Close Rolls, Richard II: August 1381

Pages 3-8

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 2, 1381-1385. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1920.

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August 1381

Aug. 7.
To the guardians of the peace and justices of oyer and terminer in Leycestershire, and to the sheriff. Order to cause proclamation to be made at the town of Warkenaby and elsewhere on the king's behalf forbidding any man of whatsoever estate or condition to go armed contrary to the peace or to the statute of Norhampton concerning the carrying of arms contrary to the peace, to lead an armed power, to make or procure levies or unlawful assemblies of the king's lieges, or so far as in him lies to suffer that to be done, or aught else which may tend to contempt or prejudice of the king, breach of the peace and of the statute, disturbance of the people, encouragement of evildoers, hurt or waste of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England or its possessions or injury of the brethren thereof, under pain of losing their arms and imprisonment [at] the king's will; and order to arrest all found acting contrary to such proclamation with their arms and armour, and imprison them until further order, causing their arms and armour to be appraised and answer made for them to the king, and certifying in chancery the names of those arrested, the description and price or value of their arms and armour, and all their own dealing in the matter; as on behalf of the brethren of the Hospital it is shewn the king that, although among other lands of the Templars conferred upon them by King E[dward II] they have hitherto held the manor and advowson of Rotheley and [advowson] of Warkenaby chapel and other chapels pertaining to that church with the profits etc., and although by letters patent the king has taken them and their possessions into his protection, William de Swopston parson of Ketelby has raised unlawful assemblies of lieges of the county at Warkenaby, and has stirred them up lawlessly by armed power to take, consume and carry away tithes there to the said brethren pertaining, contrary to the said statute.
Aug. 8.
To the sheriff of Kent. Order on sight of these presents to deliver to Robert de Assheton constable of Dovorre castle and warden of the Cinque Ports or to his lieutenant all seamen of Mergade, one of those ports, taken and imprisoned in the sheriff's custody, with the cause of taking them and all indictments etc., to be kept in custody in that castle until delivered according to law and the custom of England. The king has commanded the constable to receive them etc. By K.
Aug. 12.
To Robert Tresilyan, David Haunemere, Robert Burgeloun, Simon de Lychefeld and John Fitz Robert of Knyghtley, justices appointed to take an assize of novel disseisin arraigned by Richard de Peshale against John de Ipstanes knight and others concerning tenements in Hepton, Tene and Blithewode. Order, if all may not conveniently be present, that four, three or two of them, of whom Robert Tresilyan or the said David shall be one, shall proceed to take that assize. By K.
To the same justices, appointed to take a like assize arraigned by Maud daughter of Robert de Swynnerton knight against John de Ipstanes and others concerning tenements in Blythewode. Like order.
By K.
July 5.
To Thomas Orgrave the king's clerk. Order to deliver under seal to John Fairfax clerk a seal appointed for the office of chancellor of the bishopric of Durham during the vacancy thereof, which is in his keeping, to be by the said John delivered to Hugh de Westwyk the king's clerk, whom the king has appointed chancellor within the liberty of the said bishopric during the vacancy. By K.
July 6.
To the sheriff of Essex. Order to take of John son and heir of John Clerc of Ewelle late escheator in Essex and Hertfordshire security, for which the sheriff will answer at his peril, to answer at the exchequer at a day to be set for all that shall be found due from the escheator to the king by reason of his office or otherwise, and to give him livery of all lands, goods and chattels of his father taken into the king's hand, and the issues thereof. Proviso that he shall duly sue out of the king's hand any such lands held of the king, or of an heir within age in the king's hand. By K.
July 7.
Havering atte Bower.
Order to the sheriff of Norffolk to cause a coroner to be elected instead of Thomas Skete, who is dead.
July 24.
To William Walshale escheator in Staffordshire. Order to give Robert son and heir of John de Ferrers knight (militis) seisin of his father's lands, and of such as Elizabeth who was his father's wife held in dower or otherwise for life of his heritage; as he has proved his age before the escheator, and the king has taken his homage and fealty. By K.
To John Carnelle escheator in Norhamptonshire. Like order, as the said Robert has proved his age before William Walshale.
The like to the following:
Ralph Wykes escheator in Huntingdonshire.
Nicholas Baukewelle escheator in Derbyshire.
Cornelius Wirley escheator in Warwickshire.
Hugh Bislegh escheator in Gloucestershire.
Edmund Giffard escheator in Berkshire.
William Style escheator in Somerset.
Aug. 1.
To the mayor and bailiffs of Bedeford for the time being. Order of the issues or fee farm of the town to pay to Richard Pountfreyt the king's esquire 10l. a year for life and the arrears since Easter last; as for good service to the king's father and to the king on 11 June last the king granted him for life 10l. a year of the said fee farm, which his said father granted of the profits and revenues of the manor of Cheillesmore.
Et erat patens.
July 23.
