Regesta 266: 1374

Pages 108-110

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 4, 1362-1404. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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Regesta, Vol. CCLXVI.

4 Gregory XI

Littere De Curia… Per Guillermum Baronis,

6 Id. March.
(f. 75d.)
To William, patriarch of Jerusalem, and Elias, archbishop of Bordeaux, papal nuncios. Mandate to go in person to Gascony whither the pope, upon learning that Lewis, duke of Anjou, and John, duke of Lancaster, were preparing to renew hostilities, has already sent them in succession to divers nuncios sent in vain to treat for peace or truce between the kings of France and England. Full powers are now given them to constrain by spiritual and temporal penalties the hinderers thereof, of whatsoever rank and condition, even royal or pontifical.
(f. 76.)
To William, patriarch of Jerusalem, papal nuncio. Faculty to exercise ecclesiastical censures against all, of whatsoever rank or condition, ecclesiastical or secular, who injure him or members of his household during his mission.
(f. 76d.)
To Elias, archbishop of Bordeaux. The like.
Ibid. To the prelates, secular and regular, of the provinces of Narbonne, Auch, Bordeaux and Toulouse. Mandate to assist Elias, archbishop of Bordeaux, and to supply him with 12 gold florins a day for the purposes of his mission.
(f. 77d.)
To the same. The like for William, patriarch of Jerusalem.
4 Non. June.
Salon by Arles.
(f. 87.)
To all prelates, secular and regular. Mandate to assist William, bishop of Carpentras, papal nuncio to the realms of France and England, and to supply him with 12 gold florins of the camera a day for his mission. [Wilkins, Conc. iii. 98. See Reg. cclxiv. f. 166, and cclxvii. f. 83d.]
16 Kal. Sept.
Noves by
(f. 92d.)
To Bernard, bishop of Pampeluna, Ralph, bishop of Sinigaglia, and Giles Sanctii Munionis, provost of Valencia, D.C.L. papal nuncios. Faculty to recover, by monition and citation if necessary, from the archbishops of York and Canterbury the procurations due from the ecclesiastics of England on account of their mission to Flanders on behalf of the liberties of the English church, which procurations the archbishops are themselves to recover from the said ecclesiastics.
12 Kal. Nov.
(f. 100d.)
To the same three nuncios. Power to prorogue until Easter next following, or longer if it shall seem good, certain articles concerning the right of patronage, regalia, and other rights of the churches of the realm of England, and to treat meanwhile for a concord. The pope recapitulates the course of the negotiations: ambassadors of the king came and set forth his case touching the said articles; the pope replied in a letter dated Avignon 12 Kal. Jan. anno 3 (1373) of which exemplification is given [Reg. cclxix. f. 245d]; the king offered to send envoys to treat the matter at Bruges or Calais, at the pope's choice; the pope gave power to the above-named three nuncios to prorogue the said articles until the feast of All Saints next following, and to treat thereon with the king's envoys; and now, after himself having prorogued them until the feast of St. Andrew next following, he gives the further power to prorogue and treat, as above. [For fuller analysis see Reg. cclxxxv. f. 167.]
6 Id. Dec.
(f. 105d.)
To John [Duncan], bishop of Sodor, papal nuncio. Appointing him nuncio and collector in his city and diocese, with the usual faculty to compel payment of sums due to the papal camera. [As below, Reg. cclxxvii. f. 105.]
(f. 106.)
To John de Plebis, archdeacon of St. Andrews, doctor of canon law, papal nuncio. Mandate to compel the surrender of all property belonging to, and the payment of all sums due to William de Grenlaw, archdeacon of St. Andrews, late collector in Scotland, who died without having rendered account to the papal camera, with faculty to give acquittances for the same. The nuncio is to draw up the usual two instruments. [See ibid. f. 101d.]

Per Franciscum Bruni, Secretarium.

14 Kal. Dec.
(f. 114d.)
To Arnold Garnerii, canon of Châlons, papal nuncio. Mandate to assign to Nerotius Bernardi and others named, merchants of Florence, of the society of the ancient Alberti, proctors and factors in Paris, London, and Bruges of Nicholas Jacobi and Benedict Nerotii, of the said Alberti, all sums collected and to be collected by him for a year from these presents, the said Nerotius Bernardi and others having power to receive and give acquittance for the same, and James Vannis and another named having bound themselves to assign them to the papal camera. The nuncio is to draw up the usual two instruments. [Ibid. f. 94d.]
(f. 115.)
To the said Nerotius Bernardi and others. Faculty to receive and give acquittance to Arnold Garnerii for the said sums, with mandate to inform thereof the said James Vannis and another named and the officials of the camera. [Ibid. f. 93d.]