1236, membrane 13d, 12d, 11d, 10d, 7d, 4d

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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'1236, membrane 13d, 12d, 11d, 10d, 7d, 4d', in Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247, (London, 1906) pp. 162-165. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-pat-rolls/hen3/vol3/pp162-165 [accessed 19 April 2024]

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1236, membrane 13d, 12d, 11d, 10d, 7d, 4d


Jan. 1. Marlborough

Commission to Simon de Furnell[is], William de Husseburn, Peter de Tany and Geoffrey de Childewic to take at S. Albans, a fortnight after Easter, the assize which John, parson of the chapel of Colne, the arraigns against Saer son of Henry, Arnold the chaplain and Simon the chaplain of Aldenham, to find whether 80 acres of land in Shenle, Aldenham and Apse are frank almoin pertaining to the said chapel or a lay fee of the defendants ; and the sheriff of Hertford is commanded to have the assize before them.

Writ de intendendo to the king's good men of Marleberg and Lutegareshal in favour of the justices in eyre in the county of Wilts, who by the king have been commanded to come to Marleberge, when the eyre is finished, to hear the pleas of the above manors.

Mandate to the justices as above.


Jan.16. Canterbury,

Safe-conduct for the prior of Beaumont and Master William de Senon[iis], envoys of L. king of France, coming to England to swear on the soul of the said king to receive the oath on the king's soul of the faithful observance of the truce with France.

Feb. 8. Winchester.

Commission to William de Eboraco reciting that the king has charged the sheriff of Westmoreland to bring before him and those whom he shall have associated with himself, at York, on the morrow of Mid Lent Sunday, Thomas son of William, Richard de Levinton, Thomas de Loutre and Alexander Bacun, the justices whom the king appointed to hear an assize of novel disseisin which Joan de Veteri Ponte, Alexander de Hep, Roger de Hoton, Robert son of John and Roger de Barewell arraigned against the abbot of Beland and Patrick son of Thomas touching a common of pasture in Hep' and that they have there the record of the said assize, in which the abbot and Patrick complain that they were injured, and likewise the jurors of the said assize, to certify the said William of the oath which they made in the assize and to answer thereof if necessary, and that the king has further charged the sheriff to bring before him the said Joan, Alexander, Roger, Robert and Roger, to hear the said record and certification ; and commanding the said William to hear the said record and make any necessary correction therein, and if he find anything doubtful in the assize which cannot be amended by him, to cause the said record to come before the king, wherever he may be, on some day after Easter next, that the error may be corrected in the king's presence.


Feb. 8. Silverstone

The king having heard the complaint of the university of Oxford that certain clerks have been grievously wounded in the said town, so that their lives are despaired of, has sent Master Simon le Norman and John Gubaud, his marshal, to enquire touching the truth of the premisses; and he commands the mayor and good men of Oxford to be intendant to them in the things which they will tell them from him.


Jan. 27. Merton.

The king requests M. countess of Essex and Hertford, to fulfil the promise which she gave to Master J. de Ferentino, archdeacon of Norwich, of making him a provision of 10l. yearly in land in the manor of High Easter (Alt Estre), and in place of the said archdeacon to grant and make it to Master Tresmund, nephew of the said archdeacon, notwithstanding the king's mandate made to her at another time not to alienate her lands.

Ita hic fiebant patentes.

April 14. Windsor.

Mandate to the sheriff of Gloucester to summon all archbishops, bishops, abbots, priors, earls, barons, knights [and] free tenants of his bailiwick, and from every town, four men and the reeve, and from every borough, twelve burgesses, throughout the same, and all other persons who ought to come before the justices in eyre, to be at Gloucester on the morrow of the Holy Trinity next before William de Eboraco, Thurstan le Despenser, William de Insula, Ralph de Chaundos and Ralph de Norwico, whom the king has appointed as his justices, to hear and do the king's commands ; and to cause to come before the said justices all pleas of the crown which have not been pleaded or have arisen since the last eyre, and all attachments belonging to such pleas, and all assizes, and all pleas which were appointed at the first assize before the justices, with the writs of the assizes and pleas ; so that the assizes and pleas may not remain neglected by his default. He is to proclaim throughout his bailiwick that all assizes and pleas that were adjourned and not finished, or which were summoned before the justices at Westminster, or before the justices last in eyre in those parts, or before justices sent there to take an assizes of novel disseisin or to deliver gaols, be before the said justices at Covintre in the same state in which they remained by order of the king, the justices in eyre, or the justices of the Bench. He is also to summon all those who have been sheriffs since the last eyre to be before the said justices with writs of assizes and pleas which they received in their time.

