Regesta 278: 1375

Pages 153-154

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 4, 1362-1404. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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Regesta, Vol. CCLXXVIII.

5 Gregory XI.

Regestrum Bullarum Camere (Paper).

8 Kal. Feb.
(f. 21.)
To prelates and other clergy, secular and regular. Desiring safe-conduct for Arnold Garnerii, canon of Châlons, licentiate in civil law, who is being sent to England. [See Reg.cclxxxi. f. 119.]
Kal. March.
(f. 28d.)
Annotation (presentibus fecimus annotari) of the ordinance of the present pope in favour of churches and monasteries (as above, Reg. cclxv. f. 173), in order that papal collectors, ordered to observe it, may not hesitate.
7 Id. April.
(f. 45.)
To William cardinal of St. Angelo's, vicar-general in temporalities in lands of Italy immediately subject to the Roman church. Mandate, in accordance with the pope's frequently repeated mandate, to give and assign without delay to John Haukewode, knight, captain of armed forces in Italy for the pope and the Roman church, as an acknowledgment of his services, a castle of a certain value, in the territory under the cardinal's charge, and to receive from him the accustomed homage for the same, which on his death is to revert to the Roman church. [See f. 79d. and Reg. cclxxi. f. 136d.]
(f. 45d.)
To the same. The like on behalf of John Tournaberi, captain. [See ibid. f. 137 and Reg. cclxxxi. f. 142d.]
[4 Kal. Aug.
Villeneuve by Avignon.]
(f. 79d.)
To John Haukewode of England, knight. Grant, for life, in consideration of his services, and out of regard for his beloved person (personam tuam nobis amabilem), of the castle of Montefortino (Montisfortini), in the March of Ancona, immediately belonging to the Roman church with a yearly cess of one gold florin, to be paid on the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul (June 29), with obligation to attend the general parliament of the province, to render the customary military and other services, and to take the oath of fealty, which William cardinal of St. Angelo's will receive as well as the accustomed homage. [Unfinished.] [See f. 45. and Reg. cclxxxj. ff. 142 and 174.]
Id. July.
Villeneuve by Avignon.
(f. 91d.)
To the archbishops of Canterbury and York. Mandate, as above, Reg. cclxvii. f. 78.
2 Kal. Jan.
(f. 136d.)
To William sometime bishop of Carpentras, archbishop elect of Rouen, papal nuncio. Power, as above, Reg. cclxvii. f. 98d. No. 2.