Regesta 279: 1376

Pages 154-156

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 4, 1362-1404. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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Regesta, Vol. CCLXXIX.

6 Gregory XI.

[Regestrum Bullarum] Avenionensem Ad Cameram Tangentium (Paper).

Non. May.
(f. 22.)
To the archbishop of Canterbury. Recapitulation of the mandate to the archbishops of Canterbury and York to exact payment of the two instalments of the sum of 60,000 florins, as above, Reg. cclxvii. f. 78. Whereas the pope hears that of the said sum, although the term of payment for the first instalment, Nov. 1, 1375, is past, the archbishop of York and the suffragans and clergy of his province have paid nothing, and that the suffragans and clergy of the province of Canterbury have a balance to pay, the archbishop is ordered to enforce with the usual powers, payment, not only of the first instalment in arrear, but also of the second instalment due June 24 next.
Kal. July.
Villeneuve by
(f. 27.)
To William archbishop of Rouen, papal nuncio. Faculty, on the occasion of his mission to the realm of England, to exact and receive from Arnold Garnerii, canon of Châlons, papal nuncio, and his sub-collectors, giving acquittances, and to transmit to the papal camera, all sums received or to be received by them for the said camera. [See Reg. cclxxxi. f. 267d.]
19. Kal. Sept.
(f. 44d.)
To William archbishop of Rouen and John Mauberti, canon of Cambray, papal nuncio[s]. Mandate to receive from John de Interminellis, merchant of Lucca, and other merchants of Lucca in Flanders, a sufficient obligation and caution for the payment to the camera of sums collected and to be collected by the above-named John Mauberti, by Sigerus de Novolapide dean of St. Servatius, Maestricht, in the diocese of Liège, and by Arnold Garnerii, canon of Châlons, papal nuncios and collectors. John, Sigerus, and Arnold are being ordered by other letters to assign the said sums to Alderic de Interminellis or his brother John or their factors and proctors in Flanders, and the said Alderic has, at the desire of the camera to have sureties, promised to bind the said John his brother and the other merchants.
(f. 45d.)
To the above Sigerus, to Arnold Garnerii, canon of Châlons, and to John Mauberti, canon of Cambray, papal nuncios. Mandate, by reason of the malice of the times and the danger and difficulty of assigning to the camera the money collected and to be collected in his district, to assign the same to Alderic and John de Interminellis, or their factors and proctors as above, the said Alderic and others having faculty to give acquittance.
(f. 46d.)
To the above-named Alderic de Interminellis. Faculty, for himself and his brother John, to receive from and give acquittance to John Mauberti, canon of Cambray, Arnold Garnerii, and Sigerus de Novolapide for the above-named sums.
2 Id. Nov.
(f. 61.)
To prelates and other clergy, secular and regular, and to nobles and other lay officers. Requesting safe-conduct for Francis and Nicholas de Guinisiis, brothers, citizens of Lucca, and their proctors, in respect of assignments from Bruges and Venice and elsewhere of money and goods to the camera.
4 Id. Nov.
(f. 61d.)
To Francis de Guinisiis, citizen of Lucca. Power for himself and his brother Nicholas to receive and give acquittance for sums collected and to be collected by John Mauberti, canon of Noyon, Arnold Garnerii, canon of Narbonne, Sigerus de Novolapide, dean of St. Servatius, as above, and four other nuncios and collectors named.
(f. 64.)
To Arnold Garnerii, canon of Narbonne, papal nuncio, with each of the other six nuncios. Mandate, in accordance with an agreement made between Peter, archbishop of Arles, papal chamberlain, and Francis de Guinisiis, to assign to the said Francis or his brother Nicholas or their proctors at Bruges all sums collected and to be collected up to two years from these presents, the said Francis and Nicholas having faculty to give acquittance for the same.
4 Non. May.
(f. 66d.)
To William archbishop of Rouen, papal nuncio. Faculty to make an agreement with Andrew (sic), archbishop of Dublin respecting the amount to be retained by him for his manifold exertions and expenses in connexion with the exaction of the subsidy or tenth for one year imposed by the pope on the prelates and other ecclesiastics of Ireland and the islands thereof, as contained in letters to the said archbishop. The agreement is to be made before the said letters are delivered.
(f. 67.)
To Andrew (sic) archbishop of Dublin. Mandate to levy and exact in the parts of Ireland and the surrounding islands, a subsidy for the recovery of the lands of the Roman church in Italy, to wit one year's tenth of the fruits and rents of ecclesiastical benefices, those held or to be held by cardinals being alone excepted. The tenth is to be paid, half within four months after the publication of these presents, half within the six months next following. The archbishop is to compel payment by ecclesiastical censure and sequestration, without calling in, except in case of contumacy, the aid of the secular arm. The proceeds, with the account, are to be sent to the camera, or assigned to the nuncio or nuncios deputed for the purpose.