On the same day Robert de Lexinton and his fellows ought to meet at Covintre, co. Warwick, and in all other counties following there were summoned at the day and place, &c.

Appointment of the following as justices in eyre in the counties named:—

William de Eboraco Gloucester.
Thurstan le Despenser
William de Insula
Ralph de Chaundos
Ralph de Norwico

The same names repeated, Gloucester ; and they will meet on the morrow of the Holy Trinity.

William de Eboraco Hereford, Stefford and Salop, at the day and place, &c.
William de Insula
Richard Pancefot
Roger Pichard
Ralph de Norwico
Afterwards replaced by William de Herice Nottingham and Derby, at the day, &c.
Robert de Dun
William de Insula
Rapl de Norwico
Robert de Lexinton Warwick and Leicester, to meet at Covintre the morrow of the Holy Trinity.
Oliver de Vallibus
William de Ludinton
John Durvassal (cancelled)
John de Ulecot

After William de Sancto Edmundo was associated with Robert de Lexinton and his fellows in the cunties of Leicester, Bedford and Buckingham.

Afterwards William de Sancto Edmundo was associated with Robert de Lexinton and his fellows in the counties of Leicester, Bedford and Buckingham.

The abbot Rameseye Bedford and Buckingham, at the day, &c.
Robert de Lexinton
Oliver de Vallibus
Ralph Morin (cancelled)
John de Vilers (cancelled)
Hugh de Bathonia (cancelled)
John de Ulecot
William de Sancto Edmundo

Association of William de Eboraco in the above commissions in the counties of Gloucester ; Hereford, Stafford and Salop ; and Nottingham and Derby. Writ directed to the justices.

June 5. Marwell.


Herbert de Alencun, Hubert Gernegan, William de Burnhavill and Hugh de Gosebec are appointed justices at Ipswich, on Monday after St. Peter's Chains, to take an assize summoned to try whether 4 acres of wood in Netlested are frank almoin pertaining to the church of Richard de Ribo, parson of Netlested, or a lay fee.


July 23. Worcester.

Writ de intendendo to the knights, free men and all others sworn to arms of the county of Berks in favour of Amaury de Sancto Amando, the king's steward, and Nicholas de Molis, whom the king is sending to those parts to expedite his business, and of Engelard de Cygoyniis, constable of Windlesore, who is to act with them.

The like in favour of the first two in the county of Surrey.

The like in favour of Nicholas de Molis in the counties of Wilts and Southampton.

[These are bracketed together with the words: 'Touching malefactors.']

June [rectiusJuly] 28. Worcester.

To Engelard de Cygoyniis. The king is sending the said Amaury and Nicholas to take counsel with him for the preservation of the peace, and for the taking and repressing of evil-doers wandering in the forest of Windesore and the parts adjoining, and commands him to aid them in what they will say to him from him. And as often as needful he is to command Walderand Teutonicus and Reginald de Albo Monasterio, constable of Odiam and the sheriff of Berks, to come to his aid with horses and arms for this purpose, and the same have orders to do so. Also the knights and all the free tenants of Berks sworn to arms are commanded to come at his command.

July 23. Worcester.

Writ de intendendo to the sheriff of Berks in favour of the said Amaury, Nicholas and Engelard.

The like to the sheriff of Wilts in favour of Nicholas de Molis.

July 22. Worcester.

The like to Walerand Theutonicus in favour of the said Amaury, Nicholas and Engelard.

The like to Reginald de Blauncmuster.

The like to the sheriff of Wilts for Nicholas de Molis, and to the sheriff of Southampton for the said Nicholas, and to the sheriff of Surrey for the said Amaury and Nicholas.