1242, membranes 15d, 13d, 11d, 8d, 7d, 6d, 2d, 1d

Pages 336-340

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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1242, membrane 15d, 13d, 11d, 8d, 7d, 6d, 2d, 1d


May 17. Pons.

Protection with clause volumus for Saer de Wahull, so long as he be with the king beyond seas.

The like for:—

John de Karun. who are with Saer de Wahull.
Henry de Duddeleye
Thomas de Neuport
Robert de Curtenay, who has sent John his son with the king into Poitou, for so long as the said John be in the king's service.
Wygemer le Bretun.
John de Cauwell.
Philip de Sancto Phileberto.
John de Ely.
John le Parker.
Simon Hurtaud.
John de Aencurt.
Stephen de Waresle.
Rober de Sutton.
Geoffrey de Bakepuz.
Robert de Shete.
Matthew de Gammages.
John le Chaundeler.
Hubert de Ruylly.
Richard le Chaumberleng.
William de Keelly.
Ralph de Chalun.
John de Curtenay.
John de Stradlegh.
Alberic de Fiscampo.
Ralph de Valle Torta.
Richard de Burgo.
John de Plesseto.
Reginald de Abbendon.
Stephen Bauzan, who is on the king's service with Philip Basset.
Richard Bauzan, who is with the king.
Adam de Jesemuth.
Richard le Chaundeler.

The like for the following in the twenty-seventh year:—

Herbert de Denemand.
John son of Roger.
Geoffrey de Seint Mor.
Maurice de Bercleg.


Mainprise by Peytevin de Pinibus and Arnald de Porta for the men of La Réole that they will pay to the king 15,000 shillings of Bordeaux which they owe for his respite to them from coming with arms to his service until Martinmas, 27 Henry III, to wit, a moiety on Sunday after the Translation of Thomas the Martyr 1242, and a moiety at St. Peter's Chains following.

July 17. Saintes.

Mandate to all masters of the galleys of Bordeaux, Bayonne and England, on sight of these letters, to come without delay to Taunay with their galleys well equipped with good men to hear the king's orders.

The like to all masters of the galleys of the isle of Oleron, and all masters of the barges and other vessels of the isle of Re, leaving however safe custody in the isle of Re.

Aug. 3. Blaye.

Notification of the king's will that the plea which has arisen from the contention between the bishop of Dax and the king's good men of the city of Dax be brought and terminated before Rostand de Solers, seneschal of Gascony, or before the viguier of the city of Dax if the seneschal cannot attend to it, according to the custom of the said city, so that one of these settle the case without further question.


Aug. 14. In Camp on the Gironde.

Convention between the king and Raymond, vicomte of Frunzak, that the latter will help the king with 20 knights and 20 burgesses of his castle of Frunzac and that he will serve the king and his heirs faithfully to the utmost of his power, and will keep his faith to him against all men, and that the king will defend him as his liege man, indemnify him for losses sustained because of his service and assist him with knights and balisters for defence of his castle of Frunzac if the king of France should besiege it. [Fœdera.]


Promise by R. count of Toulouse, marquis of Provence, to aid the king for life against the king of France, and his adherents and against every man except Frederick, emperor of the Romans, and give the king his counsel and aid with all his strength in good faith; to make no peace or composition with the king of France or his adherents without the assent and licence of the king. For the observance of all these things he has sworn on the holy gospels, and at his command the following noblemen have sworn the like, to wit, A. de Lebret, A. de Blancaford, G. Reimundi de Pinibus, lord of Caumont ; R. de Cavo Monte, lord of Taileborg; William A. de Tantalon, Gaston de Gotaudo, A. de Monte Pensato, G. Ferioli, Bogo Numpar de Cavo Monte, R. Bernardi de Balenes, A. de Marmanda, Hugh de Rouman, A. Garsias de Fossato, Gaucius de Fossato, Esquius de Fumello, Vital de Got'audo, Vital de Casa Nova, Bertram de Cardelhaco, Deude Barasc, G. Barasc, A. de Monte Acuto, Emery de Gordane, R. de Caussada, Amalvinus de Pestilhaco, the dioc[esan] of Cahors and the commonalty of Agen ; with this added, that if the count withdraw from these promises, they shall be absolved from their fealty and may rebel against the count and help the king of England against him, until he do so ; and B. count of Comminges, has promised to labour to keep the said count to these promises and has given his letters patent of this to the king. In testimony whereof the count has given the king the present letters sealed, with his seal the third of the Ides of September, 1242. [Fœdera.]

Sept. 4. Bordeaux.

Acknowledgment by B. de Insula, earl of Devon, that the king has restored to him the manor of La Penne, in which he claimed right, on condition that nothing be lost of the king's right thereby.


