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Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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Oct. 29. Wycombe.

Appointment, during pleasure, of Philip de Albiniaco to the custody of the castle of Gereseye, with mandate to Gerard de Lambrusard to deliver it to him.

Mandate to John de Lambrusard to deliver to him the castle of Gernereye.

The like to Gerard de Lambrusard to deliver to him both castles.

Oct. 30. Hayes (Hese).

Writ de intendendo directed to the mayor and good men of St. James de Beuvron (de Sancto Jacobo super Beueron) in favour of Philip de Albiniaco, Drogo de Barentin, Geoffrey Talun and Walter le Neve, whom the king is sending to bear the care and custody of the said town in conjunction with them, the king's constable Richard de Burun and William de Sancto Johanne and Amaury de Sancto Amando, who were previously sent to them for the same.

The like to the same in favour of the same, with Philip de Albiniaco excepted.

The like to the said constable Richard de Burun.

Presentation of Peter de Wakering to the church of Audebury, in the diocese of Lincoln, in the king's gift by reason of his custody of the land and heir of William de Abrincis.

Nov. 3. Lambeth.

Grant to Henry, chancellor of St. Paul's, London, for a fine, of the custody, during the minority of the heirs, of the lands and heirs of Robert de Sancto Johanne, with the marriage of the heirs.

Nov. 3. Lambeth.

Grant to Nicholas de Nevill of the deanery of Tattehale; with writ de intendendo in his favour directed to the canons of Tattehale.

Mandate to the sheriff of Stafford to cause him to have full seisin thereof.

Nov. 7. Westminster.

Mandate to H. de Vivona, seneschal of Gascony, to cause safe-conduct to be given to Blanche, sister of Ferrand, count of Flanders and Hainault, and a nephew of the count, in passing through Gascony to the count.

Protection, without term, for the prioress and nuns of St. Michael's, Stamford.

Nov. 7. Lambeth.

Safe-conduct for Margaret wife of H. de Burgo, earl of Kent, sister of the king of Scots, coming to London to confer with her husband touching those things whereof the said H. has petitioned the king. For her greater security also, the king has sent Ralph Tyrel and Roger de Clare to conduct her.

A. 3860. Wt. 3353. 400.—12/5/04. M.

Nov. 9. Lambeth.

Grant to the good men of Dymmoc of the town of Dymmoc, to hold at farm for two years from Michaelmas, in the sixteenth year, at a rent at the Exchequer of 33l. ½ mark yearly.

Nov. 10. Westminster.

Protection until Michaelmas for Bartholomew de Crec, yeoman of Eleanor, countess of Pembroke.

Nov. 11. Lambeth.

Acknowledgment of the receipt by P. de Rivallis on Wednesday before Martinmas, 17 Henry III, at the New Temple, London, of 150l. for the king, by the hand of Hugh de Stocton, treasurer of the Temple, of the moneys late of Hubert de Burgo, earl of Kent.

Grant to Bertram de Crioil, for a fine of 300l., of the custody, during the minority of the heirs, of the land and heirs of Simon de Chelefeld, with the marriage of the heirs.

[Cancelled.] Quia non habuit.

Safe-conduct until the Epiphany for B. count of Gisnes, coming to England.

Nov. 13. Westminster.

Safe-conduct for Margaret, wife of H. de Burgo, sister of the king of Scots, and Magota her daughter, and their men, in going to the lands of her husband of his inheritance or purchase, other than those which he held of the king. [Fœdera.]

Nov. 13. Harrow (Heregh).

Protection for Simon Lutrarius, retained in the king's service to keep his stews throughout his manors and to take otters (lutras) destroying the said stews. By letters of the king under the seal of G. de Craucumbe.

Appointment, during pleasure, of Peter de Rivallis to the custody of the castles of Skenefrith, Grosmont and Blauchastel, with all the stock, corn, ploughs and chattels belonging thereto.

Geoffrey de Nevill has letters directed to his knights and free tenants requesting them to make him a reasonable aid to discharge his debts.

Protection with clause rogamus, without term, for the brethren of the hospital of Stocwell without Bedeford.

Nov. 21. Northampton.

Presentation of Peter de Wakering to the church of Bocking, in the king's gift by reason of the voidance of the archbishopric of Canterbury; directed to the official of the archdeacon of Canterbury.

The chapter of St. Bridget's, Kildare, by William the precentor, John de Taunton and Geoffrey le Chamberleng, their messengers, have letters of licence to elect a bishop in the room of Ralph, deceased.

