Regesta 267: 1375

Pages 110-113

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 4, 1362-1404. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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Regesta, Vol. CCLXVII.

5 Gregory XI.

Littere de Curia… Per Nicolaum de Auximo, Notarium et Secretarium.

4 Kal. April.
(f. 17d.)
To the archbishops of England and of Ireland, along with all other patriarchs and archbishops. Mandate to publish and to transmit to their suffiragans a copy of the accompanying monition, mandate, and constitution issued this day, ordering all Prelates, secular and regular, to reside in their churches and monasteries. [See Raynaldi Annales, 1375, § xxiii.]
Id. Oct.
(f. 38.)
To the bishops of Scotland. Requesting them to assist Henry de Sancto Trudone (St. Trond), preceptor of Aval[terre], whom the pope has charged to collect the fruits of the preceptory of Scotland pending the decision of the complaint made by Robert de Alis (Hales), prior of the Hospitallers of England, against Robert de Juliaco, master of the Hospital, he having let the said preceptory on farm to Robert Mercerii, a layman of Scotland, who obtained papal confirmation of the grant, and now holds it to the injury of the said prior of England, to whom of right it belongs. [See. Reg. cclxx. f. 169.]

Extraordinarie de Curia Per Dictum Nicolaum de Auximo.

6 Id. Dec.
(f. 47d.)
To the prior of the Hospitallers in England and Ireland. Mandate to summon a chapter of the preceptors and others of the order to elect thirty-eight knights, who shall choose their esquires, and being well provided with arms and horses shall during the whole month of March 1377 hold themselves in readiness in any of the ports of Sicily, Venice, or Genoa, along with the rest of five hundred knights and as many esquires from other priories, to go against the Turks who are attacking Bulgaria, Servia, and Coustantinople. [See Raynaldi Annales, 1375, § ix.]
[Letters are sent to twenty other priors. France is to furnish the next greatest number, viz. thirty-three knights and as many esquires. See Reg. cclxxi. f. 80d.]

Per Guillermum Baronis Secretarium.

