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Pages 130-133

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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1235.Oct. 31. Woodstock.

Grant to Thierry de Nussa, prior of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, that if anything sinister, which God avert, happen by sea or land to the 900l. which he is sending by brethren of his house on the king's behalf beyond seas, resulting in the loss thereof in the whole or in part, no damage shall accrue thereby or danger to the said house of the Hospital, as the king has appointed the said money to be deported at his own risk.

Nov. 2. Woodstock.

Protection without term for the abbot and convent of St. Mary's de Voto by Cherbourg.

Nov. 6. Woodstock.

Royal assent to the election of Ralph de Covintre, cellarer of Battle, to be abbot of that house, with writ de intendendo to the tenants.

Mandate to the keeper of the said abbey to give him seisin thereof.

Nov. 7. Banbury.

Exemption for six years from Martinmas next, to Master Thomas le Waleis, and his men of the hamlet of Hogeston, co. Buckingham, which he holds at farm of Alice de Brion' for six years, from suits of counties and hundreds, and from being put upon assises, juries or recognitions.

Nov. 8. Daventry.

Pardon to Robert son of Reginald of his flight and outlawry for the death of William son of Ralph de Credenhull, on condition that he make his peace with the relatives of the said William and stand his trial if anyone will proceed against him. By the lady of Wales.

Nov. 8. Daventry.

Protection for the merchants of Cologne; with mandate in pursuance to the bailiffs of the fair (ferie) of Hoyland. On the octaves of Hilary.

Nov. 12. King's Cliffe.

Protection without term for the abbot of St. Mary's, Mellifont in Ireland. [In the margin]. He has it not yet.

Nov. 15. Buckden.

Pardon to Geoffrey son of Warin, who eloigned himself for the death of Reginald de Bradewas, wherewith he was charged, on condition that he make his peace, &c. as above.

Nov. 16. Northampton.

Writ de intendendo to the tenants of Hamo de Gatton, in favour of William de Eboraco, to whom the king has committed the custody of his land and heirs during the minority of the heirs, saving to the wife of the said Hamo the dower which falls to her of his free tenement.

Nov. 19. St. Edmunds.

Protection without term for Ralph son of Reginald, who has faithfully served the king and by his permission has retired from his service.

By W. de Ralegh.

Nov. 21. St. Edmunds.

The like for the prior and monks of St. Neots. In the pardons.

Nov. 22. Clare.

The like for William Hereward, burgess of Lenn.

Notification that Henry, abbot of St. Edmunds, at the instance of the king, has granted to Henry de Capella the custody of the land, and of Benedict the son and heir of Thomas de Blacham, with the marriage of the said Benedict, for 40 marks by which the said Henry has made fine with the abbot, whereof he will pay 20 marks on the octaves of Hilary next and 20 marks a fortnight after Easter.

Prohibition of a tournament to be held at Blyth on Wednesday after St. Katharine.

Mandate to the prior of Lenton, the abbot of Roche, and the prior of Blye, to be there on the said day to prohibit the tournament according to the form of the king's letters patent, which he sends them. And each has letters.

Nov. 25. Colne.

Writ de intendendo to the good men of Hadfeld in favour of William, prior of Hadfeld, to whom the king has granted the manor of Hadfeld, during pleasure, at the rent of 100l. a year, as Stephen his predecessor used to pay.

Nov. 24. Rayne (Reynes).

Exemption of William de Ferrariis and his heirs from suit at the king's court of Hadfeld Peverel by reason of his manor of Stubing, which is of the land of the Normans, until the right heirs [regain] it either by peace or the king's will.

Mandate to Richard de la Lade and Adam son of William, escheators, to permit him to be exempt accordingly.

Nov. 25. Witham (Wyham).

Royal assent to the election of Matthew, canon of Suthwic, to be prior of that house; with writ de intendendo to the tenants.

Mandate to the sheriff of Southampton to let him have seisin of the possessions of that priory in his bailiwick.

Nov. 29. Westminster.

The abbot of St. Alban's has letters directed to the knights, free men and other tenants of the abbey requesting an aid to him.

Dec. 2. Westminster.

Licence, for three years from Christmas next, for Peter Galne, Botulf Byrkin, Siegfried Bonde, James de Albo and their fellows, merchants of Gutland, to come in safety to England with merchandise to trade with.

Protection for Thomas Pycot, who is in the service of the king's goshawks (austurcarum), so long as he be with the king in that service.

Dec. 5. Westminster.

Exemption for life of William Dun, of Berking, from being put on assizes, juries or recognitions.

Licence to elect for the dean and chapter of Tuam, on news of the cession of Felix, archbishop of Tuam, brought to the king by Denis de Tuyd, clerk.

Confirmation of a covenant between William de Say and Katharine late the wife of Henry de Edelmeton of the whole manor of Grenewiz, which William has leased to Katharine for thirteen years as he before leased it to the said Henry.

Dec. 5. Westminster.

Safe-conduct, until Ash Wednesday, for Peter de Rivallis and those with him, coming to court to speak with the king on his affairs and in going freely to his rents and throughout England, as he will, except the seaports.