Nov. 20. Northampton.

Pardon to Nicholas de Ichenton for the death of Roger son of William Balle, so far as pertains to the king, as it appears by inquisition that he killed him by misadventure; on condition nevertheless that he make peace with the relatives of Roger.

Mandate to the sheriff of Warwick by letters close to permit the said Nicholas, who is keeping in the church of Ichenton by reason of the said death, to come forth and go where he will.

Protection without term for the prior of Hextildesham and the canons of the same place.

Nov. 22. Northampton.

Confirmation of an assignment by Randolf, sometime earl of Chester, and Lincoln, to Coletta, his niece, daughter of W. sometime earl of Arundel, for her marriage, of land to the value of 30l. a year in the portion falling to Hugh de Albiniaco as his share of the inheritance of the said earl: and the king wills that the said land be assigned to her in the manor of Ledes, co. York, on condition that allowance thereof be made to the said Hugh in the partition of the inheritance of the said earl.

Grant, at the instance of Hawisia de Quency, to John de Lascy, constable of Chester, of 20l. which R. sometime earl of Chester and Lincoln, received for the third penny of the county of Lincoln in the name of the earl of Lincoln, and which the earl in his lifetime gave to the said Hawisia, his sister: to hold in the name of earl of Lincoln to the said John and his heirs by Margaret his wife, daughter of the said Hawisia for ever.

Mandate to the sheriff of Lincoln to give him seisin thereof. Close.

Nov. 23. Daventry.

Grant to the nuns of Catesby that they shall have for ever one cart going once a day for dry wood in the king's wood of Beiscwod.

Mandate to P. de Rivallis to allow them to have the same.

Exemption for life of John de Tywa from being put on juries and recognitions.

Presentation of Peter de Muntgomery to the church of Eyneford on the resignation of Henry de Cundicot, in the King's gift by reason of the voidance of the archbishopric of Canterbury ; directed to the official of the archdeacon of Canterbury.

[Nov. 23. Daventry.]

Acceptance of an assignment by the executors of the will of R. earl of Chester and Lincoln, to Simon de Monteforti of the manor of Doddeford, to hold during the minorty of the son and heir of William de Caignes.

Nov. 24. Kenilworth.

Appointment of Walter le Flemeng of Suhampton to hold the manor of Campeden at farm for the current year, at a rent of 100 marks, to wit 50 marks at Easter and 50 marks at Michaelmas.

Nov. 31. (sic). Wenlock.

Safe-conduct, until Tuesday the morrow of St. Nicholas, for Edenevet, steward of L. prince of Abbefrau and lord of Snaudon, Eignan Vachan and David and Adam, clerks of the said L., and those whom they shall bring with them, coming to Shrewsbury to treat with R. bishop of Cycestre, R. earl Marshal, and S. de Sedgrave, the justiciary, of peace between the king and the said L.

Grant to Maud de Lucy or her assignee, for a fine of 300 marks, of the custody of the lands late of Richard son of Simon during the minority of Simon the son and heir, which custody belongs to the king by reason of his custody of the land and heir of G. earl of Gloucester; with the custody and marriage of the said Simon. If he die before he attain his full age, the said Maud or her assigns shall retain the custody until the date on which he would have come of age.

Protection until his return for the prior of Wenlac, gone beyond seas on the king's service.

Dec. 2. Wenlock.

Licence for Walter de Kirkeham, dean of St. Martin's, London, and his successors, canons of the church of St. Peter, York, of the prebend of Bolom, to impark the wood pertaining to the said prebend.

Mandate in pursuance to the sheriff of Nottingham.

Dec. 7. Shrewsbury.

Acceptance by the king for himself and his people, as L. prince of Aberfrau and lord of Snauwedon has accepted the same for him and his of the provision of R. bishop of Cycestre, the chancellor, A. bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, R. Marshal, earl of Pembroke, J. de Lacy, earl of Lincoln, and constable of Chester, S. de Segrave, justiciary of England, and R. son of Nicholas, the steward, will make with Idenevet, steward of the said L. and Werrenoc his brother, Inian Vachan, and David the clerk, touching amends to the king for all excesses and restitution on both sides of lands taken one from the other by reason of the late war; touching the assignment to David son of the said L. and Isabel his wife, first-born daughter and heir of William de Breusa of her portion of the lands of her father; touching the payment of such money for amends or assignment, the provision of sufficient security for performing faithful service to the king and observing peace towards the realm, and the amending of anything fresh which may arise pending the said provision. Fœdera.]


