Vatican Regesta 631: 1479-1483

Pages 136-139

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 13, 1471-1484. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. DCXXXI.

Bullarum Communium Lib. LXXXI. Tom. LXXXVI.

12 Sixtus IV.

13 Kal. May.
(19 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 191v.)
To Brandan, abbot of SS. Peter and Paul's, Rathytue, O.S.A., in the diocese of Ardfert. Grant, as below. His recent petition contained that the late Edmund Fystmoris [sic], dean of Ardfert, obtained, under an unjust sentence delivered in virtue of certain papal letters, Brandan's deprivation of the said monastery, canonical provision whereof had been made to him, from which sentence he appealed to the apostolic see, but, fearing Edmund's power, was compelled by certain powerful laymen to make an agreement with him, by which the fruits of the said monastery were divided between them. Afterwards, when he no longer feared the power of the said laymen, he obtained papal letters in the matter of the said appeal, addressed to the abbot of St. Mary's, Kyrieleyson, in the said diocese, who, by a definitive sentence which has become a res judicata, revoked the said former sentence. The pope, therefore (having learned that the said Edmund has died, and Brandan's said petition adding that he fears that he may be molested by others on account of the said division, that he has already caused it to be annulled, etc., and that he is in peaceable possession of the said monastery, value 30 marks sterling), grants that he may rule and administer it, and continue in possession as before, and that no one can proceed against him in future on account of the foregoing. Personam tuam. (In the margin: Junij.) [2¼ pp.]

8 Sixtus IV.

14 Kal. June.
(19 May.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 253r.)
Erection of the collegiate church of Guthre, etc., as below. The recent petition of Alexander, temporal lord of Guthre in the diocese of Brechin, contained that the late David, his father—with a view to the restoration of the parish church of Guthre (which had been lately erected into a prebend of Brechin, or assigned to one of its canonries as a prebend, a perpetual vicar's portion being reserved) to its former state; its erection into a collegiate church, with a provostship as a principal dignity and four canonries and prebends; and the perpetual union thereto of the parish church of Kirbuthow in the said diocese, of the patronage of the lords of Guthre, for the purpose of erecting one of the said prebends; the assignment, for the endowment of the said provostship, of two thirds of what belongs to the said prebend of Brechin from the said church of Guthre (the annual value of which does not exceed 9l. sterling (fn. 1) ), and of the remaining third part to one of the said [four] canonries for its prebend; the erection of a prebend from the goods of the said perpetual vicarage, of another from the goods of the said parish church of Kirbuthow, and of a fourth prebend from the immoveable goods assigned by the said David, reserving to himself and to the lord of Guthre for the time being the right of patronage and the presentation of the provost to the bishop, and of the canons to the provost, for this first turn and at each voidance—enlarged and decorated the said church of Guthre for the purpose of the said erection, and obtained the consent thereto of John, bishop of Brechin, the chapter of Brechin, and James de Chison, a canon of the same, who held the said canonry and prebend, divers rights of the said bishop and chapter being reserved, as is said to be more fully contained in a certain public instrument. (fn. 2) The pope, therefore, at the petition of the said Alexander (who alleges that the fruits etc. of the canonry and prebend of Brechin, erected as above from the church of Guthre, and those of the said church of Kirbuthow, do not exceed 9l. and 4l. sterling a year, respectively, and that he has himself for the purpose of the said erection assigned immoveable goods of his own to a yearly value of 3l. sterling to one of the said prebends), and that of James, king of Scots, hereby suppresses and extinguishes the said canonry and prebend of Brechin and the said vicarage, restores the said church of Guthre to the state in which it was before the erection therefrom of the said canonry and prebend of Brechin, and erects it into a collegiate church, with a common chest, mensa, chapter, statutes, seal and other collegial insignia, (fn. 3) like other collegiate churches of those parts, erects therein a provostship, a principal dignity (the holder of which shall exercise the cure of souls of the parishioners of Guthre, in person or by a deputy removeable at will, with the help of the canons of the said church in their proper turn), (fn. 4) assigns two thirds of the goods of the said suppressed prebend for its endowment, and erects four canonries, and one prebend, value 3l. sterling a year, from the remaining third part of the goods of the said suppressed prebend, another from the goods of the said vicarage, and another from the goods assigned by the said Alexander, and assigns the said three prebends to three of the canons, unites the said church of Kirbuthow in perpetuity to the fourth of the said canonries, and creates from it a fourth prebend; the foregoing to take effect on the resignation or death of the said canon James and the present perpetual vicar of Guthrie and rector of Kirbuthow, etc. The pope furthermore reserves the patronage and presentation, as petitioned for above, etc., and grants faculty to the provost and chapter of Guthre to make statutes, especially in regard to residence and divine worship; with mandate executory hereby to the bishop of Dunkeld, the abbot of St. Thomas's, Abbrerbrothoch [sic], in the diocese of St. Andrews, and the archdeacon of Brechin. The first and each future provost presented and instituted as above shall within four weeks from his institution obtain a fresh provision from the apostolic see, expedite the letters thereof, and pay to the Camera the dues for such expedition: if not, the provostship shall be eo ipso deemed to be void. Ad perp. rei mem. Superne dispositionis. (In the margin: Maij.) [102/3 pp.]

