1237, membranes 11, 10

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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'1237, membranes 11, 10', in Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247, (London, 1906) pp. 204-207. British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-pat-rolls/hen3/vol3/pp204-207 [accessed 19 April 2024]

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1237. Oct. 30. Woodstock.

Presentation of Thomas de Newerch to the church of Bliclinge, in the king's gift by reason of the voidance of the bishopric of Norwich; directed to the official of the archbishop of Canterbury in that diocese.

Presentation of John, chaplain of Master Nicholas de Farenham, to the church of Cnolle, in the diocese of Salisbury, in the king's gift by reason of his custody of the lands and heirs of G. de Clare, earl of Gloucester.

Nov. 3. Woodstock.

Acknowledgement that William Talebot surrendered to the king at Wudestok, on Tuesday after All Saints, the castle of Gloucester and Eleanor the king's kinswoman, safe and sound. [Fœdera.]

Mandate to the mayor and bailiffs of Gloucester to give credit to Thurstan le Despenser, sheriff of Gloucester, for bread, wine, meat and fish, to the use of the said Eleanor until St. Andrew next, and when the king knows the amount thereof, he will cause it to be paid.

Licence for Erkinus, merchant of Kirkecutbrict, to go safely to Ireland with his ship to bring therefrom corn and other victuals to the land of R. de Quincy, earl of Winchester, of Kirkecutbrict.

Nov. 9. Reading.

Writ de intendendo to the tenants of the abbey of Thorneye in favour of Richard, sometime prior of Depping, to whom the rule of their abbey has been committed with the approbation of O. cardinal deacon of St. Nicholas in Carcere Tulliano, papal legate, as the said cardinal has informed the king by letters praying for restitution of the temporalities, dated at London, on the nones of December (sic), the king having given the royal assent to the same.

Mandate to P. de Benditun, guardian of the said abbey, to give him seisin of all the lands and possessions of the said abbey.


Nov. 12. Woodstock.

Grant to Thomas Buscel of the escheat of the whole land which William Hunger, who abjured the realm for larceny, held in Witteneya, which belongs to the king by reason of the voidance of the bishopric of Winchester.

Nov. 14. Westminster.

Grant to William de Culeworth of 20l. a year at the Exchequer to maintain himself in the office of justice in the Bench, so long as he be in that office by the king's order and it shall please the king.

Nov. 17. Westminster.

Mandate to the archbishop of Dublin and M. son of Gerold, justiciary of Ireland, whom the king at another time empowered to give licence for the chapter of Ardfert to elect a bishop and to give the royal assent to such election when made, as they have not yet given the royal assent to the election of Brandanus, provost of Ardfert, to be bishop, to give the same, or, if there be any just cause of impediment herein, to signify the same to the king without delay.

Nov. 20. Westminster.

Exemption for life of Roger de Nevill, brother of Nicholas de Nevill, from being put on assizes, juries or recognitions, and from suits of counties, hundreds, wapentakes and trithings.

Nov. 20. Westminster.

Notification that of 32l. 10s. wherein the king was bound to Bernard Bacheler the king has repaid him 10l. 16s. 8d. at Michaelmas, 20 Henry III, and Michaelmas, 21 Henry III respectively, and that he will repay the residue at Michaelmas, 22 Henry III.

Nov. 20. Westminster.

The like that of 18l. 15s. wherein the king was bound to the prior of Soulac (de Salaco) he has repaid him 6l. 5s. at Michaelmas, 20 Henry III, and Michaelmas, 21 Henry III, and that he will repay him the residue next Michaelmas.

The like that of 122l. 15s. wherein the king was bound to Elias Wyger of St. Emilion he has repaid him 40l. 18s. 4d. at Michaelmas, 20 and 21 Henry III, and that he will repay him the residue next Michaelmas.

Nov. 21. Westminster.

The like that of 280 marks wherein the king was bound to John Saladin, Ellias de Buttevill, Robert de Male Palne, Nicholas le Engleis and Thomas le Macun, merchants of the power of the king of France, for wines which John Blancbuill' took from them during the truce with France, the king has repaid 100 marks at the Exchequer of Michaelmas, 21 Henry III and that he will repay 100 marks at Michaelmas next, and 80 marks at Michaelmas, 23 Henry III. And if before the payment of the said debt the said John can prove that the said merchants received afterwards more than 77 tuns of the said wines taken away from them, whatever they receive over shall be allowed to the king in the said debt.

Nov. 7. Reading.

Presentation of Walter de Gloucestre to the church of Wudeston, in the diocese of Lincoln, in the king's gift by reason of the [voidance of the] abbey of Thorneye.

Nov. 28. Rochester.

Grant to O. the papal legate that the king will cause the thirtieth, when collected in some safe place by his counsel, to be laid up and that the king has submitted himself to his counsels in the matter of the expenditure thereof to the king's honour and use, so that he will dispose of nothing thereof without his counsel.

Nov. 29. Faversham.

Notification that whereas the king required of the abbot of Cluny that he would grant him a thirtieth of his moveables in his own lands and in those of all the priors of his order in England as the magnates and all others of the realm have done, the abbot has acceded to the king's petition of his own free will. And lest by that grant prejudice may arise hereafter to the abbot or his priors, or the grant be drawn into a precedent, the king testifies that the abbot granted the same for this time of his mere liberality and not as compelled by anything due from him (et nullo debito compulsus).

