1244, membranes 10, 9

Pages 445-447

Calendar of Patent Rolls, Henry III: Volume 3, 1232-1247. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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Oct. 28. Windsor.

Royal assent to the election of brother Thomas de Warthill as abbot of St. Mary's, York, with mandate to Simon de Norwico to let him have seisin of the said abbey and all the lands belonging to it, which were in his hands on account of the said custody.

Writ de intendendo directed to the tenants.

Nov. 3. Westminster.

Mandate to Aaron de Eboraco, Jew, Benedict Crespin, Aaron son of Abraham, Aaron le Blund, Moses son of Jacob and their fellows, to let Clarius Hugelini, Ranuchius Barboti, Hugh Magistri Pagani and Fulinus Guillelmi, merchants of Siena and Florence, have 1000 marks, which the king is bound to pay the latter on Christmas Eve next, by or before that date, out of the 4000 marks wherein they and the commune of the Jews are held to the king, under the penalty by which they are bound to the king.

Writ of liberate to the treasurer and chamberlains for the abbot of Susa for 20 marks of Michaelmas term, 28 Henry III, and 20 marks at Easter term, 29 Henry III, and 20 every year at the same terms, of the yearly fee of 40 marks which the king has granted him.

Nov. 13. Westminster.

The prior and convent of St. Mary's, Leicester, have licence to elect by brothers Robert Furmentin and William de Kenilwurth.

Mandate to the tenants of the honor of Richemund to be intendant to Peter de Sabaudia as their lord for the services due to him for their tenements.

Nov. 15. Westminster.

Bond to the mayor and jurats of the commune of Bayonne in 100l. at Easter next, which the king gave them in aid of the walling of their town.

The like to the citizens of Dax.

Grant to P. bishop of Hereford that notwithstanding that the five years for which the king leased to him the manor of Chilteham will expire while he is beyond seas by licence of the king, he shall hold that manor until his return to England.

Acceptance of a prest of 1000 marks which the good men of Bayonne have made to Nicholas de Molis, seneschal of Gascony, to maintain the war against the king of Navarre, which 1000 marks they had out of the cloths and other goods of the said king arrested in Bayonne, and if restitution of the sum is made to the said king, the king will indemnify them thereof.

Nov. 17. Westminster.

Power to H. earl of Essex and Hereford, the dean of Hereford, Walerand Teutonicus and the sheriff of Hereford, or two of them, to make a truce between the king and D. son of Llewelin and his accomplices.

Writ of allocate to the barons of the Exchequer to allow to Walerand Teutonicus, keeper of the castles of Grosmund, Skenefrith and White Castle, out of the issues thereof so long as they are in his custody, 30l of the yearly fee which he receives at the Exchequer.

To the king's faithful men of Wales and the marches of Wales. The king is well pleased that they shall come to Owein son of Griffin, whom he has released from prison, and give him aid in his fealty and service to the king and the king will defend him and them.

Writ of liberate for the five chaplains ministering in the chapels of St. John and St. Stephen, Westminster, for 12l. 10d. for their stipends as from Michaelmas last and 1 mark for finding a light in the chapel of St. John and for the stipend of a clerk.

Nov. 19. Westminster.

Letters of credit for Bartholomew Pecche and Master Laurence de Sancto Martino, whom the king is sending to the court of Rome, to the amount of 300 marks.

The like to the following amounts; 200 marks, 100l., 100l., 100 marks, and 100 marks.

The like for 100l. for their expenses.

Memorandum that afterwards they surrendered all these writs except one for 200 marks and one for 300 marks.

Nov. 20. Westminster.

Bond to William de Cheenay in 25 marks payable at Hilary.

Mandate to M. son of Gerold, justiciary of Ireland, and G. elect of Ossory, treasurer of Ireland, to deliver to William son of Hugh and Amabilia his wife 50l. for their manor of Kentewell, co. Suffolk, which they have sold to the king.

Nov. 21. Windsor.

Testification that the king's presentation to the church of Brough [under Stainmore] (Burg') by reason of the voidance of the abbey of St. Mary, York, which nevertheless, W. bishop of Carlisle, keeper of the land late of John de Veteri Ponte, opposed as belonging to him as the gift of King Richard when he held the county of Westmoreland in demesne, but to which presentation the bishop, at the king's instance, gave his assent, shall not be to the prejudice of the right of the heirs of the said John.

Nov. 22. Bisham

Notification to the pope of the appointment of Master Laurence de Sancto Martino, king's clerk, as his proctor for one year.

Nov. 26. Marlborough.

Appointment, during pleasure, of Thomas le Maunsel to the stewardship of the bailiwick late of John de Nevill, with mandate to all foresters and verderers of that bailiwick to be intendant to him.

Royal assent to the election of Robert Furmentin, canon of Leicester, to be abbot of that house.


Nov. 28. Marlborough.

Mandate to the good men of Andevre to answer to Hubert Hoese for their farm and it shall be allowed to them at the Exchequer.

Dec. 2. Marlborough

Bond to Peter, vicomte of Castillon (Castellensi), in 53 marks payable at Easter next, being the residue of a debt of 50l. and a debt of 18l. 13s. 4d.

Dec. 8. Woodstock

The king has undertaken for B. elect of Canterbury against R. earl of Cornwall that in case of the death of B. before his return to England, the executors of his will shall not dispose of his goods before paying the earl 1,000 marks which the said elect has borrowed from him.

Power to William de Vescy and the abbots of Belaund and Aunewic to receive the oath of Patrick and Walter Comin, earls of Scotland, to clear themselves towards the king.

Dec. 18. Brill.

Royal assent to the election of Robert Frumentin, canon of St. Mary, Leicester, to be abbot of that house.

Writ de intendendo to the tenants of the abbey.

Mandate to the sheriffs of Bedford and Buckingham, Northampton, Warwick and Leicester, Nottingham and Derby, and Lancaster to give him seisin of the lands belonging to the abbey.

Dec. 20. Berkhampstead.

The dean and chapter of Exeter have licence to elect by Th. archdeacon of Totton, and Martin Prodom.

Dec. 22. St. Alban's.

Licence for the Friars Minors of Oxford, for their greater quiet and safety, to close a street (vicum) extending under the wall of Oxford from Watergate in the parish of St. Ebbe to the first postern of the said wall towards the castle; on condition that a wall crenellated like the rest of the wall of the town be made round the said habitation, beginning from the west side of the Watergate and extending southwards to the Thames, thence stretching along the bank westwards to the fee of the abbot of Bec in the parish of St. Budock, then turning northwards to where it may join the old wall of the town near the east side of the aforesaid little postern. Licence also for them, in order to connect the new place with the old, to throw down so much of the old wall as extends by their habitation : saving always to the king and his heirs free transit through the middle of the new place, at every coming of the king.

Mandate to the sheriff of Oxford, and the mayor and bailiffs of Oxford to permit this to be done.

Dec. 27. Westminster.

Power to Richard de Clare and Morgan de Karliun to receive Mereduc Apres to the king's peace and service, and the king will do him justice in his court touching the lands which he says should fall to him by hereditary right.