Close Rolls, Henry VI: February 1437

Pages 81-83

Calendar of Close Rolls, Henry VI: Volume 3, 1435-1441. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1937.

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February 1437

Feb. 13.
Like order, mutatis mutandis, to the sheriff of Suthampton in regard to Richard Wallop in the forest of Bukholt, who has no lands within the bounds of that forest whereupon he may dwell according to his estate for exercise of the office of verderer.
Feb. 8.
Like order, mutatis mutandis, to the sheriff of Cornwall for election of a coroner instead of Stephen Trenuwith, who is dead.
Membrane 15.
Feb. 3.
To the escheator in Essex. Order to put William Wetnale citizen and grocer of London again in possession of the manors of Wallebery, Harsyngbroke and Fange and the advowsons of the churches of Stanforde 'in the Hope' and Fange; as John Rede, son of Richard Rede of Ireland, John parson of Little Halyngbery and the said William acquired of the said Richard to them and their heirs the said manors and advowsons, which are held in chief, and did enter the same without licence of the king, and for 40 marks paid in the hanaper the king pardoned that trespass, further granting that they should hold the same to them and their heirs; and it was after found by inquisition, taken before Geoffrey Rokell late escheator, that Richard Rede at his death held no lands in Essex in chief nor of any others in demesne nor in service, but by name of Richard Rede of Ireland he was lately seised of the said manors, which are held in chief by knight service, that by fraud and collusion he made a feoffment thereof to John Rede his son and heir apparent, being then within age, and to the said John parson etc. and William, and to their heirs, that the feoffment was made to the intent that the feoffees should suffer him during his life to take and have all issues and profits of the said manors, and after his death the said parson and William should suffer John the son straightway during his nonage to have the same to his own use and profit, and when he should come of age should make a release thereof to him and his heirs, defrauding the king of the marriage and wardship of the heir; and by another inquisition after taken, before John Santon late escheator, it is found that the said Richard was thereof seised, and on 19 January 9 Henry VI gave the same to John his son, then within age, the said John parson etc., now deceased, and the said William, their heirs and assigns, and that by his death, by reason of the nonage of John the son, and because of that alienation those manors came to the king's hands and are yet in his hands; and now the said William has prayed the king to put him again in possession of the said manors and advowsons, the said John the parson and John the son being dead, and after deliberation with the justices, serjeants at law and others of the council learned in the law, by their advice it was determined that he should be put again in possession thereof, and the king has taken his homage and fealty. By p.s. [3530.]
Feb. 12.
To all customers of ports of the realm whatsoever, and all keepers of the passage there for the time being. Order to suffer all ships and vessels of Portugal now in any of those ports, of whatsoever burden they be, without arrest, impeachment or let to pass to Portugal after payment of customs, subsidies and duties which of old they used to pay, any command of the king to the contrary notwithstanding. By K. and C. in parl.
Et erat patens.
May 14.
To the escheator in Somerset. Order to take of Henry Horsy, brother and heir of William Horsy son and heir of John Horsy esquire, security for payment of his relief at the exchequer, and to give him seisin of a third part of the manor of Charleton Makerell and the advowson of the church and chapel; as it is found by inquisition, taken before Thomas Huse late escheator, that Alice who was wife of the said John at her death held the third part and advowson aforesaid in dower of the heritage of the said Henry, and that the same are held in chief; and the king has taken his homage and fealty. By p.s. [3666.]
Membrane 14.
Feb. 17.
Order to the sheriff of Wiltesir for election of a verderer in the forest of Braden instead of Thomas Hasarde, who is too much busied elsewhere to exercise the office of verderer in that forest.
Feb. 10.
To John Stopyndoun the king's clerk, keeper of the hanaper of chancery. Order without fee or fine to deliver to John lord de Bello Monte knight letters patent of 29 January last in the said clerk's keeping, whereby the king gave him licence to give the manors of Barton upon Humbre and Steueton co. Lincoln, which are held in chief, to William Phelip knight, Gerard Maynell, Thomas Staunton, John Truthall, Robert Witham and Thomas Mollesworth and to their heirs. By p.s.