5 Non. May.
(f. 69.)
To the archbishop of Genoa. Mandate to obtain by excommunication and interdict the release of William Welles, John Perraunt, John Garthorp, John Borbache, and Nicholas Coupelande, donsels, in the pay of the Roman church, who when returning from the Roman court to Bologna have been arrested, plundered, and imprisoned in the castle of Mento[ne] by order of Isabel, wife of Rayner de Grimaudo, of the diocese of Nice. [See Reg. cclxxi. f. 123d.]
Id. July.
Villeneuve by
(f. 78.)
To the archbishops of Canterbury and York. Mandate to pay, levy, and exact, benefices held or to be held by cardinals being alone exempt, the sum of 60,000 florins. Lately the pope imposed for the defence of himself and the Roman church and its property and rights in Italy, subsidies of a tenth of church revenues in France, Spain, Almain, and England, to be paid in the last-named case for one year at two stated terms, and was content that the English clergy should pay in place thereof 100,000 florins at the same two terms; and it has been lately agreed at Bruges on the part of the said clergy that they shall pay 60,000 florins at two terms, 30,000 at the feast of All Saints next ensuing, and 30,000 on that of St. John the Baptist, and that if peace be made between Kings Edward and Charles, they shall pay 40,000 florins more. The usual powers are given to the archbishops to compel payments. [As below, Reg. cclxxxvi. f. 285. See Reg. cclxxviii f. 91d.]
11 Kal. Oct.
Pont de Sorgues.
(f. 83d.)
To prelates, secular and regular, of the realm of England. Mandate to pay the procurations due to Pileus, archbishop of Ravenna, and William, bishop of Carpentras, papal nuncios during their mission whether they be within or without the realm. The pope will cause to be observed sentences of the said nuncios against the rebellious. [See Reg. cclxvi. f. 87.]
8 Id. Sept.
Pont de Sorgues.
(f. 84d.)
To Giles Sancii Munionis, provost of Valencia, D.C.L. papal nuncio. Power to prorogue until Easter next the articles of concord, provided that the king of England do the same. The pope recalls his former letter. (Exemplification and date of which are here omitted; in Raynaldi Annales 1374, § xxi. without date. See Reg. cclxxxv. f. 167d.) to the three nuncios sent to Flanders. Before their business was completed the three returned to the pope, who, having learned that the king is willing to send an envoy to Bruges, confers on Giles, as above, further power to prorogue the articles, which have at successive times been prorogued until Christmas next; power is given him to treat with the king's envoy and effect an agreement. [As below, Reg. cclxxxvi. f. 296, except as to exemplification; see Reg. cclxvi. f. 100d.]
Ibid. To the same. Power to him, whom the pope is now (Presentialiter) sending to England and Flanders, to publish on the continent (in locis cismarinis) monitions and citations in order to enforce payment of procurations from prelates of England who may refuse. [As below ibid. f. 297 with a verbal difference.]
(f. 85.)
To prelates, secular and regular, of the realm of England. Mandate to provide the aforesaid Giles with 6 gold florins of the camera a day for the expenses of his mission to England and Flanders, whither he is shortly to be sent, the two archbishops and their suffragans being ordered to render an account to the pope within four months after its termination; and whereas complaints have often been made to the pope that some ordinaries not only do not pay themselves, but exact more than is due on that account, he orders them to pay the full sum due, and not to exact more than is customary, under pain of excommunication not to be removed except at the hour of death. [As below, ibid. f. 297d.]
5 Id. Sept.
Pont de Sorgues.
(f. 86.)
To Giles Sancii Munionis, provost of Valencia, D.C.L. papal nuncio. The pope wills and ordains that the archbishops of Canterbury and York shall be wholly answerable for the procurations as directed in the preceding letter, of which a copy publicly drawn up is to be sent to each of them by the nuncio under seal. Power is given him to enforce payment by publishing monitions and citations, as above. [For fuller analysis, see ibid.]
2 Kal. Jan.
(f. 98d.)
To William, sometime bishop of Carpentras, archbishop elect of Rouen, papal nuncio. Exhorting him to be solicitous in exacting the subsidy imposed on the clergy of England. The pope is ordering, as contained in the enclosed schedule, the archbishops of Canterbury and York to assign it to him.
Ibid. To the same. Power to receive and give acquittance to the archbishops for the subsidy, and to compel its payment by ecclesiastical censure and otherwise. [See Reg. cclxxviii. f. 136d.]

Per Franciscum Bruni, Secretarium.

3 Non. May.
(f. 104d.)
To John de Peblis, archdeacon of St. Andrews, doctor of canon law, papal nuncio. Mandate to assign to Bartholus Johannis, Pacchius Andree, Nerotius Bernardi de Albertis, Rayner Dominici, Matthew Johannis, Bernard Nicolai, Talentus Andree, Peter Marci, and Nicholas Luce, merchants of Florence, proctors and factors in Paris, London, and Bruges of Benedict Nerotii of the ancient Alberti of Florence, all sums collected and to be collected by him for a year from these presents, the said Bartholus and others having power to receive and give acquittance for the same, and Peter Bartholi and Philip Marsilii having bound themselves to assign them to the papal camera. The nuncio is to draw up the usual two public instruments.
(f. 105.)
To Bartholus Johannis and others named above. Faculty to receive and give acquittance to John de Peblis for the said sums.
9 Kal. June.
Villeneuve by
(f. 106.)
To Arnold Garnerii, canon of Narbonne, papal nuncio. The like mandate as above to John de Peblis, with slight differences in the list of merchants.
(f. 107.)
To Bartholus Johannis Sonaglini and other merchants, with slight differences from the list above. The like faculty as above in the case of Arnold Garnerii.