Close Rolls, Richard II: 1381

Pages 102-103

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 2, 1381-1385. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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Membrane 24d.
William Berard escheator in Suffolk to John at Felde and to Nicholas Twyford knight, attorney of Thomas Heldrege and of Alice his wife and Agnes le Wolf sisters and heirs of John de Kyngefold with John at Felde son of Isabel at Felde the third sister, being of full age. Livery of their purparties of the manor of Ixnyng at Ixnyng 21 November 5 Richard II: to John at Felde a third part of a house by the manor gate on the south side, namely the end by the highway, and to Nicholas two thirds; to the said John the third part of a grange, a garner and a dovecot, and to Nicholas two thirds, to John the third part of a garden by the high way, and to Nicholas two thirds; to John seven bondage tenements and a half (sic), namely those sometime of John Broke, of 'Margaretesdame,' John Lauurence, John Tolle, John Hodi, Henry Serjant, John Melere, and John Salman and a third part of that sometime of Henry Lacre, and to Nicholas those sometime of Christiana Lauurence, Alan Wesle, John Wryth, Edmund Oberd, William Reynald, Martin Warram, Henry Edous, Alert, Mildred Bok, Alice Tuk, William Jon, Geoffrey Sleke, William Ballisgap, Adam Caluisdet, Robert Amery and 'Futuris,' and two thirds that of Henry Lacre; to John three cottages and a third, namely those sometime of Anot Brian, Margery Warram and William Hewwen and a third part of that sometime of Alan Owgen, and to Nicholas six and two thirds, namely that sometime of John Mau, those of John Buk and Adam Bath, those sometime of Schakestaff, William Pulter and Lynhous, and two thirds of that sometime of Ougen; there are there 300 acres of arable land, whereof to John (quantities specified) in 'Bracdenfeld' from 'Fordamwey' to 'Redherwey,' in 'Estfeld' upon 'Watlenfurlong,' in 'Arnoufeld' upon 'Fordamwey' and below 'Fordamwey' abutting on land of William Cocsale, in 'Holberfeld' upon the 'Hyde,' in 'Burwelfeld' in Hyllynworth end, in 'Wyndmelynfeld' abutting on 'Swafamwey,' in 'Westfeld' between Cantebrig way and 'Southyl,' in Little 'Southfeld' abutting on 'Dittonwey,' and in Great 'Southfeld,' and to Nicholas (double the quantities, but) in 'Burwelfeld' he lacks 1½ acre which is allowed him in 'Wyndmelynfeld'; to John a piece of meadow in 'Schulysmedu' abutting towards John Parker, and to Nicholas two pieces; to John the third part of a windmill, and to Nicholas two thirds; to John 33s. for the third part of the rent of assize, and to Nicholas 66s.
William Berard escheator in Norffolk to the said John atte Felde and Nicholas. Like livery of their purparties of the manor of Nortbarsham co. Norffolk at Nortbarsham 22 November: to Nicholas attorney etc. two thirds of the manor and two thirds of the garden and hall, of two granges, the arable land in Nortbarsham field containing 123 acres, and 34 acres of land for two thirds of the bondage of the manor, and to John one third; to Nicholas two pieces of meadow between that of John de Plays knight, and to John one piece.