America and West Indies: February 1630

Pages 107-108

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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February 1630

[Feb. 1.] Memorial of the French Ambassador to King Charles. For restitution of all places taken by the English in Canada since 12/44 April last, according to [the 8th Art. of] the treaty [of Susa], particularly the fortress and settlement of Quebec, possessed by Capt. Kirke, and those of Cape Breton and Port Royal, possessed by Sir Will. Alexander. [Corresp. FRANCE.]
1630? Memorial of the French Ambassador to King Charles. For permission to seize furs and other merchandise brought in two vessels by the Kirkes from Canada. French. [Corresp. FRANCE.]
Febuary. 1. 51. Answers to five several memorials presented by the French Ambassador to the Lords Committees for Foreign Affairs. The King continues in his former resolution to restore Quebec in the same state as when taken by Capt. Kirke, the 9th July last, without demolishing the fortifications or buildings, or carrying away arms, ammunition, &c. Complaints against English merchants for embezzling skins brought from Canada, will be inquired into. The Privy Council have under consideration, the cause relating to the claims of Peter de Tosse, and other merchants, of Calais. The King has ordered restitution of the St. Jean de Luz, taken by Sir Wil. Alexander's son, and of three other French ships. [Duplicate. Another copy in Corresp. FRANCE.]
[Feb.] 52. Petition of Sir Arthur and Sir Hen. Maynwaring and Capt Will. King to the King. There is a small island commonly called Fernandoe Lorinha, situate between 4 and 6 deg. south lat. [Fernando de Noronha, lat. 3° 55' S.] not at present inhabited, but very likely to be possessed by the subjects of some other prince, if not speedily prevented. Pray for a grant thereof, Underwritten, is an order for the Attorney General to prepare a bill, as in similar cases, the King having been pleased to grant the request of the petitioners, 3 Feb. 1630.
Febuary. 10. 53. Articles which A. and B. request the Attorney General to grant to them, by patent, for the settlement and plantation of Carolina. The 34th and 35th deg. of Nor. lat., "within his province of Carolina," to be peopled and planted by them. Power to erect courts. Two-fifth parts of the territory to be held of him in the King's service, with titles of honour, &c., the rest in free soccage. Conditions of tenure. Certain payments to the Attorney General as "Lord paramount or predominant." [Draft by Boswell, with corrections.]
Febuary. 10. 54. Abstract of the above, in Boswell's handwriting; with minute on endorsement, that the patent of Receiver and Commissary General be dispatched. [See Feb. 24.]
Febuary. 21.
55. Warrant to the Officers of the Ordnance to deliver to John Browne, the King's gunfounder, for the use of Henry Earl of Holland and his associates, certain drakes, not exceeding 24, for their plantation on the coast of America.
Febuary. 24. Grant to Hugh L'Amy of the office of Receiver General of rents in Carolina, and "the adjacent isles," upon the nomination of Sir Robt. Heath, Attorney General. Confirmed the same day, at the request of the Earl of Carlisle. [Minute. Colonial Corresp., 1607, Jan. 9.]
Febuary. 28. 56. Sir Robt. Heath to Mr. Lucas, Sec. to Lord Dorchester. Has prepared the commission for Canada according to his warrant. An addition required by the French Ambassador. Finds they [De Caen and the French?] are not satisfied, but cannot answer their desires without a new warrant. Requests the commission may speedily be sent to Sec. Dorchester.