To Ralph Wyke escheator in Cambridgeshire. Order to remove the king's hand and meddle no further with the manor of Fordham, delivering to Joan late the wife of Thomas de Felton knight any issues thereof taken; as the king has learned by inquisition, taken by the escheator, that the said Thomas at his death held no lands in that county in chief in his demesne as of fee nor in service, but held that manor in chief by knight service jointly with the said Joan in fee simple; and for 20s. paid in the hanaper the king has respited her homage and fealty until Michaelmas next.
To William Berard escheator in Norffolk and Suffolk. Like order concerning the manors of Great Ryburgh, Little Ryburgh, Ingaldesthorp, Dersyngham, Banham, Greyis and Wilby co. Norffolk, the advowsons of Great Ryburgh and Ingaldesthorp, and the manor of Barwe co. Suffolk, all held jointly in fee simple of others than the king.
Aug. 6.
To the mayor, bailiffs and commonalty of Leycestre. Order under pain of forfeiture not to make or procure levies or unlawful assemblies of the king's lieges contrary to the peace, nor so far as in them lies to suffer it to be done, or aught else which may tend to contempt or prejudice of the king, breach of the peace and of the statute of Norhampton concerning the carrying of arms, disturbance of the people, encouragement of evildoers, hurt or waste of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England or its possessions or grievance of the brethren thereof, and if aught such be done or attempted, to cause it to be corrected and reformed; as on behalf of the said brethren it is shewn the king that, although etc. they have hitherto peaceably held the manor and advowson of Roytheley with Warkenaby chapel and other chapels pertaining to that church etc., William de Swepston parson of Ketelby etc. (as above, p. 3). By K.
Et erat patens.
Aug. 8.
The like to all sheriffs, mayors, bailiffs, ministers and other lieges.
July 19.
St. Albans.
To Thomas de Illeston escheator in the county of Suthampton. Order in presence of the heirs and parceners to make a partition of the lands of Thomas de Mynstede deceased into two equal parts, and to give John atte Mulle and Isabel his wife, one of the daughters and heirs of the deceased, and Philip de Claverle and Christina his wife, the other daughter and heir, seisin of their respective purparties, sending the partition to be enrolled in chancery; as Isabel and Christina have proved their age before the escheator, and the king has taken the homage and fealty of the said John and Philip by reason of issue upon their said wives begotten, and they have paid one mark in the hanaper for pardon of the trespass they committed in taking the said Isabel and Christina respectively to wife without the late king's licence. Proviso that either parcener shall have to his purparty a share of the lands held in chief. By p.s. [1853.]
Aug. 3.
To the bailiffs of St. Albans. Order upon their allegiance and under pain of forfeiture on sight of these presents to cause chains of iron to be made, and the bodies of certain traitors and felons adjudged to be there hanged for their misdeeds in this insurrection, and to hang there so long as they should endure, to be brought again to the gallows wherever found and again hanged in chains as aforesaid; as the king is informed that divers evildoers have taken and removed them thence in contempt of the king and contrary to the said judgment.
July 31.
To Henry Keel mayor of Coventre. Order on sight etc. to cause John Fuller of Crekkelade chaplain, taken by the mayor and imprisoned for alleged treasons etc., to come before the king and council at Redyng, with the cause of taking him in writing. By K.
Aug. 28.
To John de Newenton escheator in Kent. Order at his peril to cease every excuse, and to be in person before the treasurer and the barons of the exchequer at Westminster on the morrow of Michaelmas next at latest in order to render account of his office, levying in the mean time and bringing for delivery at the exchequer all moneys pertaining to the king, and producing all rolls, writs and memoranda concerning the same. By K. and C.
The like to singular the escheators throughout England.
Membrane 40.
Aug. 5.
To the bailiffs of the town of St. Botolph, and the searcher of forfeitures in that port. Order, upon petition made on behalf of Henry Muker master of a ship called the 'Holygost' of Sounde, John Erwyte master of another ship called the 'Holigost' of Sounde, Walter Slodorn of Hamleworth master of the 'Cruseberth,' John Lange of Lubyk master of the 'Gabrielle,' Nicholas Shonewolt of Danske master of the 'Mariknyght,' Lawrence Nicholasson of Danske master of the 'Cristofre,' and Everard Stroke of Danske master of the 'Mariknyght,' merchants of Almain, to cease from causing them hurt or hindrance, to dearrest the ships and merchandise, suffering them and other merchants from time to time, after payment of customs and duties, freely to pass out of the port with their ships and with merchandise whatsoever by them bought within the realm, notwithstanding the king's writ forbidding the bailiffs to suffer any persons to pass out of the realm without special command of the king except well known merchants, and if there be any cause wherefore they ought not so to do, order to certify it in chancery under their seal, sending a copy of this writ; as the said petition shews that lately the said merchants brought thither divers merchandise from over sea, that some of them laded other merchandise in some of those [ships] to take to their own parts, and paid customs due thereupon, but that by colour of the said writ of prohibition the bailiffs and searcher are hindering their passage, and keeping their ships and merchandise under arrest, although they are well know merchants and of the king's friendship.
July 20.
St. Albans.
