Vatican Regesta 540: 1465-1469

Pages 380-384

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 12, 1458-1471. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1933.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. DXL. (fn. 1)

De Curia.

5 Paul II.

14 Kal. Feb.
(19 Jan.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 39.) (fn. 2)
To Vincent Clementis, provost of Valencia (Valentin.), [S.T.M.], collector-general of the papal Camera in England [papal subdeacon]. Grant, as below. His recent petition contained that after Pius II. had appointed him collectorgeneral in England [Cal. Papal Lett., Vol. XI, p. 682], the same pope by later letters absolved him, motu proprio, from all sentences of excommunication, suspension and interdict, censures, penalties of deprivation, disability, and any other penalties, and from any crimes, etc., remitted all penalties, dispensed him on account of any irregularity contracted by reason of the above [or otherwise], and rehabilitated him, and, moreover, revoked and annulled certain other letters obtained against him, and any inquisitions and processes and all impetrations, collations etc. of his benefices, and restored him thereto [see ibid., pp. 564 and 680]. Afterwards the present pope approved the said pope's later letters, and decreed that Vincent had incurred no disability on account of certain dispensations granted (after and against the pope's revocation of faculties granted to collectors) by the sub-collector whom Vincent had appointed in England during his absence from the realm. Seeing that an agreement has been made between the officers of the said Camera and John Belhot, Vincent's proctor, to the effect that he shall be bound to send to the said officers, partly during the month of June next to come, and partly after the three months following, all sums of money to be exacted by him this year from the fruits etc. of the Camera in England, and moreover within nine months to make full satisfaction in respect of outstanding (fn. 3) moneys, which could not be exacted in previous years, the pope hereby ratifies the said agreement, and wills that it shall be observed. If Vincent delay or neglect to fulfil all the foregoing, the pope decrees that his said letters shall be null and void. Ea que concordia. (L. Dathus. | Collat., G. Blondus. F. de Placentinis.) [12/3 pp.]
(f. 40.)
To Vincent Clementis, provost of Valencia, S.T.M., (fn. 4) collector-general of the papal Camera in England, papal subdeacon. Mandate, the pope having learned that in England many ecclesiastical, even religious persons of divers orders, have for several years detained possession of many sums of money and goods, some of them not paying the fruits due to the Camera or their annates, to admonish and require, under pain of excommunication, which he shall incur if he do not obey, all such detainers of moneys, goods, fruits and annates to restore and pay the same within a period to be assigned to them by the said Vincent, under pain, in case of default, of ipso facto sentence of excommunication, etc. The pope hereby grants him full and free faculty for the purpose, etc. Ad nostrum spectat officium. (L. Dathus. | Collat., G. Blondus. D. de Luca.) [1¾ pp.]
(f. 41.)
Acquittance, as below. Whereas Vincent Clementis, canon and provost of Valencia, S.T.P., (fn. 5) has been collectorgeneral of the papal Camera in England, and laudably exercised his office, and has recently rendered in the said Camera an account of his receipts and administration during the time of the present pope (tempore nostro); and whereas it has been found from his accounts that in the three years 1464, 1465 and 1466, he has exacted for the said Camera by reason of the said office, in respect of Peter's pence, in the annual and biennial cess and pensions, the sum of 617l. 13s. 8d. sterling of the money of England, namely, 