Vatican Regesta 548: 1479-1480

Pages 4-6

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 13, 1471-1484. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. DXLVIII.

Bullarum Secretarum Lib. III. TOM. III.

9 Sixtus IV.

5 Kal. Sept.
(28 Aug.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 21d.)
Faculty, at the petition of the abbot and convent of Abingdon, O.S.B., in the diocese of Salisbury, for the abbot to consecrate, bless and reconcile the churches and chapels of the monastery, and those united thereto, the altars therein, and their cemeteries, vestments, chalices, patens, bells and other ecclesiastical vessels; to make the aqua Gregoriana, (fn. 1) etc.; to give the tonsure to and promote to all minor orders, exclusive of the subdiaconate, the monks and servants of the monastery and its dependent regular places, and to have them promoted to all, even holy orders, by any catholic bishop in communion with the apostolic see, within the monastery or its subject places, or to send them to any bishops within or without the diocese, without requiring the letters dimissory of the diocesan, etc.; to have monks who have attained their twenty-first year or thereabouts promoted to the priesthood, (also other faculties, e.g. to grant absolution in certain cases, and dispense on account of certain impediments, etc.). At times of voidance of the monastery, except at the apostolic see, the abbot elected or postulated by the convent shall be held to be eo ipso the true and confirmed abbot, etc., and may be blessed by any catholic bishop in communion etc.; with mandate executory to the archbishop of York and the bishops of St. Davids (Miniven.) and Hereford. Ad perp. rei mem. Merita religionis. [4¾ pp.]
3 Non. May.
(5 May.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 25r.)
To the abbot of St. Mary's, Abingdon, etc., as above. Grant, motu proprio, in consideration of the great distance of England from the Roman court, that he may use the faculties granted in the above letters of 28 Aug. 1479, in regard to the granting of absolution in certain cases, and of dispensation on account of certain impediments, etc.; notwithstanding the general restrictions subsequently made by the pope by letters dated 3 Kal. Jan. anno 9 (30 Dec., 1479). Ex providentia. [In the margin: Maij. 2¼ pp.]
Id. Aug.
(13 Aug.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 110r.)
To the archbishop of Canterbury and the bishop of Lincoln. Mandate, as below. The pope has this day (having been informed that William, abbot of St. Augustine's, Canterbury, immediately subject to the apostolic see, has alienated and dilapidated the goods thereof, and disobeyed the statues, after having sworn to observe them, thereby committing perjury, etc.) ordered them to summon abbot William, and if they find the facts to be as stated, to deprive and remove him, and, moreover, to receive his resignation, if voluntarily made. The pope therefore orders them, in the event of the monastery becoming void by such deprivation or resignation, to inhibit the convent from proceeding to an election, and to make provision of the monastery, even if its annual value exceed 200 gold florins of the Camera, to John Dunster, prior of Bath, on whose behalf king Edward has petitioned the pope, if they find him fit. In the event of William's resigning, they are to assign him such a yearly pension for life as they shall think fit. They are to bless John, or cause him to be blessed by another catholic bishop in communion with the apostolic see, and whichever of them and such bishop does so shall thereafter receive John's oath of fealty, according to the form enclosed, and send it to the pope by John's (eius) letters patent sealed with his (suo) seal. He is to resign the said priory. Solicite considerationis. [In the margin: Maij. 4¼ pp.]
(f. 112d.)
To the same. Mandate, at the petition of king Edward, to summon and deprive, or receive the voluntary resignation of abbot William, as recapitulated in the preceding. Summi dispositione rectoris. [In the margin: Maij. 2 pp.+]


  • 1. Water blessed by a bishop with the Gregorian rite. See Du Cange, s.v. Aqua Gregoriana.