Close Rolls, Henry VI: April 1439

Pages 213-215

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry VI: Volume 3, 1435-1441. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1937.

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April 1439

April 27.
To the escheator in the county of Suthampton and Wiltesir. Order to take of Joan who was wife of Edward Benstede knight an oath etc., and in presence of John Benstede cousin and heir of her husband, or of his attorneys, to assign her dower.
To the escheator in Essex. Like order to assign dower to the said Joan, of whom the king has ordered the escheator in the county of Suthampton and Wiltesir to take an oath etc.
April 23.
To the escheator in Devon. Order to give Otho Gilbert seisin of his purparty of the lands hereinafter mentioned, keeping in the king's hand until further order the purparties of Margaret and Elizabeth the younger, daughters of William Bykebery; as upon the finding of an inquisition, taken before the late escheator, that Lawrence Haukyn canon of the cathedral church of Exeter, Henry Foleforde and Thomas Raymonde were seised of the manor and hundred of 'Northtauton,' and made a demise thereof and of knights' fees and liberties thereto belonging to Otho Chambernoun and Agnes his wife, both now deceased, and to the heirs of the said Otho, and likewise of all lands, rents, services and reversions in 'Northtauton,' that he died without issue and the said Agnes continued her estate all her life and died thereof seised, that the same are held by knight service of Thomas earl of Devon, lately within age and in ward of the king, and that Elizabeth, Margaret and Elizabeth daughters of William Bykebery, Otho Gilbert, all within age and in ward of the king, and John atte Wode are cousins and next heirs of Otho Chambernoun, namely Elizabeth, Margaret and Elizabeth daughters of William son of Katherine daughter of Thomas son of Margaret one of the sisters of Richard his father, Otho Gilbert son of William son of Elizabeth a second sister, and John atte Wode son of William son of Joan the third sister of the said Richard, the king ordered the late escheator to take the fealty of the said John, to take of him security for payment of his relief at the exchequer, in presence of the said John and of the next friends of the other heirs, or of their attorneys, to make a partition of the said manor and hundred into three equal parts, and to give the said John seisin of his purparty, keeping in the king's hands until further order the purparties of the other heirs; and upon proof before the late escheator of the age of the said Elizabeth the elder, whom Robert Burton took to wife, the king took the fealty of Robert Burton, and ordered the late escheator to give him and his wife seisin of her purparty, keeping in his hand until further order the purparties of Margaret, Elizabeth the younger and Otho Gilbert; and Otho Gilbert has proved his age before the escheator, and the king has taken his fealty.
April 24.
Windsor castle.
To the sheriff of Kent for the time being. Order every year to pay to John Malpas yeoman of the chamber with the duke of Gloucestre 7½d. a day during his life; as it has pleased the king to grant him for life the office of keeper of his armoury in the Tower of London, with the fees thereto due and accustomed, wages of 7½d. a day to be taken of the issues, farms, profits and revenues of that county, even as John Coke yeoman of that office had in time of King Henry IV, one gown a year against Christmas of the suit of yeomen of the household by the hands of the keeper of the great wardrobe, and a dwelling within the Tower opposite the tower wherein the chancery rolls are kept. By p.s. [4737 ?]
Et erat patens.
May 12.
To the customers of the petty custom in the port of London for the time being. Order to pay to John Yerde esquire 20l. a year for life, and the arrears for Michaelmas term last; as by letters patent, confirmed by the late king and by the king, King Henry IV granted to Robert Stanley esquire now deceased and to the said John for life 20l. a year each of the said custom.
Et erat patens.
April 9.
Windsor castle.
To the constable of Wyndesore castle for the time being. Order every year to pay to John Genyns and Richard Ludlowe yeoman of the king's cellar (selarii) during their lives and the life of the longest liver the wages belonging to the office of parker of Gildeforde park and the office called 'knokkepynne' there; as the king has granted to them and to the longest liver the said office of parker with the other office aforesaid, to be occupied by them or by deputy, taking of the issues and revenues of the said castle the wages and fees to those offices belonging. By p.s. [4730.]
Et erat patens.
Membrane 10.
April 25.
To the customers in the port of Sandewich. Order to deliver to the prior of St. John of Jerusalem in England and to Robert Botell his brother, precentor (sic) of Melchebourne, or to their deputies without payment of custom or subsidy eighteen barrels of wine of Rodes containing six butts of wine, one 'valet' with 'Turkey' carpets, sheets and napkins, one chest with armour, and cloths of silk and 'chamelett' in a carrack in that port, Anthony Querinus master or owner (patronus), which were bought and purveyed at Rodes for the consumption and needs of the prior's household, and five cartels of wine of Rodes containing two butts, and two chests of 'cipresse' in the said carrack likewise bought etc. for consumption of the precentor, as witness has been borne in chancery.
April 8.
Order to the sheriff of Rotelonde for election of a verderer in the forest of Rotelonde instead of John Pylton, who is dead.