Dec. 7. Shrewsbury.

Safe-conduct, until Sunday after St. Nicholas, for J. wife of Lewelin and David his son, the king's nephew, and those whom they shall bring with them, coming to Shrewsbury to confer with the king.

Dec. 6. Shrewsbury.

Appointment of Master Philip de Ardern as the king's proctor in the cause which he has before the bishop of Ely and J. de Ferentin, archdeacon of Norwich, by papal delegation, in the church of S. Mary, Shrewsbury, on the morrow of S. Nicholas and if necessary on following days, against Lewelin for disturbing the peace of the realm, and the king has signified the same to the opposite party.

Dec. 8. Shrewsbury.

Protection, until his return, for the abbot of Westminster, gone to the court of Rome on the affairs of his church. By the justiciary.

Dec. 9. Shrewsbury.

Exemption, for two years from Christmas next, of William le Estrange from being put on recognitions, juries, or assizes. By P. de Rivallis.

Mandate by letters close to the sheriffs of Leicester and Lincoln to permit him to have this exemption.

Dec. 11. Leominster.

Safe-conduct until Easter for Henry de Trublevill, in coming to England, staying there and going back again, saving to the king his castles, which the said Henry holds in Poitou and Gascony.

The like, without term, for him in coming to England to do right and receive right touching the seneschalcy of Gascony for the time that he has been seneschal, staying there and going back again.

Dec. 9. Cortham (Corfham).

Licence for the abbot and convent of Furneis, and the monks there, to send a brother of the house to Ireland whenever this is necessary, who with others sent there from the abbey shall buy corn and other victuals to be carried to the abbey ; and mandate to the justiciary [of Ireland] and all bailiffs and others not to do or permit anything to their hindrance.

Dec. 11. Leominster.

Appointment, during pleasure, of William son of Warin to the custody of the county of Hereford, with the castles of Hereford and Painscastle (Castro Matildis), the hundred of Wurmelawe and the King's manors of the same county, so that he answer at the Exchequer for the ancient farm thereof, beyond the king's demesne of Acornebiry, which will remain in the king's hands. Grant to him also for the custody of the said castles and county of the profit of the county and those things which pertain to the said castellanies; and besides this he shall take at the Exchequer, in time of peace, 100 marks, in time of truce, 100l. and in time of war 200l.

The like to the barons of the Exchequer by letters close.

Dec. 11. Hereford.

Mandate to P. duke of Brittany and earl of Richemond to deliver the town of St. James de Beuvron to Philip de Albiniaco, to whose custody the king has committed the same; and if he leave his parts to come to England before the said Philip come, he shall appoint one of his men with power to deliver the same to the said Philip when he comes.

Dec. 14. Hereford.

Protection, without term, for Master Ralph de Maidenestan, dean of Hereford, and for his men and possessions of Lideneie.

Master Robert Haget has made fine with the king by 100 marks to have the custody, during the minority of the heirs, of the lands and heirs of Roger de Bernevall, with the marriage of the heirs.

Dec. 15. Hereford.

Acknowledgment of the receipt on Saturday after All Saints, in the seventeenth year, by Peter de Rivallis, treasurer of the chamber, at the New Temple, London, of the goods of Hubert de Burgo deposited in the said Temple, which Robert, master of the Knights Templars in England, by order of the said Hubert has delivered to the king's use, to wit:—

2 gold rings, one with a balass ruby (cum rubeto baleis), the other with an emerald.

A gold brooch with sapphires and garnets.

12 silk girdles.

3 circlets (garlandesch') of gold, whereof one was of the king's old treasure with sapphires, and the two others were of Paris work (de opere paris'), smaller.

A great cup with figures in relief (cum imaginibus elevatis).

28 cups of silver gilt worked in relief, of the weight of 125l. 6s. 5d.

57 cups, silver gilt, engraved, of the weight of 183l. 22d.

64 cups, silver gilt, plain, of the weight of 199l. 4s. 9d.

9 cups, silver white, of the weight of 23l. 14s. 6d.

9 silver justs (justas), 8 gilt and one white, of the weight of 55l. 9s. 3d.

22 pairs of basons (pelvium), of the weight of 81l. 21d.

7 porringers (scutellas) and 3 salt cellars, of silver, of the weight of 18l. 19s.

1 crystal phial with fitting of silver gilt.

