Vatican Regesta 632: 1483

Pages 139-140

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 13, 1471-1484. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. DCXXXII.

Bullarum Communium Lib. LXXXII. Tom. LXXXVII.

12 Sixtus IV.

5 Non. July.
(3 July.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 113v.)
To John, bishop of Lincoln. Indult for life to visit the churches, etc. of his city and diocese by deputy, and to receive the procurations in ready money, once a year only. Devotionis tue. (In the margin: Jul.) [1½ pp.]
9 Kal. April.
(24 March.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 177v.)
To the prior de Kellys in the diocese of Ossory, Nicholas Whyte, a canon of Ossory, and the official of the same. Mandate, as below. The recent petition of Odimundus Occurry (fn. 1), priest, of the diocese of Leighlin, contained that on the voidance of the rectory of St. Colman's, Ymissill', in the said diocese, of lay patronage, by the death without the Roman court of Dermit, also (fn. 2) Occurrij (fn. 3) (i.e. Occurry), the patrons, after it had been so long void that its collation had lapsed to the apostolic see, presented the said Odimundus to Miles (Miloni), bishop of Leighlin, who instituted him, under pretext of which presentation and institution he took possession, and has detained it for between one and two years, but without taking any of the fruits. The said presentation and institution being therefore without force, the pope hereby orders the above three to collate and assign to him the said rectory, value 6 marks sterling. Vite etc. (Gratis pro deo. In the margin: Aprilis.) [2¾ pp.]
5 Id. April.
(9 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 201r.)
To the bishop of Killaloe (Laonien.), the abbot of Inisgad in the diocese of Killaloe, and William Oduigin, a canon of Killaloe. Mandate, as below. The pope, has been informed by Gerald (fn. 4) Omolcorkara, priest, of the diocese of Limerick, bachelor of decrees, that Geraldus Geraldi de Geraldinis, clerk, accused the said Gerald Omolcolkara [sic], then archdeacon of Limerick, before a judge appointed by papal authority of adultery, perjury and dilapidation of the goods of the said archdeaconry; that the said judge delivered a definitive sentence against the said Gerald Omol(corkara), (fn. 5) by which he deprived and removed him from the archdeaconry, and made collation and provision of it to the said Gerald (Gerardo), de Geraldinis, and inducted him into possession; that the said G(erald) Omol(corkara) appealed therefrom to the apostolic see; that G(erald) de Geral(dinis) bargained with G(erald) Omol(corkara) that if the latter would give up the appeal he would give him 20 or 24 marks sterling; that G(erald) Omol(corkara) gave up the said appeal, and that G(erald) de Geral(dinis) paid him the said sum and continued in possession. The said collation and provision being therefore without force, and the archdeaconry still void, the pope hereby orders the above three, if G(erald) Omol(corkara) (who was lately dispensed on account of illegitimacy, as the son of unmarried parents, by authority of the ordinary to be promoted to minor orders, and by papal authority to be promoted to all, even holy orders and hold the said archdeaconry) will accuse G(erald) de Geral(dinis) before them, to summon the latter, and if they find the foregoing to be true, to deprive him, and declare the said collation and provision without force, and in that event to collate and assign the said archdeaconry, a non-major dignity with cure, value 60 marks sterling, to G(erald) Omol(corkara), removing G(erald) de Ge(raldinis). The pope here specially dispenses G(erald) Omol(corkara) to receive and retain it, notwithstanding the said defect, etc. Litterarum scientia, vite etc. (In the margin: Apri.) [5 pp.]


  • 1. or Occurryn.
  • 2. et, recte et', i.e. etiam.
  • 3. Corrected from ‘Occurryn.’
  • 4. Gerardus, also written Giraldus: cf. also the interchange of ‘1’ and ‘r’ in his surname, viz. ‘Omolcorkara’ and ‘Omolcolkara.’
  • 5. The name is thus abbreviated in the Register: cf., again below, passim.