Lateran Regesta 588: 1463

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 12, 1458-1471. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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'Lateran Regesta 588: 1463', in Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 12, 1458-1471, (London, 1933) pp. 186-188. British History Online [accessed 19 April 2024]

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Lateran Regesta. Vol. DLXXXVIII. (fn. 1)

5 Pius II.

De Provisionibus Prelatorum.

10 Kal. June.
(23 May.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 13d.)
To the abbot of St. Mary's, Tracton (de Albotracto [sic]), in the diocese of Cork. Mandate to make provision to Florence Omulmichel, an Augustinian friar, who is by both parents of noble birth, if found fit, of the Cistercian monastery of Inishlounaght (de Sorio, recte de Surio) in the diocese of Lismore, value not exceeding 49 marks sterling, void by the death of abbot Patrick Odonchu. The pope hereby grants to him faculty to be blessed by any catholic bishop of his choice, and faculty to such bishop to bless him, and dispenses him to be appointed to and to rule the said monastery, notwithstanding that he is an Augustinian friar, etc., but requires him, as soon as he gets peaceable possession of the rule and administration, to wear the habit which is worn in the monastery, and to conform to its regular institutes. Solicite considerationis. P. and— (fn. 2) | P. xxxx. de Varris.) [2 pp.]
(f. 16d.)
To Matthew, elect of Killaloe (Laonien.). Provision to him, archdeacon of Limerick, bachelor in decrees, in priest's orders, and of lawful age, of the said church, void by the death of Thady, during whose life it was specially reserved by the present pope. Pastoralis officii.
Concurrent letters to the chapter of the church of Killaloe —Hodie ecclesie vestre; to the clergy and to the people of the city and diocese, and to the vassals of the church— Hodie etc.; to the archbishop of Cashel—[Ad cumulum etc.] Hodie etc.; and to Edward king of England—Gratie divine etc. Hodie etc. (B. and Jo. de Millinis. | B. xx. x. x. x.x. x. x. Coronensis.) [5 pp. +. ]
(f. 19.)
To Matthew Ogafa (sic), priest, of the diocese of Killaloe. Dispensation to him, to whom the pope intends to make this day provision of the church of Killaloe [see the preceding] to receive the rule and administration and exercise it, notwithstanding his illegitimacy as the son of a priest and an unmarried woman. Divina supereminens largitas. (B. and Jo. de Millinis. | B. l. Coronensis.) [1 p.]
17 Kal. July.
(15 June.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 75.)
To William Egremond, elect of Dromore. Provision to him, an Augustinian friar, in priest's orders and a bachelor in theology, of the said church, void by the death of Richard, during whose life it was specially reserved by the present pope. Apostolatus officium.
Concurrent letters to the chapter, to the clergy and to the people, and to the vassals as above, f. 16d., mutatis mutandis; and to the archbishop of Armagh—Ad culmen (? recte the usual cumulum) etc. Hodie etc. (B. and Ja. Bigneti. | B. xx. x. x. x. x. x. Coronensis.) [3½ pp. Without the usual letter to the king of England.]

De Beneficiis Vacantibus.

15 Kal. March.
(15 Feb.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 206d.)
To the prior of the monastery of Danneuis (recte Damienis in the diocese of Clogher, and Peter Oflannagayn and John Macguyr, canons of Clogher. Mandate (the pope having been informed by Donald Macancanyd, clerk, of the diocese of Clogher, that Philip Macmahuna, perpetual vicar of the parish church of Cluanes in the said diocese, an open and notorious fornicator, in order to obtain the said vicarage made a simonical bargain with Edmund Machainnle, then vicar thereof, that if Edmund resigned it in his favour. and if he obtained it, he would give and pay to Edmund a certain sum of money then agreed upon between them, which he afterwards paid, as a result of which bargain Edmund resigned the vicarage to Roger bishop of Clogher who, probably ignorant of the bargain, admitted the resignation and made collation and provision of the vicarage, as being thus void, to Philip, who obtained possession under pretext of the said collation and provision, and has unduly held it and still holds it, incurring the sentences etc. promulgated against simoniacs) if and after Donald accuses Philip before the above three, to summon Philip and others concerned, and if they find the foregoing to be true, to decree and declare the said collation and provision and their consequences null, and remove Philip, and in that event to collate and assign the said vicarage, value not exceeding 10 marks sterling, whether void by such decree and removal, or by the resignation of the said Philip, or void by his non-promotion [to the priesthood], or void in any other way, to Donald.Vite etc. (P. and M. Amici. | P. x. Residuum gratis pro deo. Undecimo Kal. Maii Anno Quinto. de Varris.) [4¼ pp.]
11 Kal. April.
(22 March.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 296.)
To the abbot of Inchcolm (sancti Columbe de Insula) in the diocese of Dunkeld. Mandate, at the recent petition of George Carmichel, priest, of the diocese of Glasgow, M.A. (containing that formerly he and Alexander de Neuton resigned for purpose of exchange their respective benefices, namely, the parish church of Colbanton in the diocese of Glasgow and that of Tenyngame in the diocese of St. Andrews, to Andrew bishop of Glasgow, who, having special power from James bishop of St. Andrews, by his own authority and by the said power admitted the resignations, and made collation and provision of Colbanton to Alexander and of Tenyngame to George, who in virtue thereof obtained possession of Tenyngame and at present holds it, but now doubts whether the said collation and provision hold good) to collate and assign to George, who is of noble birth, if found fit, the said church of Tenyngame, value not exceeding 20l. sterling, whether void by the said resignation or in any other way. Dignum arbitramur. (H. and G. Gonne. | H. xxii. Expedita Octavo Idus Aprilis Anno Quinto. Folani.) [3¼ pp.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual modern description in Italian: ‘Pio ii. 1463. Anno 5. Lib. i.’ and on the back of a modern flyleaf is Mgr. Wenzel's An. 5. to. 4.’ A contemporary flyleaf has, in different contemporary hands, the description: ‘Primus de provisionibus prelatorum et benefitiis vacantibus [anno] vo domini nostri domini Pii pape ii. anno v.’ [sic], the order: ‘R(ecipe) Pe. [i.e. Petre Rubeus], P. [i.e. P. de Varris]’ and the corresponding: ‘Rubricatus est per me Petrum Rubeum etc.’ A like contemporary description: ‘Primus de provisionibus [prelatorum] et de beneficiis …’ occurs as usual on the bottom edge of the volume. The text extends from f. i. to f. [cccxxviiii], the last of which has had its folio number destroyed by a waterstrain.
  • 2. The usual subscription in the margin is wanting.