her dower should have 10 marks thereof by the sheriff's hands from the date aforesaid notwithstanding that no assignment thereof was made her by the late escheator, by another writ patent the late king likewise ordered the sheriff for the time being to pay to the said William and Joan during her life 10 marks a year of the issues of the county and the arrears aforesaid, that assignment notwithstanding, with proviso that during her life the same should be deducted from the 20l. a year payable to the duke and his heirs. By K.
Et erat patens.
Oct. 7.
To Henry Kays the king's clerk, keeper of the hanaper of chancery. Order without taking a fee for the seal to deliver to the prioress and nuns of Stratforde a charter whereby the king has confirmed the liberties and quittances granted to them by the charters of his forefathers. By K.