Close Rolls, Richard II: July 1380

Pages 388-390

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 1, 1377-1381. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1914.

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July 1380

Membrane 44 (fn. 1).
July 2.
To the mayor and sheriffs of London. Order to proceed with all convenient speed in a plea before them in the husting of London by the king's writ between John son of Walter de Bedyngton late citizen and mercer of London and Lettice who was wife of John Kyriel knight concerning a messuage and four shops in London, notwithstanding the allegation of the dean and chapter of St. Pauls, whom the defendant has vouched to warranty, that by letters patent reciting a bequest of the premises to the dean and chapter and to their successors made without the king's licence by Master Henry de Iddesworth late a canon of that church, the late king pardoned them all trespasses and forfeitures in that behalf, granting that they should have the same according to the form of the gift, provided that the mayor and sheriffs proceed not to rendering of judgment without advising the king.
July 12.
To all sheriffs, bailiffs etc. in Yorkshire, Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire to whom etc. Writ of aid in favour of the proctors and attorneys of the hospital of St. Leonard York in regard to levying certain thraves of corn of all who are bound to pay them, and to distraining for the same; as by charters of former kings, confirmed by the king, the master and brethren of that hospital ought to take of every plough ploughing in those counties one thrave of corn every year towards the maintenance of the sick poor there dwelling and flocking thither, and the king has learned that certain men are newly striving of malice to withdraw the same.
July 15.
To Henry de Percehay. Writ of supersedeas in respect of an inquisition which remains to be taken before him by writ of nisi prius in a cause before the justices of the Bench concerning dower in Estluccombe between Elizabeth Seint Johan and Henry Seint Johan, if assured that the tenements whereof dower is craved are in the king's hand.
July 20.
To John Kentwode the king's steward of Cornwall. Order, if assured by inquisitions or otherwise that the 88 parishes adjacent or any of them are bound to find 160 archers or any part thereof for defence of the ports and towns of Fawy and Polruan and the adjacent parts, and were used so to do, to deal as by law ought to be done in such a case and as used heretofore to be done; as by complaint of the men and tenants of those ports the king has learned that many times they and their ships and boats have been well nigh annihilated by galleys and the enemy landing there, as well by reason of their own insufficiency as because the said archers have been for some while withdrawn, who in time of war used to be found upon the sea coast day and night from May 1 to the end of August at the cost of the said parishes.
Membrane 43.
June 24.
To Alan de Buxhull constable of the Tower of London, and to his lieutenant. Order to deliver to John de Beurle constable of Notyngham castle John de Kirkeby of London 'mercer' and John Algore of London 'grocer' imprisoned in the Tower for manslaughter of Janus Imperialis of Genoa, to be brought to the said castle and there kept in safe custody until the king shall take order for their deliverance. The king has commanded John [de Beurle] to receive them etc.
To John de Beurle constable of Notyngham castle and to his lieutenant. Order to receive John de Kirkeby and John Algore (as above), whom Alan de Buxhull or his lieutenant shall deliver, to bring them to Notyngham castle, and to keep them there in safe custody until he shall have orders for their deliverance.
July 13.
To the constable, farmer or warden of the king's castle and barton of Marlebergh. Order so long as he shall have the keeping or farm thereof to pay to William White, late one of Queen Philippa's palfreymen, 2d. a day and the arrears for his time, namely since the death of Roger de Bello Campo the last farmer, according to letters patent of the late king, granting to the said William, in consideration of his good service to that queen, 2d. a day for life of the issues of the said castle and barton, which grant the king confirmed on 3 August last, willing that he should have the arrears since 6 May 1 Richard II, on which day the great council granted him a confirmation of the same.
Et erat patens.
June 28.
To the men or bailiffs of the town of Brudeport for the time being. Order of the fee farm of the town to pay to John Morgan the king's esquire 10l. a year and the arrears since Easter last; as on 6 April 49 Edward III the king's father granted him for good service 10l. a year for life by the hands of the receiver of Cornwall, which grant the king while prince confirmed on 20 February 51 Edward III, and again after his coronation on 22 March 1 Richard II; and now at his petition the king has granted him in recompense thereof 10l. a year for life of the fee farm aforesaid from Easter last.
Et erat patens.
July 16.
To all archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, etc. and ecclesiastical persons holding whatsoever dignity or office, notaries public and others to whom etc. Prohibition of any attempt which may tend to hurt the king's crown and dignity, or to impair his collations or the effect thereof, knowing that if they so do the king will take such proceedings that their punishment shall be a terror to like offenders; as lately the king gave to certain his clerks vacant benefices in the church of York which were in his gift, but certain men, striving to bring his collation thereof to nought, are contriving inhibitions, citations, processes etc. in contempt of the king to the prejudice of the crown.
Et erat patens.
July 8.
To Thomas Hore escheator in Leycestershire. Order to take two messuages and 70 acres of land in Lobenham again into the king's hand, and to give Alice late the wife of John Seintclere livery thereof and the issues thereof; as it is found by inquisition, taken at the king's command by Thomas de Ralegh late escheator, that at his death the said John held the premises to him and the said Alice and to the heirs of their bodies of others than the king, that the same were taken into the late king's hand by reason of a felony for which he was outlawed, and that he died 4 April 2 Richard II; and the said Alice after petitioned for restitution, wherefore the king ordered the sheriff to give notice to John Neve to whom the late king committed the keeping of the premises, and Roger Perwych to whom the said John granted his estate therein, to be in chancery in the quinzaine of Trinity last to shew cause wherefore restitution should not be made etc.; at which day they came not, and the justices, the king's serjeants and others of his counsel could say nought to the contrary, wherefore it was determined that livery should be given of the premises as aforesaid.


  • 1. The face of membrane 45 is blank.