1240, membranes 12d, 11d

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Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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1240, membranes 12d, 11d


Nov. 21. Westminster.

Commission to Henry de Neketon and William de Dacre, sheriff of Cumberland, to extend the 200l. of the land, which the king is bound to assign to A. king of Scotland, his brother, in the counties of Cumberland and Northumberland or elsewhere if it can not be done there, according to the form of the covenant made between the two kings at York, the tenour whereof the king sends them herewith under his seal. They are to proceed as follows. They on the king's behalf and two others on behalf of the king of Scots, having viewed the lands to be assigned according to the said form, and made inquisition of the value thereof, by those whom they think most fit, shall faithfully extend and appraise the lands by the oath of themselves and of the two appointed on behalf of the king of Scots, in the presence of a clerk of the legate, appointed for this on his behalf, as well in demesnes, rents and other issues as in amercements and other pleas of the crown and other liberties, and then certify the king by letters of the names, quantity and metes and divises thereof. And if any discord arise between the two parties touching the value and extent thereof which cannot be settled by the legate's clerk, they shall by letters of themselves and of the other side let the king know the articles of discord, that, in the presence of the legate or of another elected in his place with the consent of both kings, they may be settled. Therefore the king commands them to meet at Carlisle a fortnight after Hilary and continue the business from day to day and place to place until it be finished.

Dec. 15. Westminster.


Commission to William de Sancto Eadmundo, with Stephen de Segrave if he be present, to deliver the abbot of Reading's gaol and de justice on those who were lately attached before the king at Wudestok, as well those of the county of Berks as those of the abbot's liberty and those of the honor of Walingford. If the said Stephen cannot be present, he is to be with some discreet knight of the county of Berks at Reading for this on the morrow of St. Lucy, and the king charges the sheriff of Berks and the abbot to be intendant to him herein.