Close Rolls, Henry V: August 1413

Pages 96-97

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry V: Volume 1, 1413-1419. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1929.

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August 1413

Aug. 21.
To the sheriffs of London. Order upon sight etc. to cause proclamation to be made, that all who have days before the justices of the Common Bench and before the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer by writs, rolls or otherwise shall keep their days at Westminster, and further to return at Westminster all writs there returnable before the said justices etc. at the days therein named, notwithstanding that lately for urgent causes the king made order that all pleas, summonses, accounts and processes before the treasurer and the barons on the morrow of Michaelmas next should be held at Lincoln, and all pleas before the said justices in the octaves of Michaelmas likewise, and addressed to the sheriffs divers writs concerning the return of writs there and making of proclamations in that behalf; as upon fuller information that by reason of the shortness of the time the city of Lincoln may not before Michaelmas be provided with victuals for the king and for the estate of the lords and great men and of other lieges flocking thither for that cause, for their ease the king's will is that the removal of those courts to Lincoln be postponed until the morrow of the close of Easter next, that meantime the citizens and other men of Lincoln may make needful provision. By K.
John Herun clerk to Nicholas Kynbell and his heirs. Quitclaim of all manors, lands, fees, advowsons, reversions etc. which the said clerk and others had by grant of King Richard last deceased, except the manor of Gildenemoordoun and lands in Moordoun aforesaid. Dated Saturday after Ascension day 1 Henry V.
Memoramdum of acknowledgment on Saturday the eve of Holy Trinity before James Andrewe in his dwelling house in Gippewich, by virtue of a dedimus potestatem which is on the chancery file for this year.
Thomas Burguyloun, son and heir of Roger Burguyloun of Piry co. Stafforde, to Baldwin Straunge knight, Thomas de Cruwe, William de Byrmyngeham and Nicholas Ruggeley of Haukesyert, their heirs and assigns. Quitclaim with warranty of all the lands, rents, reversions and services, ways, woods, hays, ditches, waters, ponds etc. in Warwickshire, Staffordshire and Worcestershire which they had by his charter of feoffment. Witnesses: William Mountfort, Thomas Harecourt, Ralph Arderne, Thomas Erdyngton, Cornelius de Wyrley. Dated Warrewyke, 26 July, 1 Henry V.
Memorandum of acknowledgment in chancery at Hide by Winchester, 28 July.
Memorandum that this acknowledgment was taken by the chancellor.
Oct. 15.
To the abbot and convent of Burton upon Trent. Request to admit to their house William Albertyn the king's serjeant, one of the yeomen of his chamber, whom in consideration of praiseworthy service the king has sent to them, willing to increase his estate, and to minister to him for life such maintenance as William Wyhtman and Agnes his wife, both now deceased, had at command of King Edward III, making and delivering to him letters patent under the common seal of the house with mention of all he shall take, and writing again by the bearer what they will do. By p.s. [103.]