222l. 12s. 4d. in 1464, 200l. 19s. in 1465, and 194l. 2s. 4d. in 1466, that in the said three years he has expended (exposuisse), for all ordinary and extraordinary expenses for the said office 15l., and has retained for himself 293l. 15s. in lieu of the 1500 gold florins of the Camera which he lent thereto on 31 Dec. 1466, as appears in the said Camera in liber 3 of the Introitus et exitus, folio lxxiio , (fn. 6) for which 1500 florins an assignment was made to him on the fruits etc. of the said collectorship at the time of the loan, so that he remained debtor to the Camera in the sum of 308l. 18s. 4d. (fn. 7) making 1853½ gold florins of the Camera, from which were deducted 29½ florins by agreement on account of the exchange (fn. 8); and whereas the said Vincent has, by the hands of Peter de Medicis and company, merchants at the Roman court, caused the remaining 1824 florins to be paid to the Camera, as appears in the said Camera, in liber 9 of the Introitus et exitus, folio [—], (fn. 9) the pope hereby grants to the said Vincent, who is also his subdeacon, an acquittance in respect of the said receipts and exactions due to the Camera in accordance with the foregoing account. Ad fut. rei mem. Pastoralis officii. (L. Dathus. | Collat., G. Blondus. F. de Placentinis.) [2 pp.]
(f. 42.)
Confirmation etc., as below. Pius II appointed Vincent Clementis, canon and provost of Valencia, collectorgeneral of the papal Camera in England, and afterwards absolved him, motu proprio, from all sentences of excommunication, suspension and interdict, and other ecclesiastical censures, penalties of deprivation, disability and any other penalties, and from any crimes, etc., remitted any penalties, dispensed him in regard to any irregularity contracted by reason of the above or otherwise, rehabilitated him, and, moreover, revoked and annulled certain other letters obtained against him, and any inquisitions and processes, and all impetrations, collations etc. of his benefices, and restored him thereto, etc. Furthermore, in order that he might not be molested in respect of his goods, offices and benefices, etc., the said pope, motu proprio, took under his protection the said Vincent and his proctors, goods and benefices, and exempted them from the jurisdiction etc. of any ordinaries and papal legates etc. Seeing that, however, as was recently set forth to the present pope on Vincent's behalf, after the present pope at the beginning of his pontificate revoked all faculties granted by pope Pius to collectors, and after Vincent had left the said realm in order to come to the pope, during his absence Thomas Robyns, M.A., appointed sub-collector by Vincent in the said realm, has under pretext of the said faculties, and probably in ignorance of the said revocation, dispensed, but not more than three times, some persons of the realm, although few in number, related in the third and more remote (ulteriori) degree of kindred or affinity to marry, or persons under age or in their twenty-second year to be promoted to priest's orders and receive and retain a benefice with cure, wherefore Vincent fears lest he have incurred censures and penalties, the pope hereby confirms the later letters of pope Pius, and decrees that Vincent has incurred no disability on account of the dispensations granted by the said subcollector, that none can or ought to molest him in future, and that all future processes, sentences, censures and penalties are null and void. He further orders the bishops of Hvar (Faren. recte Pharen.) and Cassano (Cassanen.) and the treasurer of Seville (Ispalen. recte Hispalen.) to publish the foregoing, and to defend Vincent in regard thereto; notwithstanding any commission made by the pope to Stephen, bishop of Lucca, etc. Ad fut. rei mem. Et si Romani pontificis. (L. Dathus. | Collat., G. Blondus. Luca.) [5 pp. +.]

