Close Rolls, Richard II: March 1389

Pages 667-668

Calendar of Close Rolls, Richard II: Volume 3, 1385-1389. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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March 1389

March 6.
John lord Cobham of Kent to William de Coggeshale knight. Recognisance for 400l., to be levied etc. in Kent.
Cancelled on payment.

To the sheriffs of London. Writ of supersedeas, and order by mainprise of John Bosiet, Henry Doune, William Fairforde and Thomas Fretnam of Middlesex to set free John Raulyn of Barnet and John his son, if taken at suit of John Smyth of London 'draper' averring threats.
March 8.
[Kings] Langley manor.
To the sheriff of Norhampton. Order under pain of 100l. by imprisonment and otherwise to justify John atte Yate, John Wariner, both of Chepyng Wardoun, Robert Brewode, John Roche, John Waryner, Thomas Draper of Byfelde, Robert Brewode, John Waryner, Thomas Tybles, John Balcok, John Brackeley smith, William Heyward 'waryner,' Thomas Wakeleyn, Stephen Hykkes, Giles Taillour, Warin Somerby, Agnes Couper, Maud Brewode, William Colyns, John Wryght, Matthew Wryght, Thomas Fisshe, Thomas 'Jonesservant Brackeley,' John Jones, William Betoun, William 'Jonesservant Brackeley,' John Stalworth, Thomas Proudefote, Thomas Hykkes, Thomas Crispe, William Pante, John Astell the elder, John Astell the younger, William Kyng, William Stevens, John Braswright, John Jurdoun, Margery his wife, Richard Frere, Maud his wife, John Rotteley, John Maryman, Robert Roysyn, William Crispe and Thomas son of Robert Brewode of the diocese of Lincoln, believers, harbourers, maintainers and favourers of heretics, and especially of John Wodewarde chaplain who is publicly defamed for heresies and errors condemned by holy church, until they will obey the lawful commands of John bishop of Lincoln, and appear before him to answer touching the premises; as they will not be justified by censure of the church, as the bishop has certified, and the king's will is to resist such disobedience, and to chastise them and John Wodewarde according to their deserts. By K.