Memorandum that the prior of the church of St. Andrew, Rochester, proffered before the king at Rochester the king's letters whereby the prior and monks were presented to the church of Hertlepe, letters of institution of S. sometime archbishop of Canterbury, and letters of confirmation of the chapter of Canterbury; to wit, on the third day of December.

Dec. 3. Rochester.

To M. son of Gerold, justiciary of Ireland. The king remembers that, whereas he lately commanded him to let him know wherefore he took into the king's hands the lands of J. Marshal, the justiciary afterwards signified that he did so for debts which the said J. owes the king, and the king, therefore, commands him, after taking security from the said J. or his messenger for the payment of the said debts at the exchequer of Dublin, to cause the said J. to have seisin of his lands, allowing in the said debts all the issues and profits received from the said lands to the king's use from the time when the lands were taken into the king's hands.

Because also the said J. has shewn to the king that the justiciary holds in the king's hands for the same reason a house of stone and lime, which is, as it were, the capital messuage of the said lands, of which J. Marshal, his father, was seized as of fee on the day of his death, he is to cause him to have seisin of the same with its appurtenances, to wit, of Tyringlas.

Dec. 5. Westminster.

Notice to the archbishop of York, that the king ratifies the appeal which the king's clerks Masters S. de Steland, papal chaplain, and W. de Gloucestre have made before the archbishop in the matter of the election of Durham ; and has appointed the same clerks as his proctors to renew the said appeal if necessary ; and that lest the archbishop proceed further in the said business, the king appeals to the Apostolic see.

Dec. 7. Westminster.

Appointment, during pleasure, of Robert de Breues [in the margin, Brus] to the custody of the castles of Norwich and Oreford, with mandate to Thomas de Ingoldesthorp to deliver the castles to him.

Association of Gerard Silevayn and William de Erghum with William le Cunestable, Siger de Suthon and William de Kendal, to assess and collect the thirtieth in the Estrithing ; and mandate to the same collectors to admit them.

Mandate to the said Gerard and William to be attending to the business.

Dec. 8. Westminster.

Appointment, during pleasure, of Robert de Brus to the custody of the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk, and mandate to all of the said counties to be intendant to him.

Dec. 7. Westminster,

Presentation to the archbishop of Canterbury of Master Simon de Steland to the archdeaconry of Norfolch, in the king's gift by reason of the voidance of the bishopric of Norwich.

By K. because by authority of the council.

Appointment of Ralph de Encurt and Richard de Denton, clerk, to collect the thirtieth in the county of Westmeriland in the room of Thomas son of John, who is dead.

Mandate to the sheriff of Westmeriland to be intendant to them together with the others appointed before for this.

Dec. 11. Guildford.

Grant to John de Bailol and Derforguill his wife of the king's manors of Luddinglond and Thorkese with the farm of the town of Gernemuth, with their appurtenances, except advowsons of abbeys and priories, to hold until the king has made them reasonable exchange for the purparty of the said Derforguil of the earldom of Chester; so that if by the death of any of the other heirs of J. sometime earl of Chester without leaving an heir, more should fall to the said Derforguil of the inheritance of the late earl within the county of Chester or Without, the king will likewise make a reasonable exchange for that, if he should wish to keep it in his hands.

Mandate to the barons of the Exchequer to cause this to be done and enrolled.

Writ de intendendo for the said John and Derforguil, directed to the men of Gernemuth.

Presentation of Henry de Kylkenny to the church of Elnewyk, directed to the archbishop of York.

Dec. 12. Guildford.

Grant to Master John de Campania, papal notary, of 10 marks a year at the Exchequer at the Purification, until the king provide him with a better benefice.

Appointment, until Whitsunday, of Master William de Kylkenny as the king's proctor in the court of Rome.

Dec. 18. Clarendon.

Grant to Richard de Langeford of the counties of Somerset and Dorset, with the castles of Corfe and Shyreborne to keep during pleasure ; and it is commanded to all of the county to be intendant to him as sheriff.

Mandate to Thomas de Cirencestre to deliver to him the said counties with the said castles.

Mandate to the said sheriff to take with him two knights of the said counties and go in person to the said castles and view in what state he receives them, and to certify the king in what state he finds them.

Dec. 19. Clarendon.


Presentation of William de London to the prebend late of William de Norham in the church of Northon, in the king's gift by reason of the voidance of the see of Durham ; directed to the archbishop of York.

The like of Master Peter de Burdegala to the church of Welledon, in the diocese of Hereford.

Dec. 26. Wherwell.

The like of Henry le Breton to the church of Coreby, in the diocese of Lincoln.

Appointment, during pleasure, of Hugh le Poer to the custody of the counties of Warewyk and Leycestre, with mandate to all of those counties to be intendant to him.

The like of Robert de Haya to the custody of the counties of Bedeford and Bukingham.

William de Coleville has a writ of extent and reasonable terms touching the debts which he owes to Leo, Jew of York, directed to the justices of the Jews.

[Cancelled.] Because on the Close Roll.

Dec. 30. Guildford.

Appointment, during pleasure, of Geoffrey de Luscy to the custody of the castle of Portcestre ; with writ de intendendo to all the tenants of the castellany.

Mandate to Geoffrey de Insula to give him seisin of the castle.