Regesta 127: 1339

Pages 545-547

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 2, 1305-1342. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1895.

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Regesta, Vol. CXXVII.

5 Benedict XII.

Kal. July.
(f. 27d.)
To the abbot of Jedburgh, in the diocese of Glasgow, and to the prior of St. Andrews. Injunction to choose a fit place in which to hold their chapter, and to cause to be observed in their province the statutes and ordinances made by the pope touching the canons regular of St. Augustine.
Ibid. To the abbot of Thorneton and the prior of Kirkham. The like.
Ibid. To the abbot of Mable and the prior of St. Thomas the Martyr, near Boton (Bothon), in the dioceses of Down and Cloyne. The like.
2 Id. Jan.
(f. 58d.)
Revocation and annulment of the citation and all processes and sentences made and issued by Lewis of Bavaria, condemned for heresy, and king Edward, pretending to be vicar of the said Lewis or of the empire, against the bishop of Cambray and his church.
(f. 64d.)
To the abbot of Revesby, in the diocese of Lincoln, to the dean of Wells, and to Master John Petri, canon of Exeter. Mandate to carry out the papal ordinances touching apostates in regard to Bartholomew Ace, Cistercian monk of Clive, in the diocese of Bath, who, having left the order, desires to be reconciled thereto.
4 Id. June.
(f. 159.)
To the abbot of Combe, the prior of Hinckley, and Master John Petri, canon of Salisbury. The like with regard to Robert Ingheram, monk of Sandewell.
2 Id. June.
(f. 151.)
To the archbishop of Canterbury and the bishops of Paris and Winchester. Mandate to protect Galhardus, cardinal of St. Lucy's in Silice, against those who molest him, touching his benefices and possessions in their dioceses.
11 Kal. July.
(f. 161.)
To the bishop of Aberdeen. Mandate to grant a dispensation to Philip, lord of Meldron, and Mary de Eglinton to remain in the marriage which they have contracted; notwithstanding that Malcolm Marshal, the former husband of Mary, was related to Philip in the fourth degree of kindred, and to declare their offspring past and future legitimate. [Theiner, 274.]
8 Kal. Mar.
(f. 178.)
To William, bishop of Glasgow. Confirmation of his election made by Gilbert de Southayk, chancellor, Robert de Stratherne, treasurer, Richard Sinnal (or Small), Robert de Sancto Andrea, and William de Corri, canons; he having been consecrated by Anibaldus, bishop of Tusculum.
Concurrent letters to the chapter, to the clergy, and to the people of the city and diocese, to vassals of that church, and to David, king of Scotland. [Theiner, 274.]
13 Kal. May.
(f. 217.)
To John de Pulhore, of the diocese of Durham. Reservation of a benefice, value 20l. with cure of souls, or 15 without, in the gift of the bishop of Lincoln.
Concurrent mandate to the abbot of Alnwick, the prior of Tynemouth, and another named.
11 Kal. May.
(f. 234d.)
To William de Kildesby, canon of London. Indult, at the king's request, to visit, with six persons, the Lord's sepulchre and that of St. Catherine who was buried by angels, he having a great devotion to that virgin martyr. They are not to take anything with them which may be of service to the enemies of the Christian faith.
5 Id. July.
(f. 251.)
To the bishop of Dunblane. Mandate to grant a dispensation to Maurice de Moravia, lord of Brunsergarthen, and Jean, countess of S[t]arthen, of his diocese, to intermarry; notwithstanding that John, earl of Athol, Jean's first husband, was related to Maurice in the third degree of kindred. [Theiner, 275.]
6 Id. July.
(f. 252d.)
To the bishop of Glasgow. Mandate to grant a dispensation to John Stuard, and Alice, daughter of Richard More, to remain in the marriage which they have contracted; notwithstanding that William de Herth, Alice's former husband, was related to John in the fourth degree of kindred, and to declare their offspring past and future legitimate.
4 Non. Sept.
(f. 267d.)
To the bishop of Winchester. Mandate to declare legitimate John de Sancto Paulo, rector of Sutton, in the diocese of Salisbury; his father and mother having intermarried in the presence of their curate, without publication of banns and other due solemnity.
5 Kal. Jan.
(f. 337d.)
To Peter, bishop of Glasgow. Mandate, at king David's request, to sequestrate and keep the fruits of the prebend of Are (Ayr) in the church of Glasgow, of which the said king is the patron; it having been void by the death of William de Lindesay, canon of the said church, provision was made of it to Fergus Crauford, but the late bishop John gave it to William, son of Thomas de Lindesay, and Fergus appealed to the pope. The cause was heard, and the prebend adjudged to Fergus, who died before obtaining possession. The king then presented John More, but the chapter refused to admit him, whereupon appeal was made to the pope.
4 Kal. May.
(f. 365.)
To John de Kulvehach, of the diocese of Glasgow. Conferring on him the office of notary public.
14 Kal. Sept.
(f. 365d.)
To John de Hemingby, of the diocese of Lincoln. The like.
2 Kal. Oct.
(f. 366d.)
To Robert de Parancote, of the diocese of Exeter. The like.