12 Sixtus IV.

Id. June.
(13 June.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 281r.)
To Walter Monypeny, prior of the church of St. Andrews, O.S.A. Collation, etc., as below. His recent petition contained that the priorship of the said church became void by the death of William Cameron without the Roman court, and, being a major dignity, ipso facto reserved under the pope's reservation of all major dignities, but that the chapter, assembled in virtue of a papal privilege, elected the said William, professed of the Order, and that he consented to the election and had it confirmed by William, archbishop of St. Andrews, and had provision made to him by papal authority of the said priorship, thus void. At the said petition, containing that he doubts whether the said election, confirmation and provision hold good, the pope, having learned that the priorship is still void as above, and therefore reserved, and holding good the said election etc., hereby makes him collation and provision of the priorship, elective and value 1200l. sterling, howsoever void or reserved, even if reserved because the said William was a papal acolyte; with mandate executory hereby to the bishops of Girgenti (Agrigentin.) and Brechin, and the precentor of Segorbe (Segobricen.). As soon as he obtains possession of the said priory, he is to resign that of St. Germanus in the said diocese. Religionis zelus, vite etc. (In the margin: Junij.) [4 pp.]


  • 1. et ex hiis que ad prebendam huiusmodi ex dicta ecclesia loci de Guthre in dicta ecclesia Brechinensi pertinet (? recte pertinent) dicte ecclesie loci de Guthre bonis fructibus et proventibus novem libr(arum) sterlingorum se(cundum) co(mmunem) exti(mationem) val(orem) ann(uum) non excedentibus due tertie partes prepositure predicte pro illius dote.
  • 2. …. decoravit, ac venerabili fratre nostro Johanne episcopo et dilectis filiis capitulo Brechinen. ac dilecto filio Jacobo de Chison canonico Brechinen. canonicatum et prebendam predictos obtinente cum nonnullis reservationibus jurium episcopi et capituli predictorum tunc expressorum consensum super huiusmodi erectione et aliis premissis obtinuit, prout in quodam instrumento desuper confecto plenius dicitur contineri. Unless the preposition ‘a’ has dropped out before ‘venerabili,’ one would expect ‘consensum’ to be preceded by a genitive construction, instead of by the ablative cases ‘venerabili fratre nostro Johanne,’ etc.
  • 3. cum communi archa mensa capitulo statutis sigillo et aliis collegialibus insignibus. The corresponding phrase in the petition is shorter and somewhat different, viz.: cum communi bursa sigillo aliisque collegiatarum ecclesiarum insignibus.
  • 4. quilibet videlicet eorum pro rata sua proportionabiliter.