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Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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Oct. 28. Winchecombe.

Grant to the mayor and good men of Dublin of murage for three years from Christmas next.

Mandate to the justiciary.....

Mandate to earls, barons, knights and freemen and all others of Ireland, in pursuance of the statute of King John made with the common consent of all persons of Ireland, that [no] pleas should be held in the Court Christian touching advowsons of churches and chapels, or touching lay fee or chattels which do not arise from a will or matrimony, not to presume to sue such pleas in the Court Christian, knowing that if they do the king has commanded the justiciary to proceed according to the statutes of the king's court in England against such transgressors and do justice on them.

Mandate to all ecclesiastical persons not to presume to hold such pleas in a Court Christian.

The like by letters close to the justiciary to cause the said letters patent to be publicly read and to be observed.

Nov. 2. Hereford.

To Thomas de Berkele. The king is sending into his parts Amaury (Emericus) de Sacy together with some other of his knights to keep the peace of those parts and the passes and passages of the same parts, commanding him to receive them in his castle of Berkele and to enjoin his men to be aiding and counselling unto them in keeping the said passes.

Writ de intendendo to all sheriffs for the said Amaury, whom the king is sending to journey through their counties for the preservation of the peace, in those things which he shall tell them from the king; and they are to instruct the bailiffs of every hundred to be attendant unto him likewise.

The said Amaury has other letters patent of journeying, by the same words as Amaury de Sancto Amando had on the 17th roll.

G. de Sedgrave and Henry de Aldithele have like letters of following them.

Presentation of Nicholas de Berkele, brother of Ern' de Berkele, to the church of St. Peter, Dover, in the diocese of Canterbury, void by the resignation of the said Ern'; directed to the official of the archdeacon of Canterbury.

[Nov. 2. Hereford.]

Mandate to R. bishop of Chichester to cause Silvester de Everdon to have in scattered spots five oaks in the king's foreign wood of Writele, as a gift from the king to make a granary.

By Ralph son of Nicholas.

Nov. 2. Hereford.

Pardon to John son of Geoffrey of 20 marks out of the 40l. which he should have rendered at the exchequer of Michaelmas in the seventeenth year, for the farm of the town of Eilesbiry, and respite to him of the remaining 40 marks until a fortnight after Hilary in the eighteenth year; with mandate in pursuance to the barons of the Exchequer.

[Cancelled.] Because in the Fines.

Appointment of Master John de Cadomo and Master S. de Sceland as the king's proctors before all the bishops who are to meet at Cyrencestre on Monday after All Saints and following days, to do and to ask from them what seems best to them against disturbers of the peace.

Nov. 3. Hereford.

Mandate to all knights, tenants of the castellany of Clune to be answering for their guard and service due to the said castle, to Baldwin de Ver, constable thereof, to do the said guard at his summons whenever necessary.

Mandate to John son of Alan that when it shall be necessary that some of his knights shall stay with him at Shrewsbury, he shall betake himself to the knights and free tenants who hold of him elsewhere in England to do the said service for him.

Protection for Richard Wymund, keeper of the king's galleys, for so long as he be on the king's service.

Safe-conduct, until a week after St. Mark, for Hugh de Kinardesle, coming to speak with the king touching his peace.

Protection without term for the abbot and monks of Thoslan', and grant that they and the brethren of that place and all their own goods, which they bring through the king's demesnes, be quit of toll, pontage, passage and all other customs pertaining to the king, saving in all things the liberty of the city of London.

Grant to the citizens of Winchester of murage for two years from Christmas, 18 Henry III, by the same words and under the same form as the citizens of London have.

Nov. 10. Hereford.

Mandate to Thomas de Berkele to deliver his castle of Berkele to Amaury de Sacy and his fellows, the king's knights, whom the king has appointed for the security of those parts, for their reception during the king's pleasure.

Nov. 10. Hereford.

Mandate to the knights and free men between the Ribbel and Merse, who held of R. earl of Chester and Lincoln, to do their homage to W. earl of Ferrars, as the said lands have fallen to him and Agnes his wife as the purparty of Agnes of the lands of the said earl, her brother.

By the justiciary.

Safe-conduct until Easter for William de London, the tranter, for his carts (car').

Licence for the abbot of Dore, for this time, to cause four cart-loads of salt to be brought from Worcester to Dore.

Nov. 13. Grosmont.

Promise to those who will make a loan to the amount of 300 marks to Masters John de Cadomo and Simon de Sceiland and Peter Sarracenus, the king's envoys to the court of Rome, or to their messengers bearing these letters with letters testimonial of the said envoys, to pay the amount in England.

Like letters of credit for:—



200 marks.

