Close Rolls, Henry VI: November 1436

Pages 100-102

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry VI: Volume 3, 1435-1441. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1937.

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November 1436

Nov. 5.
John Stoke the king's serjeant, serjeant usher within his household, is sent to the abbot of Peterburgh and the convent, to take of that house such maintenance as John Swan deceased had herein. By p.s. [3414.]
Thomas Ynge to John Thomson, Philip Hows, William Colloke and Thomas Claydoun. Letter of attorney, appointing them to give Richard Melbourne, Robert Longe, John Fortescu and Robert Halswelle seisin of lands etc. in Funtell Gyffarde co. Wiltesir. Dated November 15 Henry VI.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 11 November.
Nov. 14.
Ralph Rochefort knight to John Arderne of Surrey esquire. Recognisance for 200l., to be levied etc. in Surrey.
Condition, that he shall content the said John of all he shall pay the king for the farm of the manors of Benstede and Wauton on the Hill with the park and warren, and of all lands in Charlewode which by mainprise of the said John and William Dogge of London 'gentilman' the king has committed to the said Ralph for a set term.
Walter Percyvale esquire and Blanche his wife, late the wife of Nicholas Cassy, to John Cassy esquire, his heirs and assigns. Charter indented of the whole manor of Compton Cheddeworth and Hawnepenne with lands, woods, rents, reversions etc., subject to a rent of 10 marks 2s. 9d. to the grantors, and power to them or their deputy to enter and again possess the said manor, thrusting out the said John, if that rent shall be one quarter in arrear and sufficient distress may not be found therein. Witnesses: Guy Whityngton, Nicholas Poyntez, William Brounynge, William Palmer, John Solers, John Lemeryk, Geoffrey atte Hide. Dated Compton, 1 October 15 Henry VI.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 20 November.
Thomas Carmenawe of Asshewater co. Devon esquire to William Bonevyle knight, his heirs and assigns. Quitclaim of the manor of Tywardrayth co. Cornwall, with warranty against Richard abbot of Westminster and his successors. Witnesses: John bishop of Bath, Richard Neuton, John Hody, John Fortescu, William Cornu. Dated 27 November 15 Henry VI.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 28 November.
Dec. 13.
Richard de la Pole of Roddeburne co. Derby 'gentilman' to William Bakepuz. Recognisance for 20 marks, to be levied etc. in Derbyshire.
Membrane 21d.
Oct. 29.
Robert Worsle citizen and mercer of London to the king. Recognisance for 200l., to be levied etc. in the city of London.
Condition, that in case it may be proved that the goods and merchandise by him imported from Bruges by colour of a licence of the king were not bought before the war with Flanders began, and were [not] then his own without fraud or covin. . . . (Incomplete.)
Nov. 6.
James de Audeley knight, William Lee 'gentilman' and John Garbray 'yoman' to Edward Brooke knight. Recognisance for 1,000 marks, to be levied etc. in Somerset, Staffordshire and Herefordshire.
Condition, that if Edward Brooke shall before the Purification next marry Elizabeth his daughter, on the day of their marriage or within three days after the said James shall pay him or his attorney 400 marks, 100 marks on Michaelmas day following, 100 marks on Midsummer day following, 50l. on Christmas day following, 50l. on Midsummer day following, 50l. on Christmas day following and 50l. on Midsummer day following.
Nov. 23.
John Ikelyngton citizen and grocer of London to Richard Maydeston and Joan his wife. Recognisance for 100l., to be levied etc. in the city of London.
Condition, that during the life of the said Joan he shall pay them 4 marks a year issuing from divers lands in Erithe and Lesons co. Kent, as contained in a fine levied between the parties.
Nov. 28.
John Aston of Somerton co. Oxford 'gentilman' to James le Botiller earl of Ormonde. Recognisance for 100 marks, to be levied etc. in Oxfordshire, Bukinghamshire and Warwickshire.
Condition, that the manor of Shoteswelle co. Warrewyk or any parcel thereof to the value of 100s. a year shall not be recovered against the earl and William Clerk of Aylesbury or the heirs or assigns of the earl by John Aston, his heirs or any other having right or title therein before this date, and they shall not be thrust out without fraud and collusion of the earl, his heirs or assigns.
Nov. 16.
Humphrey earl of Stafford to the king. Recognisance for 1,000 marks, to be levied etc. in Staffordshire.
Condition, that before 10 February next he or some other in his name shall have Anne daughter and heir of Robert Harlynge knight in chancery unmarried, to be dealt with as the court shall then decide.
Vacated, for that on 9 February William earl of Suffolk did have the said Anne in chancery unmarried as above, and did there deliver her to the chancellor and treasurer.
Nov. 16.
John Harleston, Andrew Sperlynge, Edmond Wicchyngham, John Jenney, Thomas Tudenham knight, Robert Crane and Robert Dauvers to Humphrey earl of Stafforde. Recognisance for 1,000 marks, to be levied etc. in Norffolk, Suffolk, Oxfordshire and Bukinghamshire.
Vacated with the earl's assent.
William Cokenage citizen and 'lynnen wever' of London to Robert Carpenter 'brewer,' Robert Hawekyn 'lynnen wever' citizens of London and John Bedale of Middlesex 'taillour,' their heirs and assigns. Charter with warranty of all his lands within the realm, and all his goods and chattels moveable and immovable. Witnesses: Roger Hungerforde clerk, William Cotisbrooke of London grocer, John Carpenter 'sergeaunt,' William Goodburgh 'masoun' citizen of London, Thomas South 'smyth,' John Baynarde 'taillour,' Thomas Leget 'sergeaunt,' all of London. Dated 31 May 13 Henry VI.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 9 December this year.
Richard Baroun to Walter Shiryngton, Robert Shiryngton, Richard atte Mille and Thomas Freddesham, their executors and assigns. Gift of all his goods and chattels moveable and immovable, quick and dead within the realm or elsewhere on either side the sea. Dated 20 September 15 Henry VI.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 11 December.