Sept. 11. Bordeaux.

Summons to Aquenwill del Sparre to be at Ste Bazeille (Sanctam Basiliam) on the feast of St. Matthew, the octaves of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross with his whole service due to the king to meet the king, [Fœdera.]

The like to the following :—

Poncius de Casteleun.

Amaneu de Buche.

William Bernardi Durnun.

Bertram de Povenzak.

Amaneu de Noylan.

The lords of Roquetaillade (de Rupe Talliata).

The lords of Farges.

Bernard de Boevill, lord of Benauges.

William Segin, lord of Ryuns.

Bernard de Scussan.

The lord of Trinne.

Elias de Blennak.

Amalvin de Bareis.

Arnald de Gyrunde.

The lords of Castets en Dorthe (de Castro de Redort).

Anisand de Coumunde.

Bernard de Boevill [corrected from Veterivilla], lord of Sumenzak.

William Reimundi de Pinibus.

Peter de Burdegala.

Peter Gaveret.

Arnald de Blankeford.

Robert de Rauncon. [Fœdera.]

Oct. 18. Bordeaux.

The like to Arnald de Montalu, the vicomte of Tartas (Tartacensi), the vicomte of Orthe (Abortenci), the vicomte of Soule (Sole), the abbot of St. Sever, to be at La Sauve Majeure on Monday after All Saints, ready for the army and the king's service. [Fœdera.]

Mandate to the viguier of Dax to summon all those of the city of Dax, who owe service, to be, &c. [Fœdera.]

Memorandum that the king prayed the following to come with horses and arms, and to bring with them what men they could at the king's wages.

Peter Bertram.

Bernard de Mundleu. [Fœdera.]

Oct. 15. Bordeaux.

Mandate to the good men of Langun and St. Macaire to be at Ste. Bazeille on the octave of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross with horses and arms to go on the king's service in the name of the army. [Fœdera.]

Oct. 13. Bordeaux.

Memorandum that the king commanded Amalvin de Varreis to come to St. Emilion (Sanctum Milionem) with nine knights and five balisters to stay there in garrison, and the king will pay their wages for so long as it is necessary for them to stay there by the king's order.


Mandate to him to the above effect. [Fœdera.]


Sept. 25. Bordeaux.

Mandate to Gerard de Bleyve to be at St. Emilion this Saturday before Michalmas with nine knights prepared to go on the king's service with William Lungespe, and the king will be answerable to him for the wages of himself and his knights for so long as he is on the king's service.



Oct. 22. La Sauve Majeure.

To Arnald de Blankeford. The king has made a truce between him and the vicomte of Frunzak until St. Andrew's next, and commands him to leave the vicomte and the vicomtesse his mother in peace and to do no injury to him or the knights of Bourg, because if any harm happen to him during the truce the king will cause it to be amended; and vice versa with respect to the vicomte of Frunzac. [Fœdera.]

The like is written to the vicomte of Frunzac. [Fœdera.]


Oct. 26. La Sauve Majeure.

Frank de Brene has been sent to view in the Isle of Re where a mound (mota) can be made to strengthen a castle. And it is commanded to John le Flemenge and the good men of that island to cause it to be made in the place which he shall provide, so that the king may build a castle there; and they are to be intendant to the said Frank in this and other things belonging to the king in the said island.

Bond to John le Gras in 10l. to be paid to him out of the first money that comes from England, to buy one horse for his use of the gift of the king.

Mandate to all the knights who are in garrison at St. Emilion to be intendant to Herbert son of Matthew, whom the king has appointed as constable over that garrison.

Grant to Philip Haket, yeoman of the king's buttery, of 2d. a day from the appointed alms, which John de Sandon, sometime the king's cook, used to receive by the hand of the sheriff of Gloucester; also of 1d. a day from the appointed alms, which Olive la Normaund used to receive from the sheriff of Surrey.

Pardon to Robert Foliot of his flight and outlawry for the death of Thomas Strecche, whom he killed by misadventure, as the king has learned by inquisition made by the sheriff of Warwick; on condition that he make peace with the relatives of the said Thomas and stand his trial if any will proceed against him.

[Cancelled.] Because otherwise belour.

Licence for Al[esius] de Muntmorel [in the margin, Muntrevel] to send to England in any ship 120 tuns of his own wine; and this safe conduct is to endure until such ship has returned to its own parts.

Mandate to the provost of Oleron to let Frank de Brene have 100 poles, 10 trenchee and 6 picks (picois) to make the new mound in the isle of Re.

Pardon to Robert Foliot for the death of Thomas Streche, whom he killed by misadventure as the king has learned by inquisition, and of his outlawry for the same; on condition &c. as above.