Close Rolls, Richard II: March 1379

Pages 184-188

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 1, 1377-1381. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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March 1379

Membrane 12.
March 24.
To Richard de Imworth the king's serjeant at arms, keeper of the marshalsea prison. Order to deliver to the sheriffs of London David Aphova chaplain there imprisoned at the king's command, to be taken to Neugate gaol and kept in their custody until he be delivered according to law. By C.
To the sheriffs of London. Order to receive David Aphova chaplain, who shall be delivered to them by Richard de Imworth, to bring him to Neugate gaol, and keep him etc. (as above). By C.
June 20.
Order to the sheriff of Berkes to cause a coroner to be elected instead of Richard de Abyndon, who is dwelling outside that county in Bukinghamshire.
March 18.
Order to the sheriff of York to cause a coroner to be elected instead of John Nowell, who is insufficiently qualified.
Et habuit inde sicut alias et sicut pluries.
March 26.
To the bailiffs and constables of Barton. Order to dearrest and deliver to Robert Warant of Barton a ship of his freighted with malt for Scotland and arrested by the constables, suffering him to take the same thither after payment of any customs due. By C.
March 26.
To Edmund earl of Cantebrigge constable of Dovorre castle and warden of the Cinque Ports, or to his lieutenant. Order to receive the customs, subsidies and duties of them due, to deliver to Henry Pythecoue, Radeken Camp' and Arnald Gram merchants of Almain 166l. in the hands of John atte Halle of Dovorre innkeeper, and to make inquisition concerning the residue of their goods, doing them speedy justice, and compelling the bailiffs and customers of la Rye to repay that which they took for subsidies and customs not due or for any new imposts; as at the said merchants' suit by petition presented in chancery, complaining that 48 lasts of white herring of theirs in a ship of Almain was on the voyage towards Hampton taken at sea by barges and balengers of la Rye, the king lately sent their petition to the earl enclosed in a writ commanding the earl to view the same and do them speedy justice, and the earl's lieutenant has by word of mouth certified the council that of the goods so taken the earl received 166l. of Adam Trum and put it in the said John's keeping until further order of the king; and it is witnessed before the council that those merchants are of Almain of the king's friendship.
April 1.
To Edmund earl etc. (as the last) or to his lieutenant. Order by arrest of their bodies and goods if need be to compel John More of Romeney and John Dyve of Hythe to pay to John Utenbrouke of Flanders 12 marks 9s. 4d., arrears of 30 Flemish livres de gros (grosse monete Flandr') for certain misprisions by them committed against him, according to a judgment of certain commissaries, proctors and deputies appointed on behalf of the king and the count of Flanders to reform attempts made by subjects of either party contrary to the peace made between the late king and the count and confirmed by the king and count; as William Gunthorp one of the commissaries on the king's behalf has witnessed in chancery that the aforesaid sum yet remains unpaid. By C.
April 4.
To Thomas de Illeston escheator in the county of Suthampton and Wiltesir. Order to deliver to John Wroth and Margaret his wife the manor of Brokele co. Suthampton and the issues thereof taken since the death of Thomas de Bokelond knight, but to remove the king's hand and meddle no further with the manor of Wodefold co. Wiltesir, delivering up any issues thereof taken, saving to Maud who was wife of the deceased her dower of those manors; as the king has learned by divers inquisitions, taken by the escheator, that at his death the said Thomas held no lands in those counties in chief nor of others in his demesne as of fee, but by feoffment of Master John Gilden and others, made with the king's licence, held the manor of Brokele in chief by knight service in fee tail to him and the heirs of his body with remainder to John Wroth and Margaret and to the heirs of their bodies, and that it ought to remain to them for that he died without issue, likewise that he held the manor of Wodefold for life with remainder to John Wroth and Margaret and to the heirs of their bodies, and that it is held of others than the king; and the king has taken the homage and fealty of John Wroth. By p.s. [694.]
Membrane 11.
March 4.
