Lateran Regesta 783: 1478

Pages 605-609

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 13, 1471-1484. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1955.

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Lateran Regesta, Vol. DCCLXXXIII. (fn. 1)

7 Sixtus IV.

De Beneficiis Vacantibus.

3 Id. Aug.
(11 Aug.)
Bracciano. (fn. 2)
(f. 20r.)
To the dean of Killaloe and Donatus Ograda and Ogenius [sic] Ohanayn, canons of the same. Mandate to receive Dermit Macgillapadryg, clerk, of the diocese of Killaloe (who has been dispensed by papal authority on account of illegitimacy, as the son of an abbot, O.S.A., then a priest, and an unmarried woman, to be promoted to all, even holy and priest's orders and hold a benefice even with cure), as a canon of the monastery of St. Mary, Ynisgad, of the said order and diocese, and to give him the habit and receive his profession. Cupientibus vitam ducere regularem. [11/5 pp.]
Ibid. To Donatus Ograda, a canon of Killaloe. Mandate (the above monastery of St. Mary, Ynisgad, having been so long void that there is no certain knowledge of the mode of its voidance, and that its collation has lapsed to the apostolic see, although Mauricius alias Maurus Macgillapadryg has wrongfully detained possession of it for between four and five years), to summon the said Maurus [alias Mauricius] and, if they find the above Dermit to be fit, to make provision to him of the said monastery, value 30 marks sterling, howsoever void, removing the said Mauricius [alias Maurus]. He is hereby dispensed to have provision made to him of the said monastery, and to rule it and any other monasteries of which provision may be made him, and not to be bound to make the said profession and receive the habit until he has obtained possession of the rule and administration of the said monastery. He has also indult to be blessed by any catholic bishop in communion with the apostolic see, who, after doing so, shall receive from him the usual oath of fealty according to the form enclosed, and send it by his letters patent to the pope, etc. (fn. 3); without prejudice to the bishop of Killaloe. Suscepti cura regiminis. [2¼ pp.]
7 Id. Aug.
(7 Aug.)
(f. 154r.)
To the dean of Killaloe, and Matthew Ocurik and William Odoygyn [sic], canons of the same. Mandate, as below. The pope has been informed by Philip Okahyl, clerk, of the diocese of Cashel, that Dermit Oconayn, perpetual vicar of Balyngari in the said diocese, has celebrated masses and other divine offices when under sentence of excommunication, has suffered some of his parishioners to die without confession and the sacrament of Eucharist, and has allowed the roof and walls of the said church to fall to ruin. The pope, therefore, at the recent petition of the said Philip for the erection of the said vicarage into a simple prebend of Cashel, the cure of the vicarage to be exercised by a nominee of the chapter, with a portion of one mark of the money there current from the fruits of the vicarage, hereby orders the above three, inasmuch as from fear of Dermit's power Philip fears to meet him in the city or diocese of Cashel, if Philip will accuse Dermit before them, to summon the latter, and if they find the foregoing to be true, to deprive and remove him, and in that event to erect the said vicarage, which by some used to be called a dignity, (fn. 4) and whose value does not exceed 10 marks sterling, into a simple prebend of the said church of Cashel, ordain that the cure thereof shall be exercised by a deputy of the chapter, with a portion of one mark from the fruits of the said vicarage, and collate and assign a canonry of Cashel and the said prebend to the said Philip. Apostolice sedis prouidentia. (N. xx. Septimo Id. Septembris anno octauo. Garilliati. (fn. 5) ) [3 pp.]

De Diversis.

