Close Rolls, Richard II: May 1382

Pages 138-139

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 2, 1381-1385. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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May 1382

May 26.
To the collectors of customs and subsidies in the port of London. Strict order without delay to cause proclamation to be made of certain agreements or ordinances (French text follows) made by assent of the lords, great men and commons of the realm in the last parliament, commanding the same to be executed; namely that foreign merchants of whatsoever country of the king's friendship be welcome to come, traffic and dwell within the realm and elsewhere in the king's power, and they are hereby taken under his protection with their goods etc., and that they be friendly entreated and suffered to come and go without let; that until Michaelmas next year passage of wool, hides and woolfells be open to all merchants and others, native and foreign, willing to pay down the customs etc. due at Caleys, so that they may ship and cocket the same, and take them where they choose save to France, with covenant that all who will pay the said customs etc. beforehand between this and the quinzaine of St. Martin next for wool etc. which they will take over between 1 September next and Michaelmas aforesaid be forgiven half a mark upon every sack of wool, half a mark upon every 240 woolfells, and upon hides in proportion, but those who pay not before the said quinzaine shall pay the whole without remission, the king promising, and it being agreed by all the estates of parliament, that there shall be no repeal of this grant to the detriment of those who shall so pay beforehand, and the king covenanting that the money arising from the subsidy upon wool, hides and woolfells granted at the last [previous] parliament shall be wholly applied to the defence of the realm, and to guarding and ruling his towns and fortresses over sea according to the advice of the lords of the realm and the wise men of the council. By K. and C
Et erat patens.
The like to the collectors in the port of Newcastle upon Tyne and eleven other ports.
[Fœdera. See also Statutes of the Realm, ii. p. 23: 5 Ric. II, Stat. 2, cc. 1, 2.]
Membrane 1d.
Thomas de Oldyngton, Andrew de Burnham, John Kent, William de Pontfreyt clerks and Walter de Chipenham to William de Coggeshale knight, John Hawkewode the elder, Robert Rykedoun, John Sergeant and Robert Lyndeseye citizen of London, their heirs and assigns. Charter of the manor of Gosfeld and all lands etc. in Gosfeld, Hengham and Wethersfeld co. Essex sometime of William de Lyston and late of Richard Lyouns citizen of London. Witnesses: Thomas Maundeville, Thomas Tuwe, John Doreward, Roger Keterich, John Bray. Dated Gosfeld, Thursday the feast of the Ascension 5 Richard II.
Memorandum of acknowledgment 3 June before the abbot of Redyng, by virtue of a dedimus potestatem which is on the chancery file for this year.
May 19.
To the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer. Order not to suffer John de Crophulle knight hereafter to be troubled by reason of his homage for the manor of Neubold Verdoun co. Leycester, except the knights' fees and advowsons thereto pertaining and 80 acres of wood, one stewpond and 4l. of rent therein; as upon the finding of an inquisition, taken by George del Castell' then escheator, that the said John held that manor without exception in chief by knight service as parcel of the barony of Theobald Verdoun, that [by] the late king's licence he gave the same with the exceptions aforesaid to Thomas de Crophulle his son, Sibyl wife of the said Thomas and the heirs male of their bodies with remainder to himself and his heirs, and that Sibyl died in the life time of her husband, and the said Thomas died after without issue male between them begotten, wherefore by form of the gift the premises ought to revert to the said John, on 7 March last for a fine by him paid in the hanaper the king respited the said John's homage until Midsummer, and commanded livery of the premises to be given him; and the king has taken his homage for the premises. By p.s. [2223.]