Close Rolls, Henry VI: November 1438

Pages 196-198

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry VI: Volume 3, 1435-1441. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1937.

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November 1438

Membrane 29. (fn. 1)
Nov. 4.
To the escheator in Devon. Order to take of Elizabeth who was wife of John de Sancto Mauro an oath etc., and in presence of the next friends of Thomas son and heir of her husband, or of their attorneys, to assign her dower of his lands, taken into the king's hand by his death and by reason of the said heir's nonage.
Nov. 8.
To the escheator in the counties of Suthampton and Wiltesir. Order to take the fealty of Joyce late the wife of Robert Baynard, and to give her livery of the manor of Lacham co. Wiltesir, and of a moiety of the manor of Silchestre co. Suthampton and the advowson of a mediety of the church, and the issues taken of that manor and moiety; as the king has learned by divers inquisitions, taken by the escheator, that by fine levied in the court of King Henry IV the said Robert at his death held the said moiety and advowson jointly with her in fee tail by gift of Philip Baynarde and Elizabeth his wife to them and the heirs of their bodies, and the said manor by grant of William Brocas esquire and others to them for their lives and the life of the longest liver, and that all are held of the king by knight service.
Nov 18.
To the sheriff of Oxford and Berkshire for the time being. Order every year during their lives to pay to William Kemp and Thomas Carre of the king's robes, his serjeant, 9d. a day and 13s. 4d. a year for a gown, and to pay them the arrears since 18 August last, on which date for their good service the king granted them for their lives and the life of the longest liver the office of keeper of his wardrobe within Westminster palace, with such wages as were due and accustomed from of old time to the date of a grant made by the king to William Kemp, namely 6d. a day for themselves, 3d. a day for a groom under them such as they will answer for, even as the keepers of other wardrobes of the king at Wyndesore castle and the Tower of London then had, and 13s. 4d. a year for a gown, all to be paid of the issues, farms and revenues of the counties aforesaid. By p.s. [4393.]
Et erat patens.
Membrane 28.
Oct. 24.
Woodstock manor.
To the justices of the Bench. Order with advice and consent of the council, upon information that by reason of a mortal plague in the city of London the serjeants at law and attorneys in either Bench and other the king's courts have withdrawn themselves, wherefore pleas pending before the justices may not be determined, and the parties may not have needful counsel of those learned in the law, as they ought, and because of the peril and expense to suitors if they should proceed in such pleas while things are so, to adjourn until the octaves of St. Hilary next all pleas to be pleaded before them on and after the morrow of All Souls next, namely on the morrow, in the octaves and in the quinzaine of St. Martin, in the state wherein they are, or should be if the writs were returned, fixing that day for the parties, and commanding singular the sheriffs of the realm to keep with them until that day all writs by them returnable after the morrow of All Souls, and then return them. The king's will is that upon the return thereof the justices shall proceed as if the days therein mentioned were kept. By p.s. [4425.]
Like writ to the justices appointed to hold pleas before the king.
Nov. 11.
Eltham manor.
To the sheriff of Kent. Order with advice and assent of the council, upon the lamentable representation of Thomas Denys of Tenterden, John Bukherst of Frithenden, Thomas Harry of Halden, John Pette of Tenterden, Thomas Harry 'laborer,' William Brewer, John Elnoth of Tenterden, William Longbrigge of Halden, Thomas Peryman, Thomas Salman of Bydynden, John Crips, Henry Godfrey, both of Bydynden, Thomas Dowle and John Ricarde, both of Halden, taken and imprisoned in the prisons of 'Neugate' and the marshalsea, shewing that they were arrested in Kent upon suspicion of heresy and treason, and have long been imprisoned, to their utter ruin if the king aid them not, that the sheriff or his representative shall come with all possible speed to the sheriffs of London at London, and shall receive of them there certain prisoners detained in 'Neugate' gaol upon the suspicion aforesaid, namely Thomas Denys of Tenterden, Thomas Harry of Halden, John Pette, Richard Ive, both of Tenterden, William Brewer, John Elnoth of Tenterden, William Longbrigge of Halden, Thomas Peryman, Henry Godfrey of Bydynden and John Ricarde, shall then repair to the marshal of the said marshalsea or his representative, and likewise take of him delivery of other prisoners in like case, namely John Bukherst of Frithenden, Thomas Harry 'laborer,' Thomas Salman, John Crips, both of Bydynden, and Thomas Dowle of Halden, and shall at their peril keep those prisoners in custody to the end that they shall appear at every session held from time to time in Kent until the premises shall be debated and determined at common law, and in case any of the prisoners may find security for his appearance, they shall thereupon suffer such persons to go at large, but such as may nowise find security they shall at their peril keep in custody, as they will answer to the king. He has commanded the sheriffs of London and the said marshal or his representative to deliver up the prisoners by indentures to the sheriff of Kent or his representative.
Nov. 21.
To the escheator in Bukinghamshire. Order to take the fealties of William Tresham, Thomas Compeworth, John Loughton and Richard Willoughby esquires, and to give them seisin of the manor and advowson of Gotehirst; as it is found by inquisition, taken before William Whaplode late escheator, that long before his death John Nevylle was thereof seised, that the same are held in chief by fealty for all services, that by name of John Nevylle of Gotehirst esquire, without licence of the king, he gave the same, among other things, by name of all his manors, lands, rents, reversions and services, mills, waters, woods, wards, marriages, reliefs, heriots, courts, fines, amercements, customs, liberties etc., to Thomas Wydevylle now deceased, William Tresham and the others, their heirs and assigns, and that by his death and by reason of that trespass the same are taken into the king's hand; and for a fine paid in the hanaper the king has pardoned the said trespass.


  • 1. The face of membranes 31 and 30 is blank.