To John Scolhale escheator in Cestreshire. Order to deliver in dower to Joan the king's mother the following knights' fees and parts of fees of Edward prince of Wales duke of Cornwall and earl of Cestre which the king has assigned to her, namely 2½ knights' fees held by William earl of Salisbury steward of Cestreshire extended at 50l. a year, seven knights' fees held by Thomas de Arderne knight at 140l., 4½ knights' fees held by William Trussell knight at 90l., two knights' fees held by Richard earl of Arundell at 40l., one knight's fee held by the parceners of Kyngesley at 20l., the third part of one knight's fee held by Thomas del Hogh at 6l. 13s. 4d., two thirds of one knight's fee held by the parceners of Haselwall at 13l. 6s. 8d., the moiety of one knight's fee and the sixth part of one knight's fee held by the heirs of Richard Lostok at 13l. 6s. 8d., one knight's fee held by the heirs of Peter de Thornton knight at 20l., 4½ knights' fees held by the heirs of John de Boydell knight at 90l., the fourth part of one knight's fee held by the parceners of Litelneston at 100s., the fifth part of one knight's fee in Molyngton Banastre held by Richard de Hoghton at 4l., one knight's fee held by Reynold de Grey lord of Ruthyn at 20l., and three knights' fees held by John Lovell and Alan Cheyne knights extended at 60l. a year. By p.s.
To Richard Kendale escheator in Cornwall and Devon. Like order concerning 26 knights' fees in Cardynan and its members in both counties held by John de Dymham and extended at 165l. 6s. 8d. a year, six knights' fees in Polroda held by Walter Carmynou at 30l., 12½ knights' fees in Worchefole, Penhelle and Dotereliscastel (sic) held by Reynold de Botriaux at 60l., four knights' fees in Rescradek held by Gervase le Brey at 20l., three knights' fees held by the heir of Richard de Trethaek at 15l., 1½ knight's fee in Alet held by John Hamely and Richard de Bakhampton at 10l., one knight's fee in Trenewyth held by William son of William Ives (Ivon') at 8l., 3¾ knights' fees in Tremodret held by William Botrigan at 8l., ten knights' fees in Midelond held by Thomas Payn and Walter fitz William at 50 marks, five knights' fees in Helleton held by James de Cobham at 20l., seven knights' fees in Aldeston, Hautesbeare and Braye held by Simon Flemyng at 30l., one knight's fee in Fowytoun held by Ralph Daubenaye at 40l., one knight's fee in Trenreys held by John Lercedekne at 10 marks, two knights' fees in Cruwesmorchard and Alfresworth held by Robert de Cruwes at 15l., the moiety of one knight's fee in Potyngdon held by the heir of Robert Walrond at 8l., the eighth part of one knight's fee in Middelton held by John de Mohun at 20s., the moiety and the eighth part of one knight's fee in Yolleston held by John Fraunceys at 45s., the fourth part and the eighth part of one knight's fee in Combe held by the said John at 10s., the fourth part of one knight's fee in Bouclaunde Dyneham held by the heir of Maud Hardeneshulle at 20s., the eighth part of one knight's fee in Southradeworthy held by Thomas de Ralegh at 40s., the ninth part of one knight's fee in Bygworthy and Fenne held by the said Thomas at 20s., the moiety of one knight's fee in Bradeford held by John de Legh at 100s., the moiety of one knight's fee in Boutyngdon and Haggeston held by Richard Flemmyng at 20s., and the twelfth part of one knight's fee in Hikeryngton held by David de Forshull and extended at 10s. a year. By p.s. (the same writ).
Membrane 10.
May 10.
To Roger Juyl the king's receiver in Cornwall and the sheriff of Cornwall, and to either of them. Order, upon petition of Lewis Gentil, Golestanus Pynellis and John Stortilionis merchants of Genoa, shewing that they left at Fowy in the said receiver's keeping twelve bales of spices and divers other their wares to be sent to them, and that five bales are not yet delivered, to restore and deliver those five bales wherever found to the said merchants or their attorneys without delay. By C.