Request to T. bishop of Norwich, to unite the church of Netlested, notwithstanding the king's late presentation thereto of William de Rupella, to the church of Blakeham, which belongs to the king's clerk Richard de Rybo [in the margin Richard de Rybo de Vivone], permitting the same Richard to possess both churches.


Mandate to all the king's miners of the county of Cumberland to come to his mine of Aldeneston to work therein, knowing that the king is granting to those miners who come the liberties and free customs which his miners of those parts have been accustomed to have in the time of his predecessors.

Mandate to the sheriff to cause all the said miners to come to work in the mine as they used to do in the times of the king's predecessors; and also to cause merchants of his bailiwick to come there with victuals for the maintenance of the miners, as they used to do.

Dec. 9. Guildford.

Writ of liberate to Maurice son of Gerold, justiciary of Ireland, and G. de Turevill, treasurer of Ireland, for payment to Raymond Machaym, Brunus Causat, Arnold Maynsan, Raymond Brun de Barsac and Rostand de Soliis, citizens of Bordeaux, or their messenger bearing these letters, 640 marks which they lent to Henry de Trublevill, seneschal of Gascony, for the king's affairs in those parts.

They have also letters close on the same matter and the letters are enrolled on the Close Roll.

Dec. 10. Alton.

Mandate to the barons of the Exchequer to discharge Hugh de Patheshull of the following debts required of him by summons of the Exchequer, which the king has pardoned, to wit, 27l. 1 mark, for the debt of his brother Walter de Patheshull; 8l. 16s. 8d. which he owes for Ralph de Tyvill for debts of Jews; 100s. for the custody of the land late of Richard de Augo in Standon.

[Cancelled.] Because on the Close Roll.

Dec. 12. Wherwell.

Protection for Giles de Ardynton so long as he be on the king's service.

By the bishop of Carlisle.

Dec. 11. Wherwell.

Writ of liberate to the above justiciary and treasurer of Ireland for payment to Peter de Sancto Georgio, messenger of John Bivernan, of Bordeaux, Peter Ernaldi de la Gride of Dax, and William Vidau of Perer, of 118l. 10s. which the king owes to them for wines taken at sea by his bailiffs; also for payment to the said Peter, to the use of William Burgensis of Bordeaux, of 25l. due as above.

Mandate to the justiciary by letters close to let the said Peter have without delay the said money from the king's treasure, which they have with them (eos), as the king has signified to the said justiciary.

Dec. 13. Clarendon.

Protection for Richard le Ostricer of Kyneston so long as he be in the king's service in the office of the goshawks.

Dec. 17. Clarendon.

Appointment, during pleasure, of Peter de Begewurth to the custody of the county of Worcester; with writ de intendendo to archbishops, bishops, &c.

Dec. 17. Clarendon.

The like of Adam son of William and Richard de la Lade, the king's escheators, to the custody of the lands late of Robert son of Walter; with like writ to the tenants.

Dec. 8. [rectius 18.] Breamore.

Safe-conduct for A. king of Scots and Joan his wife, and those with them, coming to London to speak with the king. [Fœdera.]

Dec. 21. Southampton.

Exemption for life of Alan de Kyrkeham from suit at counties and wapentakes and from being put on assizes, juries or recognitions.

[Cancelled.] Because otherwise below.

Protection with clause rogamus for William Reymundi and Gerard de Longa Villa, clerks, and envoys of the hospital of St. Mary of the Teutons, Jerusalem, for such time as they are in that service.

Exemption of Robert de Neuton, servant of Laorenta, recluse of Hakynton, from being put on assizes, juries or recognitions, during the life of the said recluse.

Dec. 22. Waltham.

Appointment, during pleasure, of Robert Lupus to the custody of the county of Lincoln; and mandate to archbishops &c. to be intendant unto him.

Dec. 22. Bishop's Waltham (Waltham Wint episcopi).

Exemption, for life, of Alan de Hoton from suit at counties. hundreds, shires and wapentakes, and from being put on assizes, juries or recognitions.

For W. de Kirk[eham].

Mandate in pursuance to the sheriff of York.

Dec. 25. Winchester.

Safe-conduct, until Easter, for Stephen de Segrave and those with him, coming to court.

Protection, until then, for him.

Dec. 29. Marwell.

Dec. 27. Marwell.

The like, for three years from Christmas next, for Eudo le Glover (Cirotecurius) of Nottingham. By the bishop of Carlisle.

By the bishop of Carlisle.

Exemption, for life, of Ralph de Norwico from suit at counties and hundreds and from sheriffs' aids and hidage due to the king from his land in Chetewud.

Writ of liberate to the above justiciary and treasurer of Ireland for payment to Walter le Flemeng, burgess of Suhampton, or his messenger bearing these letters, of 216l. for wines bought of him for the king.

The like, for payment of 102 marks due to Barnabas de Barbefle for his wines taken at sea by the king's bailiffs.

Dec. 29. Marwell.

Licence, until Midsummer, 21 Henry III, for Walter Pilate and Robert le Filer, merchants of Doway, to come in safety to England with merchandise to trade with. For the advocate of Bethun.