America and West Indies: December 1649

Pages 331-332

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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December 1649

Dec. 6. Similar Order. Maurice Thompson not being able to attend by reason of sickness, he is desired to bring with him on the 11th the writings in his hands concerning the Virginia business. The Master of the Rolls is also requested to permit Benjamin Worsley to search for and make breviats of all grants and records that have been made of the country of Virginia, from the first time of the English plantation there, to the latter end of the late King's reign. [Ibid., p. 85.]
1649? 13. Remonstrance presented to the Council of State for their honour and profit, and for the general good of the land, by the trade of Africa for gold and other very good commodities. Endorsed, "A remonstrance for Guinea." [See p. 339, No. 15.]
Dec. 10. Order of the Council of State. The Company of Merchants trading to Guinea to give in writing their reasons on the 17th inst., that the things desired in their petition is for the advantage of the Commonwealth. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. XCI., p. 373.]
Dec. 14. Similar Orders. Petition and remonstrance of Capt. Rich. Ingle, concerning Maryland, also remonstrance and protestation of the Governor of Virginia, to be referred to the consideration of the Committee of the Admiralty, who are directed to take into consideration how the government of that plantation may be altered. [Ibid., p. 389.]
Dec. 17. Similar Order. Mr. Vassall and others, engaged in the trade to Guinea, to be directed to appear on 24th inst., to speak with them concerning the business. [Ibid., p. 401.]
Dec. 18. Similar Orders. Earl of Pembroke, Col. Purefoy, Sir Wm. Constable, Earl of Denbigh, Lord Whitelocke, Col. Wanton, Mr. Holland or any other three of them, to be a committee to examine the business of the Bermudas islands, and to meet on 20th inst., when the Company is directed to attend. For a warrant to search for the son of George Benson, supposed to be gone to Barbadoes, or some other foreign parts. [Ibid., pp. 407–8.]
Dec. 18. Warrant for the apprehension of George, son of George Benson, who contrary to the consent of his parents, had shipped himself for Barbadoes, or some other foreign parts. [Ibid., p. 409.]
Dec. 20. Order of the Council of State. The business of the Somers Islands to be considered on 22nd; all parties concerned may have either copies of petition or order. [Ibid., p. 413.]
Dec. 20. Order of Committee of the Admiralty. The business of Virginia and Maryland to be taken into consideration on 28th, when [Benj.] Worsley, Maurice Thompson, Mr. Allen, of Mark Lane, and other merchants, are directed to attend. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CXLVI., p. 93.]
Dec. 28. Similar Orders. Maurice Thompson, Benjamin Worsley, Wm. Penoyre, Wm. Allen, and such others as Worsley shall think fit, are directed to attend on 3rd Jan. to offer what is requisite for reducing Virginia to the interest of the Commonwealth, and to be placed in such hands as the State may confide in, that the trade of that plantation may not be destroyed by its disaffection to the Commonwealth. The whole business concerning the plantation of Maryland under Lord Baltimore, to be heard on 10th Jan., when Lord Baltimore, Capt. Ingle, and Robert Rawlings are directed to attend. The patent of Maryland, in Wm. Jessop's hands, with other papers concerning Virginia, to be also brought on that day. [Ibid., p. 98.]