The said Masters and Master John de Limoges, without the said Peter, have letters patent directed to the pope as proctors to treat in the court of Rome of affairs which affect the state of the realm, with the clause that what they do will be ratified.

Protection for the said Master Simon while he shall be there on the king's service.

Nov. 20. Hereford.

The like, without term, for Master John de Cadamo.

Mandate to the collectors of the fortieth within the liberty of St. Edmund to deliver the same when collected to the sheriff of Norfolk and Suffolk to be carried to Northampton and delivered to the constable of Northampton by one of their clerks and under their seals, to be kept during the king's pleasure.

Mandate to the said constable to receive the same and keep it safe until further order.

Nov. 23. Hereford.

Protection, until Christmas in the nineteenth year, for Master Philip, precentor of Exeter. By the bishop of Winchester.

Nov. 23. Hereford.

Mandate to all bishops about to meet at Gloucester on Saturday the morrow of St. Katharine, as they love their baronies which they hold of the king, not to presume to hold a council touching anything belonging to the crown, or affecting the king's person, or his estate, or the estate of his council (consilii).

Nov. 28. Hereford.

Grant to Henry de Trubleville and his heirs of the lands in Brochamton and Cumbroc which the king had formerly granted to Ralph de Trublevill, his uncle, to hold by the same service as the latter held by; and confirmation of the grant to him by his brother Istanus de Trublevill of the lands in England which may fall to him by inheritance.

Nov. 29. Hereford.

Acknowledgment of the receipt in the wardrobe at Hereford, on Tuesday the eve of St. Andrew, 18 Henry III, by the hand of P. de Rivallis of 176l. 17s. 10d., which Richard de Beinvill and Oliver Maufe, collectors of the fortieth in the county of Huntingdon, delivered to him by order of the king.

The like to Henry de Colevill, Warin de Saham, and their fellows, collectors in the county of Cambridge, for 384l. 7s. 10d. delivered to the said Peter.

Nov. 30. Hereford.

Notification that if Peter, bishop of Winchester, shall acquit the king of 800 marks which Master John de Cadamo, Master Simon Norm' and Peter Sarracenus may receive as a loan in the court of Rome, the king is bound to him for repayment of the same; and for his greater security the king has caused letters of liberate to be made for the bishop.

Appointment during pleasure, with the assent of the common council (Rex de communi consilio) of Henry de Tracy to keep the sea shore of the county of Devon against the incursions of evildoers and the king's enemies.

Safe-conduct until Hilary for Jordan de Mariscis, coming to the king to make his peace with him.

Licence for the men of Beston and Sutherton who are in the hands of Matthias Besill, to cultivate and sow the demesne lands of the said demesnes in métayage (ad medietatem).

Safe-conduct, until Michaelmas next, for William de Norhampton, the king's tranter.

William son of Warin by order of the king has delivered to Henry de Trublevill, on Wednesday after St. Luke the Evangelist, 18 Henry III, 1,500 quarrels and 11 iron bands (bendas) of iron for binding engines, 4 pickaxes (picosios) and 4 hoes (howas) and 21 whole cords (cordam integram), which he had received by the hands of Peter de Montgomery, at Hereford, on Monday before the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, in the seventeenth year.'

Protection without term for Master Robert de Iwareby, precentor of Hereford.

Protection, from St. Nicholas in the eighteenth year until Michaelmas, for Henry Goldive, keeper of one of the king's galleys.

Dec. 4. Hereford.

Acknowledgment of the receipt on Tuesday before St. Andrew, in the eighteenth year, in the wardrobe at Hereford, by the hands of Peter de Rivallis of 50l. 2½d. of the fortieth of the county of Rotheland.

By the said Peter.

Dec. 4. Hereford.

Presentation of Thomas de Nortleche, Clerk of the king's almonry, to the vicarage of the church of Feckeham in the diocese of Worcester.

Dec. 5. Hereford.

Licence for Matthias de Plesseto to lease (locare) at métayage or otherwise to the men of Shobbiry, or others without the said manor, the land of Shobbiry, which belonged to William Crassus and which the said Matthias has de ballio regis. By P. de Rivallis.

The like for William de Brisay, as to the demesne of Warin Basset's manor of Dadinton.

Dec. 8. Hereford.

Pardon to William de Arundel, who is received into the king's grace, of whatever he forfeited after R. the earl Marshal first withdrew from the king's fealty.

Dec. 9. Hereford.

Appointment of J. de Lasci, earl of Lincoln and constable of Chester, to the custody of the castle of Oswestry (de Albo Monasterio, in the margin Blancmuster); with mandate to Hubert Hosatus to deliver the castle to him. By P. de Rivallis.

Dec. 12. Hereford.

