Regesta 280: 1377-1377

Pages 156-159

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 4, 1362-1404. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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Regesta, Vol. CCLXXX.

7 Gregory XI.

Regestrum Bullarum Ad Cameram Tangentium (Paper).

8 Id. March.
St. Peter's Rome.
(f. 39.)
To William bishop of Emly, papal nuncio. Appointing him papal nuncio and collector with the usual powers in the dioceses of Cashel, Lismore, Waterford, Cloyne, Limerick, Emly, Killaloe, Ardfert, Cork, Ross, and Kilfenora.
Ibid. To the same. Mandate to exact and receive, with faculty to give acquittances, fruits and rents due by virtue of the reservation made by the pope at the beginning of his pontificate (when he sought out honest and lawful means to provide for the burdens of the papal camera), of the first year's fruits and rents of priories, dignities, personatus, administrations, offices, canonries and prebends, and all other benefices whatsoever, secular and regular, exempt and not exempt, with or without cure of souls, certain minor benefices alone excepted, (i) which were by the present pope or his predecessors reserved to the apostolic see and were at the above-mentioned time already void or should become void; (ii) which should become void by exchanges made and confirmed by papal authority; (iii) which were or should be appropriated to cathedral or other churches, on the occasion of the resignation or death of their holders. The said reservation is not to be enforced if a benefice become void twice or oftener in the same year.
(f. 39d.)
To the same. Mandate to execute the recent reservation made by the pope of—(i) moveables and other personal property of archbishops, bishops, and abbots at the time of their death, having regard to the modification recited below (cum infrascripta moderatione); (ii) rents and rights pertaining to the archiepiscopal, episcopal, and abbatial mense during voidance; (iii) fruits and rents during voidance of all benefices whatsoever which were already at the beginning of the present pontificate void or which became void at the apostolic see. The collector is to inform himself and proceed, as above, Reg. cclxxvii. f. 86. The modification, here recited, is as above, ibid.
Ibid. To the same. Mandate to exact and receive (for the defence of the lands of the Roman church and the relief of the burndens of the papal camera, for which the pope devises reasonable and honest ways and means, and deems it meet and right that the said church, which is the head of all churches, should in her necessities be aided by them) a tenth during three years of fruits and rents in the cities and dioceses to which he is deputed collector, the benefices held or to be held by cardinals being alone excepted. The first year's tenth is to be paid half at Michaelmas next and half at the following Easter, and in like manner for the remaining years. The usual powers are given to enforce payment. [4½ ff.] [Theiner, 360, omitting ‘which is the head of all churches.’]
[8] Id. March.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 42.)
To the same. Mandate to exact, receive, and transmit to the camera money due from archbishops, bishops, and abbots by virtue of their promotion to their prelacies; to compel the contumacious by papal authority, without appeal, and to invoke if necessary the secular arm. Power is given to give acquittances, and to relax sentences of excommunication incurred. [Cancelled, with marginal note: Istam non habuit dictus collector, quia fuit reformata in alia forma ut patet folio xlvo .]
(f. 45d.)
To the same. Mandate to the like effect, with differences of form, ordering the collector to proceed by ecclesiastical censure and sequestration, with the aid, if necessary, of the secular arm, and omitting the power to give acquittances and to relax sentences incurred.
8 Id. March.
St. Peter's Rome.
(f. 49.)
To the same. Mandate, in accordance with the desire of the pope to devise reasonable and honest ways and means to provide for the defence of the lands of the Roman church, and consequently for the burdens of the camera, to visit during three years from these presents churches, monasteries, and other ecclesiastical places in the aforesaid dioceses, and to receive therefrom moderate procurations, all money arising from which is to be sent without delay to the camera.
8 Id. April.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 49d.)
To the same. Power to punish by ecclesiastical censure any who hinder him or his sub-collectors in their business.
Non. March.
St. Peter's Rome.
(f. 60d.)
To John de Peb[l]is, archdeacon of St. Andrews, to John Doncan, archdeacon of Down, and to twenty-nine other nuncios and collectors. Mandate to publish and enforce the revocation, of which exemplification is given, made this day by the pope (by reason of the perilous state of the temporalities of the Roman church in Italy, against which cities and castles, immediately belonging thereto, have, at the instigation of the sons of iniquity the Florentines, rebelled and still rebel) of all delays granted in the payment of money due on whatsoever ground to the papal camera. Those debtors who are at the Roman court are ordered to pay up to the papal treasurer within two months after the publication there of the said revocation; others are to pay either to Peter, bishop of Maguelonne, papal treasurer at Avignon, or to the collectors in their districts, within two months after publication in their cities and dioceses. (4½ ff.] [In the margin, Nota: Mandantur littere publicari dilationum revocatarum.]
Non. May.
St. Peter's Rome.
(f. 72d.)
To John Tornabery, knight, of the diocese of Worcester. Whereas the papal camera owes him and his forces for their service, and for stipends and expenses incurred by him in keeping the castle of Castrocaro (Castricari), in the province of Romagna, a sum of 15, 625 gold florins, as contained in a letter of Robert cardinal of the Twelve Apostles. papal legate, dated at Cesena, 1 Feb. 1377, and whereas the pope has ordered certain collectors to pay him out of their receipts 13,300 gold florins, there is therefore still due to him 2325 florins, for which this letter is a bond; the papal camera remains bound to him for whatever sum he does not receive from the collectors as ordered.
4 Id. May.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 73.)
To Robert cardinal of the Twelve Apostles, papal legate. Mandate to elect four good and expert men who joined to four others elected by the companions of John Tornabery (who, with others of their numbers, is prosecuting the matter in person in the pope's presence) shall make enquiry touching the sum of 11, 700 gold florins said to be due from the papal camera by reason of the restitution by them of the city of Ceseua and the spoils obtained there, as also touching certain stipends unpaid; and who shall, within three months of the departure of the said John and others, make a declaration to the Roman court and appoint terms for the payment of such sum as shall be found to be due. Faculty is given to the legate to enter into a bond for the same on the part of the camera.
Kal. May.
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 73d.)
To Arnold Garnerii, canon of Châlons, papal nuncio and collector in the provinces of Canterbury and York, and his successors in that office. Mandate to pay to John Tornabery, knight, of the diocese of Worcester, out of his receipts from the month of December next the sum of 7000 gold florins towards the amount due to him by the papal camera, as contained in the letter to cardinal Robert above. The collector is to draw up two public instruments, keeping one and sending the other with the present mandate to the papal camera, which is at Avignon. He is further ordered to pay no other person until the said knight or his proctor shall be paid in full.
(f. 74.)
To John Mauberti, canon of Cambray, papal nuncio and collector in the province of Reims, and his successors in that office. The like mandate to pay John Tornabery, out of his receipts from the month of February next, the sum of 1300 (sic) gold florins.