Close Rolls, Henry VI: 1436-1437

Pages 113-115

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry VI: Volume 3, 1435-1441. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1937.

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Jan. 28.
Richard Sapcote of Keton co. Roteland 'marchaunt' to Nicholas Wymbyssh clerk. Recognisance for 20l., to be levied etc. in Roteland.
Cancelled on payment.
Thomas Petylesden, son of John Petylesden of Tentirden co. Kent, to John Brenchisle the younger, son of John Brenchisle the elder of Benynden, his heirs and assigns. Gift of a yearly rent of 10 marks, to be taken of his whole manor of Benynden and all the lands in the parishes of Benynden and Rolmynden, sometime of James Benynden lord of Benynden, which descended to the grantor after the death of his said father; and he has delivered to John Brenchisle 4d. in name of seisin. Dated 9 February 15 Henry VI.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 14 February.
John Kyngesden and William Stokes to William Lowther, his heirs and assigns. Quitclaim with warranty of all the lands, rents and services in the city and suburbs of London which they and William Lowther jointly had by feoffment of John Lyncolne, son and heir of Thomas Lyncolne citizen and goldsmith of London, by charter dated London 10 December 13 Henry VI. Dated 8 January 15 Henry VI.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, by the said John 28 February, by William Stokes 4 March.
Alexander Reve citizen and 'chesemonger' of London to Robert Bremle dyer, John Tysse 'goldfyner' and John Clark brewer, citizens of London, John Byrom clerk of London, John Saunsum of Herkstede in the hundred of Samforde co. Suffolk 'gentilman,' Richard Stokeley 'gentilman' and Thomas Blyth of Gippewich co. Suffolk 'draper,' their executors and assigns. Gift of all his goods and chattels quick and dead in the city and suburbs of London and elsewhere within the realm. Dated London, 11 September 15 Henry VI.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 3 March.
March 8.
To H. archbishop of Canterbury. Request and order upon his allegiance, as he loves the king and the estate of the realm and desires the honour and advantage of the church of England, to summon a convocation of the clergy of the province of Canterbury in the church of St. Paul London or elsewhere as he shall think best for 1 May next. By K. and C.
Like writ to J. archbishop of York.
[Report on Dignity of a Peer, iv. p. 897.]
Membrane 13d.
Richard Geddynge, son and heir of John Geddynge, to Sir Robert abbot of St. Mary Graces by the Tower of London and the convent and to their successors. Grant and quitclaim with warranty of the manor and advowson of Mesdoun co. Hertford, which they had by feoffment of King Edward III. Witnesses: John Leventhorp, Ralph Gray, Thomas Wyndrowte. Dated Mesdoun, 14 March 15 Henry VI.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 14 March.
John Trix citizen and grocer of London to John Sawarde citizen and plumber of London, his executors and assigns. Gift of all his goods and chattels moveable and immovable, quick and dead within the realm or elsewhere on either side the sea. Dated 3 April 12 Henry VI.
Memorandum of acknowledgment, 16 March this year.
Memorandum of an undertaking under a pain of 800l., made in chancery 21 November 15 Henry VI by Thomas Roger abbot of Bukfast, that he shall appear in person in chancery in the octaves of the Purification next, and shall then and there find security that he shall do or procure no hurt or harm to Nicholas Brendoun, William Harper and William Eston or any of the people, and shall do or procure none in the mean time.
Note, that he did that day appear, and was directed not to leave the court without licence under a pain of 100l.
Memorandum in margin, that on 12 February 16 Henry VI in the Star chamber in presence of the cardinal of England, the archbishop of York and certain other lords of the council, John bishop of Bath the chancellor did declare that he never took this recognisance in this form, but on this day and year he did take of the abbot a recognisance under a pain of 1,000 marks that he should appear in the octaves aforesaid, as appears by that recognisance enrolled above, whereupon it is clear that this recognisance is void, and it is cancelled accordingly.
Memorandum of a mainprise under a pain of 500 marks, made in chancery 27 March 15 Henry VI by Thomas Stanley and Thomas Rempston knights for John Hokes of Flynte in Wales 'gentilman,' Thomas Pulle of Pulle 'gentilman' and Thomas de Hough of Thornton 'gentilman,' both in Cheshire, to have them in chancery one month after Easter next in order to answer touching what shall be laid against them.
Note, that they did appear at that day in person, and a day was given them until one month after Michaelmas, as appears below.
Baldwin Sanheuy to Ralph lord Cromwelle knight. Release of all actions real and personal, all plaints and demands by reason of capture, imprisonment, molestation or detinue of person or goods or for any other cause, so that he, his heirs or executors may hereafter make no claim before any judge on either side the sea. Dated 11 April 1437, 15 Henry VI.
Baldwin Sanheuy to Thomas Broun, William Venour, Thomas Yonge, Thomas Canynges, John Yonge, Thomas Hogh and Geoffrey Delvane. (Like) release. Dated (as the last).
Memorandum of acknowledgment of the foregoing writings, 12 April.