Close Rolls, Richard II: December 1378

Pages 167-168

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 1, 1377-1381. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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December 1378

Dec. 7.
To the abbot of Westminster. Order with such speed as he may to proceed, as at another time command was in the king's presence given, to reconciliation of his church of St. Peter Westminster, and to perform other his duties there, or to certify in chancery if there be any cause wherefore he ought not so to do, sending again this writ; as the abbey is of the king's patronage and of his forefathers' foundation, and is endowed with certain possessions, some in pure almoin, some to maintain divine services, distributions and other works of charity for the souls of the king's forefathers and of their heirs; and for particular causes the said church is defiled, so that the said services etc. have been and are withdrawn. By K.
Membrane 22.
Dec. 2.
To Roger Keterich escheator in Essex and Hertfordshire. Order to deliver to Edward de Benstede, brother and heir of John son and heir of John de Benstede, 50 acres of land, 1 acre of meadow, 1 acre of marsh, 1½ acre of wood and 33s. 4d. of rent in the town of Great Stanbregge co. Essex, held in dower of his heritage by Parnell who was wife of the said John de Benstede as parcel of the manor of Great Stanbregge and the third part of a messuage, 100 acres of land, 3 acres of meadow, 30 acres of wood and 30s. of rent likewise held by her as parcel of the manor of Benyngton co. Hertford and the service of three neif tenants there, with the issues thereof taken since her death; as it is found by divers inquisitions, by the escheator taken at the king's command, that the premises in Essex are held of the king as of the honour of Reylegh by the service of doing common suit at the court of that honour every month, and the premises in Hertfordshire in chief by knight service; and on 23 March 50 Edward III the age of the said Edward was proved, and the late king took his homage and fealty, and commanded livery to be given him of his father's lands, John the son having died within age in the king's wardship.
Dec. 16.
To the mayor and bailiffs of Faveresham. Order to suffer Thomas Northerun of Faveresham to lade in ships in that port and take to the staple of Westminster four sarplers of wool, first making an indenture thereof, taking of him an oath and security that he shall go thither and nowhere else therewith and shall there unlade them before they put to sea, and sending one part of the indenture to the mayor of the staple by one for whom they will answer, according to the statute of the staple ordering (among other things) that those who have wool in a country between places where staples are and the sea, and will carry it to the staples by fresh waters or arms of the sea, shall make indentures with the bailiffs of the towns where they shall put it in ships witnessing the quantity thereof, that such bailiffs shall take of them and of the seamen an oath and security as aforesaid, and shall send one part of such indentures to the mayor of the staple, and that if any mayor, bailiff or other minister of the place of lading shall suffer such merchandise to pass otherwise, he and the person lading the same shall incur the pains and forfeitures contained in the third article of the statute aforesaid.
Dec. 15.
To R. archbishop of Dublin chancellor of Ireland or to his representative. Order to deliver to Robert de Sutton the king's clerk, clerk of the rolls of chancery in Ireland, the great seal appointed for the ruling of Ireland in his keeping, to be kept in the company of the king's justices of Ireland until with the advice of the council the king shall appoint another chancellor in Ireland; as it is the king's will to discharge the archbishop of that office, commanding him no further to exercise the same. By bill endorsed by the council.
To Robert de Sutton (as above). Order to receive the said seal of R. archbishop etc. or his representative and keep the same in the company of the justices of Ireland, therewith duly exercising that which concerns justice and the good governance of Ireland, so that without the king's special warrant out of England he seal no letters of pardon, confirmation, gift or liberty until with the advice of the council another chancellor be appointed in Ireland; as the king has commanded the archbishop, being chancellor, to deliver the seal to the said Robert. By the same bill.
Dec. 5.
To Richard de Kendale escheator in Cornwall and Devon. Order to take of Maud who was wife of John de Wylyngton knight an oath that she shall not marry without the king's licence, and in presence of the next friends of Ralph son and heir of her husband to assign her dower of his lands.
To Thomas Laurence of Cumpton escheator in Gloucestershire. Order to assign dower to the said Maud, of whom the king has commanded an oath to be taken by Richard Kendale (as above).