Close Rolls, Henry VI: 1436

Pages 28-29

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry VI: Volume 3, 1435-1441. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1937.

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Feb. 3.
Like order in regard to Richard Lye in the forest of Melchet.
Feb. 4.
Like order in regard to Richard Sotewelle in the forest of Chute.
June 18.
Order to the sheriff of Hereforde for election of a coroner instead of Roger Chabbenore of Monesley lately elected, who has no lands etc. in that county whereupon he may dwell according to his estate for exercise of the office of coroner.
Membrane 1.
July 6.
To the sheriffs of London. Order to set free Nicholas Lacy imprisoned in Neugate prison by command of the king, that command notwithstanding. By C.
Aug. 20.
To the lieutenant of the constable of the Tower of London. Order to receive Griffith ap Eynos from one who shall deliver him on behalf of the king, and to keep him in custody in the Tower until further order. By C.
July 18.
To the customers and the searcher in the port of Suthampton, and to the keepers of the passage in that port. Order upon their allegiance, for notable causes laid before the king and council, to search every spiritual person, religious or secular, of whatsoever estate, degree or condition henceforward coming from over sea and touching in that port or in places adjacent, and to arrest any such person whom thereby they may find suspect of bringing letters or any liquor in leather bottles (utribus), pots or otherwise, with such letters and liquor, causing him first to taste the liquor, and keep him in custody, keeping the letters and liquor until further order. By C.
Like writs to the customers and searchers in singular the ports of England.
Aug. 7.
Order to the sheriff of Devon for election of a coroner instead of John Bolter; as the king has learned by credible witness that he is too sick and aged to exercise that office.