Membrane 9.
Feb. 5.
To Richard atte Halle and John atte Hyde collectors of customs and subsidies in the port of Cicestre. Order and charge to sell to the king's use at the best price all victuals, armour and artillery which were in a barge of the count of Flanders called 'le seinte Marie,' Rombold fitz Arnaud master, lately arrested in that port, saving to the master and seamen victuals appointed for their sustenance, to content them for their freight, as by their charters shall be found due, and to pay them for their long delay in that port, if not yet contented, 17 marks for 34 days; as lately the king ordered the collectors to receive those victuals etc. and keep them to the king's use until further order, saving as aforesaid.
Jan. 28.
To the occupiers or farmers of the fruits and proventions of the prebend of Aylesbury in the cathedral church of St. Mary Lincoln. Order so long as the same shall remain in the king's hand and they shall be farmers or occupiers thereof to pay to the said church and to other churches all charges due and accustomed, as used to be done before the same came to the king's hands; as by advice and assent of the council in the last parliament the king has caused the said fruits etc. to be taken into his hand among other benefices of cardinals in rebellion against Pope Urban VI.
The like to the following:
The occupiers etc. of the prebend of Kyngessutton.
The occupiers etc. of the prebend of Brampton.
The occupiers etc. of the prebend of Coryngham.
The occupiers etc. of the prebend of Thame.
The occupiers etc. of the prebend of Nassyngton.
The occupiers etc. of the prebend of Milton church.
Jan. 26.
To the keepers of the passage in the port of London and the river Thames, Dovorre or Sandewich. Passport for John Outremaryne master or owner (patronus) of a ship of Genoa and Ansaud Coa supercargo (escryveyn) thereof, who were lately arrested at Falmouth and at the king's command sent to the council in London; as they are now freed from arrest by the council, and about to sail to Flanders with the king's licence. By C.
To the same. Like passport for Bartholomew Nasill, John Stagean, Henry Dolonge, Rus de Constantynenoble, Ansaud Galafat, Nicholas Vergere, Leonard Darcestre, Bartholomew Sukere, Anthony Balastryne, John de Varagine and John Gascoigne seamen of a ship of Genoa lately [sent] from Falmuth to the council in London.
To the same. Like passport for Osbert de Vardytario, Nicholas de Levanto, Nicholas de Monelia, Leon de Bussala, Anthony de Arbyngona, Persyval de Bisayna, Manuel de Monelia, John de None, Osbert de Pursifera, Jannoze de Reto, James de Monelia, Mateyza de Sancto Petro Elene, Paul de Portoria, John de Skayno, Leon de Arassio, Andrew de Pounte, John de Varagene, Nicholas de Modulo, George de Pera, Bartholomew de Saona, John de Andoria, Simon de Reto, John de Casteleone, John de Sukkareliis, Laffranc de Reto, James Drago, Michael Drago, Marcinus de Arbingona, Bartholomew Carbonus, Anthony de Trapena, Martin de Sualio, Nicholas Magister Assia, Francis de Cruce, Anthony Magister Assia and Nicholas de Pera lately [sent] from Falmuth to the council. By C.
Membrane 8.
March 26.
To the sheriff of York. Order, upon petition of Robert Hales prior of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England, to give notice to Philip Darcy knight to be before the king on the morrow of the Ascension to shew cause wherefore the manors of Templeneweson and Templeherst should not be seized into the king's hand and delivered to the said prior, and further to do etc.; as by agreement made in a parliament summoned at Westminster three weeks after the Purification 17 Edward III, the late king with assent of the earls, barons and princes of the realm assigned to the prior and brethren of the Hospital in England and to their successors all lands, lordships, fees, churches, advowsons and liberties which were of the master and brethren of the order of knights of the Temple in England when that order was suppressed, decreeing livery of the same to them, as is contained in the statute thereupon published; and now the said prior has shewn the king that the said Philip is deforcing him of the said manors, which were of the Templars at that time and were never so delivered.