2 candelabras of silver, of the weight of 109s. 6d.

In pennies 150l.

Also of the treasure said to be of Margaret, wife of the said Hubert:—

A silver cross, double gilt, with a ruby and an emerald, and relics, and with two figures of St. Mary and St. John.

A silver porringer with a foot, of the weight of 27s. 3d.

A cup of the egg of a gryphon, of the price of 20s.

2 cups, white (albas), of the weight of 4l. 10s.

2 other cups, white, whereof the weight is not known.

2 cups, silvergilt and plain, of the weight of 4l. 6s.

Mandate to Ursel, Leo, Moses and Abraham, sons and heirs of Hamo de Hereford, Jew, out of the fine of 6,000 marks, which they made with the king and whereof they pay him 300 marks yearly, to pay to William son of Warin 100 marks, wherein the king is bound to him for the custody of the castle of Hereford and of Painscastle, for the present year, to wit, half at Easter and half at Michaelmas.

Presentation of Nicholas, nephew of the Pope, to the church of Eyneford, in the king's gift by reason of the voidance of the archbishopric of Canterbury, directed to the official of the archdeacon of Canterbury, and the king has appointed John de Watton, clerk, to admit him.

Mandate in pursuance by letters close to the said John de Watton.

Dec. 17. St. Briavels.

Mandate to John le Estraunge to deliver the son of Eignan Vachan, whom the king caused to be delivered to him to be delivered for the hostages of William de Braosa, for the said hostages, taking care that others are not delivered to him under the persons of these, and that he has the hostages before the son of Eignan be delivered.

The dean and chapter of Waterford, by Walter de Waterford and Henry de Bathonia, canons of Waterford, have letters of licence to elect a bishop in the room of Walter, deceased.

Dec. 19. Striguil.

Royal assent to the election of Stephen, sometime prior of St. John the Evangelist, Waterford, to be bishop of Waterford ; and M. archbishop of Cashel, is commanded to do his part in this behalf.

Mandate by letters close to the justiciary of Ireland, that when the said archbishop shall signify that he has confirmed the election, he shall cause the elect to have full seisin of all things pertaining to the bishopric.

Whereas it has come to the king's knowledge that Henry de Trublevill, sometime seneschal of Gascony, has sold and aliened some of the king's lands, rents and castles there ; the mayor, council and jurats of Bordeaux are commanded to revoke all pledgings (invadiationes) and sales made by him, of which he has not the king's letters patent of warranty, and to cause H. de Wivona, seneschal of Gascony, to have full seisin of these.

By K. before earl R. Marshal.

Grant to Randolf de Hurle, for the custody in this year of the castles of Kaerdif, Newport (de Novo Burgo) and Newcastle, of the issues of the land of Glamorgan and Buntlhoc of the same year, saving to the king wards and escheats, if any fall in. By Peter de Rivallis.

Dec. 18. Striguil.

Licence after inquisition made by the bailiffs of Bristol, for the Friars Preachers of Bristol to extend their churchyard 15 feet in breadth along the whole of the north side thereof.

Mandate to the [constable] of Bristol to permit them to do so.

Dec. 18. St. Briavels.

Licence for them to make and have a conduit of water from the well of the king's Berton at Bristol, called 'Paniwell,' to their house.

Mandate to the constable of Bristol to permit them.

Dec. 2[4]. Worcester.

Acknowledgment of the receipt in the king's wardrobe at Worcester, on Thursday before Christmas, by Peter de Rivallis, treasurer of the king's chamber, of 1,000 marks by the hands of Walter de Ewelme, Serjeant of W. bishop of Carlisle, the treasurer, and John de Abbendon and Laurence de Wendeham, men of the chamberlains (hom' camerar') of the Exchequer, which 1,000 marks the king had ordered to be carried thither from his treasury in London.

Safe-conduct, without term, for Edenevet Vachan and those with him, in passing through England on their way to and from the Holy Land.

Extension to the men of Hereford of their term of murage, for two years from Whitsunday in this year.


Dec. 30. Tewkesbury.

Appointment of the abbot and convent of Theokesbiry to the custody of the wood of Mythe (Mutha) which G. de Clare, sometime earl of Gloucester, is said to have bequeathed to them in his will, to hold during the minority of the earl's heir, on condition that if the heir, when he comes of age, does not wish his father's will to stand in this particular, they shall surrender the wood to him ; saving to them the right which they say is theirs by reason of the said will.