Close Rolls, Henry V: October 1414

Pages 193-194

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry V: Volume 1, 1413-1419. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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October 1414

Oct. 14.
Thomas Dethek of Uttoxather co. Stafford esquire to Peter de la Pole and Thomas Phelip. Recognisance for 100l., to be levied etc. in Staffordshire.
Oct. 12.
To William Tempest knight, William Bekwyth, Geoffrey Pygot and Robert Tempest esquires, and to the sheriff of York appointed, upon an information that Roger Frank and others, monks of Fountains abbey in the diocese of York, despising their habit of religion did contrary to the will of John Rypoun the abbot eloign themselves without the abbey no small time, and wander from town to town to the peril of their soul and the scandal of their order, to arrest the said monks wherever found and deliver them to the abbot for chastisement according to the rule of that order. Writ of supersedeas in regard to the said Roger, for particular causes laid before the king in chancery, but order to execute their commission in regard to the said monks.
Membrane 12d.
Margaret who was wife of Roger Dayrell to William de Asselyn and Alice his wife and to the heirs of the said Alice. Quitclaim of three messuages, fourteen carucates 50 acres of land, 14l. of rent, three mills, 50 acres of meadow, 104 acres of wood and 18 acres of pasture in Agmondesham, Glorye, Woubourn, Bekynsfelde, Teplowe, Hecham and Little Messenden cos. Bukingham and Hertforde, sometime of Thomas de Agmondesham, whereof they are now seised as of freehold in right of the said Alice. Witnesses: Thomas Carbonell, John Jurdlay, John Stokton, Edmund Bryddnelle. Dated 24 October 2 Henry V.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 27 October.
Memorandum of an undertaking under a pain of 500 marks, made in chancery 26 October this year by Thomas Gerarde and Henry Langeton, both of Lancashire, that they shall do, procure or abet no bodily hurt to Ralph de Standys, Alexander de Standys parson of Standys, or the servants or children of the said Ralph.
Roger Hunte, John Botyler and Giles Harleston to Walter Hungerforde, William Hankforde knights, William Besile, John Prat chaplain and John Westbury the younger, and to the heirs and assigns of Walter Hungerforde, confirmation and quitclaim indented of the manor of Telysforde co. Somerset and the reversion thereof, and of all other lands, rents, reversions, woods etc. there; reciting a fine levied in 5 Henry IV, whereby Reynold lord de Grey Ruthyn (sic), John Hervy, John Brent, John Merlonde, John Strecche, John Sparwe, Matthew Coker and William Oterhampton clerk were seised of the said manor to them and the heirs of William Oterhampton, a feoffment thereof (among other things) by them made to Matthew de Gurnay knight and Philippa his wife and to the heirs of their bodies, with reversion to the grantors and the heirs of William Oterhampton, the death of Matthew de Gurnay without issue by his said wife, her marriage to John Typtot knight, a fine levied in the late king's court whereby the said Reynold and the others granted the reversion of the said manor (among others) to the said Roger Hunte, John Botyler and Giles and to Richard Maydeston and John Ufforde clerk and the heirs of John Ufforde, a release thereof made by Richard Maydeston to Roger Hunte and John Botyler, a release made by John Ufforde to them, their heirs and assigns, and a charter whereby John Typtot gave the said manor, lands etc. to the said Walter Hungerforde and the others during the life of the said Philippa. Witnesses: Robert Corbet, William Cheyne knights, John Saymer esquire, Peter Stanter, Edmund Leversegge. Dated Telysforde, Sunday after Allhallows 2 Henry V.
Memorandum of acknowledgment by the said Roger and John Botyler, 8 November.