The like of William de Boeles to the custody, during pleasure, of the land of La Fave for his maintenance in the king's service; with mandate to H. de Vivona to give him full seisin of the said land at once as in the chattels and issues thereof which he has taken from the time when at another time he received the king's command to make seisin thereof to him. By the justiciary.

Protection until Easter for the cart of Thomas Gamel, king's tranter, which Robert le Ruter is leading.

The like for William de London, king's tranter, for his cart which Robert de Dunstaple is leading.

Protection without term for Philip de Sterteford, clerk.

Dec. 16. Worcester.

Licence for the prior of Clifford and Philip Aungevin, or either of them, during the current year to till and sow at métayage in the present year the demesnes of the manor of Clifford, which is in the king's hands.

By the bishop of Winchester and the justiciary.

Protection for William de Lucy, who has gone to Ireland with Walter de Lucy, for so long as he shall be there.

Dec. 17. Worcester.

Mandate to the earl of Lincoln to deliver Gilbert de Bella Fago, a hostage of the earl R. Mareschal in his custody, to Henry de Trublevill or his messenger bearing these letters, for the deliverance of William Chaperon, nephew of the said Henry, a prisoner of the said earl.

By the justiciary.

The men of Ludelawe have letters for the enclosing of their town [unfinished].

Dec. 19. Worcester.

Appointment of Henry de Aldithele, in the place of the earl of Lincoln, to bear the care and custody of the town of Shrewsbury, with mandate to the barons and knights there to be intendant to the said Henry notwithstanding that the king previously appointed W. de Cantilupo to this.

Dec. 19. Tewksbury.

Roger de Brom has given the king security for the safe keeping of the castle of Bukeham during the nonage of Hugh de Albiniaco and for the use of the said Hugh, and in the king's fealty, as it has been provided before the king and council that the said castle shall be committed to his custody in the meantime; and the sheriff of Norfolk has been commanded to deliver the same to him. By P. de Rivallis.

Dec. 23. Gloucester.

Grant to the abbot and monks of Theokesbury that they shall receive the tithes of the mills of Fairford, in the king's hands by reason of his custody of the land and heir of G. earl of Gloucester and Hertford, without prejudice to the heir when he shall be of full age; saving only to them the petition thereof which it is competent to make by common right. By the bishop of Winchester.

Mandate to P. de Rivallis to let them have the tithes.

Pardon to Roger Marescallus of his abjuration of the land for the death of a man, on condition that he stand his trial if any one &c. 'under the usual words.'

Presentation of William de Wymar, chaplain, to the church of Herbaudon, in the king's gift by reason of the voidance of the archbishopric of Canterbury; directed to the official of the archdeacon of Canterbury.

Dec. 28. Gloucester.

Pardon to William de Bedeford of his abjuration of the realm for the death of Henry le Broy, on condition that he make peace with the relatives of the said Henry, and stand his trial if any one will proceed against him. By K. and by P. de Rivallis.

Appointment of Henry de Trublevill to take his journey by sea to expedite business enjoined on him by the king; and mandate to the citizens of Dublin to be attending and answering unto him for this, as he will tell them from the king, and counselling and helping on to him, and to cause their new galley to be equipped and manned to take him on the expedition.

Mandate to the keepers and masters of the king's galleys and boats at Bristol to be attending unto the said Henry herein as he will tell them, and to be counselling and helping unto him.

The like to the following:—

The men of Bristol.
The justiciary of Ireland.
All bailiffs.
Hamo de Crevequer and By letters close.
Randolf de Hurle.

Safe-conduct, until Easter, in the nineteenth year, for the merchants of the land of the countess of Flanders and Hainault, coming to England to trade. By K. before the bishop of Winchester and the justiciary.

Quitclaim to Henry de Trubleville and his heirs of all account which he should render of the seneschalcy of the king's land of Gascony, of the time when he was seneschal there, of all receipts and prises pertaining to the king or his heirs whereof he should render account to him.

By K. before the bishop of Winchester and the justiciary.

Extension of the term of taking murage at Bristol until Midsummer in the nineteenth year.

Dec. 31. Gloucester.

Writ of liberate to the treasurer and chamberlains in favour of Master Roger de Cantilupo, king's clerk, for 50 marks a year.


Jan. 2. Gloucester.

Grant to Morgan de Carleon of the manor of Begeworth, or the manor of Inteberg, whichever he select, for the maintenance of himself and his wife until the king restore to him the castle of Carleon; and from the time when he shall restore it, the said Morgan and his heirs shall hold it by the same service whereby his predecessors held it of the king's predecessors.

Jan. 4. Gloucester.

Presentation of Peter de Wakering to the church of St. Mary, Cambridge, in the diocese of Ely.

Protection for Peter de Bedinton, who has gone on pilgrimage to Santiago, until his return.