To the sheriff of Kent. Order to cause John the parish chaplain of Mepham to come to the Tower of London, delivering him to the custody of the constable until further order. By K.
To Alan de Buxhull constable of the Tower of London, and to his lieutenant. Order to receive John the parish chaplain of Mepham and keep him in custody in the Tower prison etc. By K.
Aug. 10.
To Robert Basset escheator in Hertfordshire. Order, if assured that the sale of the crop of certain lands of Percival Simeon in Abboteswalden and elsewhere to Thomas Morieux knight and Simon Caleware was made in good faith, to deliver the same to them, certifying in chancery his dealing therein with a copy of this writ; as the said Percival being indicted for taking part in this present insurrection, and for many evil deeds, for that he was a fugitive the escheator by virtue of his office took the said crop into the king's hand; and now petition is made on the purchasers' behalf, shewing that long before the insurrection etc., by indenture made between them and the said Percival and Joan his wife, they bought the crop of all his lands, paying down 25 marks.
Aug. 8.
To the sheriff of Lincoln. Order, upon petition of Stephen de Benyngton brother of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England and preceptor of the preceptory of Skirbek by the town of St. Botolph, on the king's behalf to order William de Harecourt to make no attempt by violence or unlawful power upon the petitioner's possession of that preceptory, telling him to sue in the king's court for any right he has therein, if he shall think fit; as the petition shews that at the instance of John Dyngleye late brother of the Hospital the late prior and the brethren thereof demised that preceptory to the said John and William for life at a certain yearly rent, performing divers charges, so that if the rent were not paid or charges found it should be lawful for the lessors again to enter and dispose of the same, that after the said John's death the charges and alms were not performed by the said William, wherefore during the vacancy of the Hospital the representative and brethren thereof did again enter and committed the preceptory to the said Stephen, but that by colour of his nomination aforesaid the said William is striving to disturb him therein, threatening by power to thrust him out. By K.
July 18.
St. Albans.
To John de Middelton. Order to deliver to the sheriff of Kent and his fellows appointed to chastise and punish certain rebels there who lately rose in insurrection contrary to the peace, in order that they may proceed to punishment and deliverance of those rebels, all indictments made before the said John and his fellows, appointed for the same purpose, for treasons and other misprisions for which great numbers of lieges of Kent are indicted it is said. By K.
Aug. 19.
To the sheriff of Surrey. Order to receive Stephen Hulle of London 'draper,' whom the king is sending, being imprisoned in the prison of the king's household for burning the manor of the Savoye of John king of Castille and Leon duke of Lancastre for which he is indicted, and to imprison him in Culdeford (sic) castle, so as to have him before the king in the octaves of Michaelmas to stand to right touching matters that shall then be laid before him. By K.
July 30.
To the escheator in Essex. Order to suffer the executors of Richard de Lyones to reap the corn growing within the manor of Lyston as his chattels, and to dispose thereof according to his will, as shall to them seem best for his soul. By K.
The like to the escheator in Kent concerning corn within the manor of Delse.
July 30.
To the escheator in Cambridgeshire. Order under pain of forfeiture on sight etc. to seize into the king's hand all great beasts, sheep, fish, honey and other victuals meet for the expenses of the king's household which for whatsoever cause are forfeit to the king in that county, within or without the Isle of Ely, and to keep them for that purpose without diminution or sale, certifying from time to time their description, ownership, price and value. By K.
Sept. 5.
To the guardians of the peace and justices of oyer and terminer in Kent, and to all others appointed within liberties and without to chastise and punish the rebels there who lately rose in insurrection. Order under pain of forfeiture, for particular causes moving the king and council, to cease every excuse and send into chancery the tenor of all indictments, records and processes made before them or any of them, certifying any mainprises before them made and all things which concern their office, and staying until further order the arraignment and deliverance of all who shall now or hereafter be indicted or accused of such insurrection, in the mean time keeping them in prison in safe custody. By K. and C.
Et erat patens.
Aug. 30.
The like to the guardians and justices in the following counties:
The city and suburbs of London.
Membrane 39.
Aug. 18.
To Robert Basset escheator in Hertfordshire. Order to deliver of the king's gift to Walter atte Lee 20l. in aid of his expenses for the time that he was travailing in that county at the king's command to resist certain rebels. By K.
July 28.
To Hugh la Zouche and his fellows, justices appointed in Cambridgeshire to punish the evildoings of those who newly rose in armed insurrection contrary to their allegiance. Order to arrest and imprison all who shall be before them indicted for the same, and all such as according to their discretion they shall be lawfully assured are guilty thereof, where they may be kept in safest custody without escape, mainprise or acquittal with those already arrested and not yet delivered, until by advice of the council the king shall take order for their deliverance. By K.
Aug. 29.
To the sheriff of Kent for the time being. Order to pay to Nicholas Barbor 6d. a day and the arrears since 4 March 1 Richard II, on which date the king confirmed letters patent of the late king granting to the said Nicholas for good service of the issues of that county 6d. a day for life or until the king should take other order for his estate.
Et erat patens.