14 Kal. May.
(18 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 187r.)
To John Samphon, prior of Horton, O.S.B., in the diocese of Salisbury. Dispensation to him, who has made his profession of the said order, to receive and retain for life with the said priory any one other benefice, or if he resign the priory any two other benefices, with or without cure, secular or regular of the said order, and to resign them as often as he pleases, etc. Religionis zelus, vite ac morum. [1⅓ pp.]
8 Id. June.
(6 June.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 216r.)
To Thomas Esyngwold, rector of St. Martin's, Exeter. Dispensation to receive and retain for life with the said church one other benefice, or if he resign the said church any two other benefices, with cure or otherwise incompatible, even if two parish churches, etc., and to resign, etc., as in the preceding. Vite ac morum. [2 pp.]
13 Kal. March.
(17 Feb.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 247r.)
To Thomas, bishop of Annaghdown (Enachdunen.). Mandate, as below. The pope lately made collation and provision of the priory of St. Mary, Mathail [sic], O.S.A., in the diocese of Ardagh, on its voidance by the death extra R.c. of Odo Magranayll (before which it had been reserved to the apostolic see), to Maurice Macacidagan [sic], then a Friar Preacher and illegitimate, being the son of an unmarried man and a married woman, and dispensed him, the pope's will being that as soon as he obtained possession of the said priory he should wear the habit worn therein, etc., and the letters of collation stating that the priory was non-elective and depended on no other monastery. The recent petition of the said Maurice contained that he put off the habit of the said order of Friars Preachers and put on that of the order of St. Augustine, before having peaceful possession of the said monastery, and thereafter wore it, thereby incurring the crime of apostasy and sentence of excommunication etc., and that, when so excommunicate etc., he celebrated masses etc., but not in contempt of the Keys, thereby contracting irregularity. The said petition added that some allege that the said priory is elective, that it [depends] on the monastery of Derg, of the said order and diocese, and that it became and is void otherwise than by the death of the said Odo who, although he had detained it for several years, never had any right or title, at least canonical, wherefore the said Maurice doubts whether the said letters may be held surreptitious. The pope, therefore, orders the above bishop to absolve Maurice from the said apostasy and sentence, enjoining a salutary penance, etc., and dispense him on account of irregularity, the pope hereby willing and granting to him that in the event of this being done, the said letters and their consequences shall hold good from the date of these presents, notwithstanding the foregoing. Apostolice sedis indefessa clementia. (N. Gratis pro deo. Garilliati.) [2½ pp.]
3 Non. April.
(3 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 260v.)
To William Smyth, rector of Saltfletby in the diocese of Lincoln, M.A. Dispensation to receive and retain for life, etc., as above, f. 216r., mutatis mutandis. Litterarum scientia, vite etc. [12/3 pp.]
15 Kal. Sept.
(18 Aug.)
(f. 271r.)
To John Danyell, rector of Bekenisfelde in the diocese of Lincoln. The like. Vite etc. [2 pp.]
3 Id. Aug.
(11 Aug.)
(f. 281r.)
Confirmation, as below. It was lately set forth to the pope on behalf of Robert Law, perpetual vicar of Silkeston in the diocese of York, that the late William, archbishop of York, united by his ordinary authority the said church in perpetuity to the Cluniac monastery of St. John the Evangelist, Pontefract (de Pontefracto), in the said diocese, and, instituting therein a perpetual vicarage, appointed thereto a perpetual vicar to serve the said church in divine offices, and assigned to him for keeping hospitality and for exercising the cure of souls of the parishioners, etc., a fit portion from the fruits etc. of the said church; and that subsequently the late William, also archbishop of York, the said William's successor, ordained that there should be in the said church a perpetual vicar, who should be personally resident and exercise the cure of souls of the parishioners and administer to them the sacraments, divers fruits being assigned to him for his food and clothing and for keeping hospitality, etc., but not enough, thereby much diminishing the said portion, papal confirmation following in due course. It being further added to the pope on behalf of the said Robert that the parish of the said church was so large and populous that the vicar could not by himself exercise the cure of the parishioners and keep hospitality, etc., the pope ordered the archbishop of York and the archdeacon of Northumberland in the church of Durham to summon the prior and convent of the said monastery, and hear simply and informally and determine the cause which the said Robert intended to bring against them about the said portion, without appeal. Afterwards, as the recent petition of the said Robert contained, he brought them before Robert Mauson, archdeacon of Northumberland, who promulgated a definitive sentence by which he decreed to the said Robert Law and his successors, perpetual vicars of the said church, for keeping hospitality, etc., a portion of 20 marks sterling from the fruits etc. thereof, payable in equal portions at the four terms of the year, under pains etc. ordained and inflicted by the late William Both(e), late archbishop of York, and assigned to him and them the whole manse of the sometime rectors and subsequent vicars, etc., which said sentence became a res judicata, as is said to be more fully contained in a public instrument sealed with the seal of the said archdeacon Robert. The pope, therefore, at the said petition hereby confirms the said sentence and the contents of the said instrument, and the consequences thereof. Ad perp. rei mem. Ea que juditio et justitia terminata sunt. [22/3 pp.]
4 Kal. July.
(28 June.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 318r.)
To Nicholas Forman, perpetual vicar of Cader in the diocese of Glasgow. Collation and provision to him, who is in his twentieth year, is of noble and baronial birth, and is a continual commensal member of the household of the bishop of Ostia, (fn. 6) the pope's chamberlain, of the said vicarage, value 15l. sterling, void at the apostolic see, and therefore reserved, by the death there of Malcolm Ronoc, the pope hereby dispensing him to receive and retain it, etc. Nobilitas generis, vite etc.
Concurrent mandate to the bishop of Lescar (Lascuren.), the dean of Glasgow, and the archdeacon of St. Andrews. Hodie dilecto filio Nicolao. (P. vii. v. Ottauo Id. Ottobris anno ottauo. de Varris.) [3¼ pp.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume: Anno 7. Lib. 1.
  • 2. Datum Braciani Sutrin. dioc.
  • 3. quodque [dictus antistes] formam prestandi juramenti nobis de verbo ad verbum per eius patentes litteras suo sigillo munitas per proprium nuncium quantocius destinare procuret.
  • 4. que alias a quibusdam dignitas appellabatur.
  • 5. On f. 99v. one of three mandataries appointed by the pope is Nicolaus Garilliati canonicus Lausanen., under date 1478, 4 Kal. Aug. (29 July), anno 7.
  • 6. The cardinal's Christian name is omitted, a circumstance which has led someone to mark a cross in the margin.