Regesta 241: 1359-1360

Pages 632-633

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 3, 1342-1362. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1897.

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Regesta, Vol. CCXLI.

7 Innocent VI.

6 Id. Feb.
(f. 19d.)
To Hugh Pelegrini, treasurer of Lichfield, papal nuncio. Mandate to exact certain sums of money from Gerald Mercatoris, papal commissary.
5 Id. Feb.
(f. 19d.)
To Gerald Mercatoris, skilled in the law, papal commissary. Mandate to assign all sums collected by him or others for the papal camera to Hugh Pelegrini, treasurer of Lichfield, papal nuncio, to whom the pope has granted faculty to exact and give acquittance for the same.
18 Kal. July.
Villeneuve by
(f. 78.)
To the brothers, Hugh Pelegrini, treasurer of Lichfield, and Raymund Pelegrini, archdeacon of St. Ceré (Sancti Sereni), in Cahors. Mandate to assign to John, king of France, or order, 5000 gold florins from sums collected by them for the papal camera.
(f. 78d.)
To John, king of France. Faculty to give acquittance to the same Hugh and Raimund for the said sum.
7 Id. Nov.
(f. 152.)
To David, king of Scotland. Recommending to his favour William de Grenlaw. dean of Glasgow, papal nuncio, and his sub-collectors. [Theiner, 314.]
2 Non. Nov.
(f. 154.)
To Simon, archbishop of Canterbury. Remission of the balance of 16,000 gold florins due to the apostolic see, he having paid two sums of 10,000 and 4000 florins, the acquittances for which are to cover the whole sum.
4 Non. Dec.
(f. 167d.)
To William, earl of Douglas. Exhorting him to continue his protection to William de Grenlau, dean of Glasgow, papal nuncio.
Ibid. To Robert Steward (Senescalli), earl of Strathern. The like. [Theiner, 314.]

8 Innocent VI.

14 Kal. May.
(anno 8.) (sic)
(f. 19.) (fn. 1)
To Loysius de Ponzano and Loysius Malbeco, citizens of Asti, Peter de Furno of Montecalvo, of the diocese of Vercelli, and Manuel Bota of Savilhano, of the diocese of Turin, agents of Anthony Maillebailla, merchant of Asti, and his company. Faculty to receive and give acquittances for all money belonging to the camera in the hands of nuncios or collectors in England, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Sweden, and Scotland. They are to draw up two public instruments in each case, one to be sent to the camera, the other to remain with the collectors. The present letter is sent in duplicate.
12 Kal. June.
Villeneuve by
(f. 36d.)
To William de Grenlaw, papal nuncio. Mandate, at the instance of William, bishop of Tusculum, to cease from making visitations of Cistercians’ houses, according to the papal provision of 5 Id. Nov. anno 4, and to restore procurations exacted therefrom, and to absolve any who have incurred sentences issued by him on account of such visitations.
5 Kal. Sept.
(f. 54.)
To Hugh Pelegrini, treasurer of Lichfield. Acquittance for all sums collected by him and assigned to the papal camera from Kal. Aug. 1349 to Kal. June 1358, according to accounts rendered, 762l. 13s. 4d. out of that sum being due to him and to be allowed him in his next account.
(f. 54d.)
To the same. Acknowledgment of the overpayment of a sum of 5000 gold florins, being the value of 700l. 16s. 8d. assigned by him to the pope last 12 Kal. Sept. which Hugh is to have allowed in his next account.
8 Kal. June.
Villeneuve by
(f. 55d.)
Safe-conduct for William de Brethon, knight, of the diocese of Lincoln, sent to England on the pope's business.


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