2 Paul II.

Id. Oct.
(15 Oct.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 47. (fn. 10) )
To John Ohedian, archdeacon of Cashel and Ossory, and John, abbot of Molana (de Insula Molansyd, recte Molanfyd), in the diocese of Lismore, O.S.A., the pope's nuncios and collectors of the papal Camera throughout all Ireland. Renewal during the pope's pleasure of their appointment by Pius II to the above office, with the enjoyment of the usual privileges, liberties, immunities, exemptions and indults, and grant of the necessary faculties [see Cal. Papal Lett., Vol. XI, p. 684]. Furthermore, inasmuch as there is often a doubt in Ireland as to the value of the ounce of gold, and as to how many florins it is worth, (fn. 11) the pope hereby decrees, in order to remove such doubt, that the ounce of gold is worth eight florins of gold of the Camera, and that eight such florins are contained in the ounce, etc. Ad grandia virtutum. (L. Dathus. | de Curia.Collat., G. Blondus. D. de Piscia.) [3 pp. +.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual modern description: Pa. C. Lib. ii. An end-paper has at the top the contemporary announcement: Secuntur rubricelle secundi libri mere de Curia sanctissime domini nostri domini Pauli pape ii, and the Rubricelle themselves follow on the next leaf, extending to 7 pp. There are ff. i-cxvi. + 117–119 of text.
  • 2. On ff. 21d.–26r., under date St. Mark's, Rome, 1468, 12 Kal. May anno 4 is the yearly Holy Thursday bull (Bulla diei Iovis Sancte), with the usual mention of the ‘Wicleviste’ amongst those specially enumerated as excommunicate.
  • 3. predecentibus, recte precedentibus.
  • 4. magistro in theologia.
  • 5. theologie professor.
  • 6.
    a collectore in regnoAnglie. Die xxxi. eiusdem mensis Decembris habuit prefatus dominus thesaurarius [sc. Laurencius archiepiscopus Spalatensis, as on f. xxd. of the volume], dicto domino Johanne ut supra recipiente [sc. Johanne Condulmario, pecuniarum camere apostolice depositario, pro prefatis sanctissimo domino nostro papa et camera apostolica recipiente, as on f. i. of the volume], a domino Vincencio Clementis, fructuum etc.camere apostolice in regno Anglie collectore, florenos auri de Camera M D. ex pecuniis per eum collectis in dicto regno ex denario beati Petri, viz. in xv. mensibus inceptis in creacione sanctissimi domini nostri pape ad exitum folio isto (recte istius [libri]; or isto [libro] folio) 185 sanctissimo domino nostro pape. f(loreni) M D, bon(onini) [i.e. a round sum of1,500 florins, and no ‘bononini.’]
    pro sanctissimo domino nostro. Dicta die [sc. die ultima mensis Decembris] prefatus dominus thesaurarius de mandato et per manus ut supra dedit et solvit sanctissimo domino nostro pape florenos similes M D. pro totidem ad introitum in isto [libro] folio lxxii. a collectore in regno Anglie, quos sua sanctitas habere voluit, ut apparet per mandatum factum xxviii. presentis [mensis]. f(loreni) M D, bon(onini) [i.e. 1,500 florins, and no ‘bononini,’ as above.]
  • 7. According to the other figures given, this ought to be 308l. 18s. 8d. With this exception the arithmetic of the acquittance appears to be correct.
  • 8. facientibus florenos auri de camera in auro mille octingentos quinquaginta tres cum dimidio, de quibus deducti fuerunt sibi floreni viginti novem cum dimidio ex compositione facta ratione monetarum.
  • 9. The number of the folio is left blank. As there are at least seven libri of Introitus et exitus for the year 1468, and as the number of the folio is not given above, the editor has not seriously attempted to find the entry referred to.
  • 10. On ff. 56d.–62r., under date St. Peter's, Rome, 1469, 3 Kal. April, anno 5, is the annual Holy Thursday bull, ‘in die Jovis Sancta seu in cena domini,’ with the usual special excommunication of the ‘Wicleviste.’ The like for the following year, dated at St. Peter's Rome, 1470, 13 Kal. May, anno 6, occurs on ff. 93r–96r.; that for 1471, dated at St. Peter's, Rome, 1471, 3 Id. April, anno 7, on ff. 111d.–115d., and again on ff. 116r.–119v. On ff. 89d.–93r. is the bull Ad perpetuam rei memoriam. Ineffabilis providencia, dated at St. Peter's, Rome, 1470, 13 Kal. May, anno 6, reducing the period of the Jubilee from thirty-three years to twenty-five [printed in Cocquelines, Rullarium Romanum, tom. III, pars iii. (Rome, 1743), pp. 128–130].
  • 11. hesitetur de valore uncie auri et ipsius quantitate quoad florenos.