Vatican Regesta 547: 1479-1480

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Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 13, 1471-1484. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. DXLVII.

Bullarum Secretarum Lib. II. Tom. II.

8 Sixtus IV.

16 Kal. Aug.
(17 July.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 77r.)
Exemption, at the recent petition of William, master, and the brethren of the Lazar house or hospital of Burton, in the diocese of Lincoln (fn. 1) (containing that although the said house or hospital is said to be dependent on the house of Boigny (de Boigniaco) of the said order, in the diocese of Orleans, the master and brethren of Burton have for about 80 years behaved as though free from any obedience to Boigny; that the two houses are so much apart that if the master and brethren of Burton had to have recourse to Boigny for all their affairs, its revenues would hardly suffice therefor, and that such recourse would moreover be unsafe, inasmuch as there have long been wars and dissensions between the English and French; alleging, furthermore, that Nicholas V made a similar grant to the master and brethren of the house of St. Anthony, London, O.S.A. (fn. 2) ), of the said house of Burton, and its master and brethren, priests, clerks, scholars, poor, servants, etc., of both sexes, and its goods etc., from all jurisdiction etc., of the master and brethren of Boigny, and also of all patriarchs, archbishops, bishops, judges ordinary and any others, the said house of Burton being hereby taken under the protection of the pope and the apostolic see, and decreed to be solely and immediately subject thereto, the master to be freely elected by the brethren from amongst themselves, and to require no confirmation, and to have power to admit new brethren, etc.; with mandate executory hereby to the archbishop of Canterbury and the bishops of London and Rochester. The master for the time being and the brethren of the said house (the mastership of which does not exceed a yearly value of 350 gold florins of the Camera, out of which the master has to support daily 14 poor lepers, or to pay them a weekly sum of money for the necessaries of life) are to pay to the papal collector in England every year at Christmas 12 similar florins, as compensation for first fruits and other dues payable for confirmation of elections, etc., and in token of the said immediate subjection. Ad perp. rei mem. Licet singula ecclesie ac hospitalia. (Gratis de mandato domini nostri pape). [In the margin: Julii. 6 pp.]

9 Sixtus IV.

3 Kal. Feb.
(30 Jan.)
St. Peter's. Rome.
(f. 120d.)
To Thomas Morton, rector of the parish church of Langbredy in the diocese of Salisbury, M.A. Absolution and rehabilitation, he having (after being dispensed by papal authority to hold for life any three benefices with cure or otherwise incompatible, even if two of them were parish churches or perpetual vicarages) obtained by collation of the ordinary, when holding the parish church of Langbredy, those of Mayden Newton and Weston Underegge, in the said diocese and that of Worcester, and held them with Langbredy for between three and four years, against Execrabilis. The pope moreover unites motu proprio, for Morton's life only, the said church of Mayden Newton to that of Langbredy, and grants that the said collation of Weston shall hold good, and that he may hold for life Langbredy and Weston, and Mayden Newton as united to Langbredy, without other collation, etc. Apostolice sedis. [In the margin: Januarii. 3¾ pp.]

8 Sixtus IV.

7 Id. March.
(9 March.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 128 d.)
To Thomas Sutton, prior of Poghley, O.S.A., in the diocese of Salisbury. Dispensation (he having been dispensed by Paul II to hold for life with the said priory any one other benefice with cure wont to be held by secular clerks, even if a parish church, etc., and to exchange it, as often as he pleased) to hold for life any third benefice with cure or otherwise incompatible, secular or regular of the said order, even if a parish church etc., or a priory etc., hold it as a title or in commendam, respectively, and exchange it as often as he pleases, etc. Religionis zelus, vite etc. [3½ pp. See Cal. Papal Lett., Vol. XII, p. 647.]

10 Sixtus IV.

16 Kal. Nov.
(17 Oct.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 136r.)
To Henry Scarp, archdeacon of Rochester, doctor of laws. Indult for life, he being in his sixtieth year and a valitudinarian, to visit the churches etc. of his archdeaconry by deputy, and to receive the procurations in ready money, not exceeding 30 [gros] Tournois of silver a day, 12 to the gold florin of Florence. Meruit tue devotionis.
Concurrent mandate to the bishop of [St. Pol de] Léon (Leonen.), the abbot of Westminster, and the official of Canterbury. Hodie dilecto filio Henrico. [1¾ pp.]


  • 1. domus sive hospitalis de Burton ordinis militie sancti Lazari Jerusalem in Anglia Lincolnionsis diocesis.
  • 2. Not in the Registers of Nicholas V (Cal. Papal Lett., vol. x.)