America and West Indies: January 1650

Pages 332-333

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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January 1650

Jan. 1. Order of the Council of State. Approving reports of Committee appointed for the business of the Somers Islands. The government to be settled on Capt. Forster and his Council, as already appointed by the Company; all captains and commanders within the islands to be nominated and appointed by the Governor, with consent of the Council of State; the Governor and Council to choose another secretary in place of [John] Vaughan; the Governor and all officers of trust to take the engagement immediately after the settlement of the Government; the persons of Capt. Turnor, late Governor, and Mr. Viner to be secured and sent to England with examinations and proofs of their crimes and misdemeanors. [Ibid., Vol. XCI., pp. 461–62.]
Jan. 3. Order of Committee of the Admiralty. The hearing of the Virginia business is deferred, and Maurice Thompson, Wm. Penoyre, Wm. Allen, and Benj. Worsley, directed to attend on the 7th. It was then put off to the 9th. [Ibid., Vol. CXLVI., pp. 103, 106.]
Jan. 9. Similar Order. Upon review of the records concerning the government of Virginia and the present juncture of affairs in relation to that plantation, it is advised that Commissioners be nominated by Parliament, in whom the government may be immediately placed, with power to settle the same under the government of the Commonwealth, and to appoint a Governor and Council to reside upon the place for administration of government, with the former powers granted to Sir Fras. Wyatt, and such other powers as may be necessary for the present well ordering of that plantation. The Attorney General is desired to conceive the draft of a grant to that effect, with convenient speed, in which the confines of the plantation are to be particularly expressed according to the ancient limits. [Ibid., p. 107.]
Jan. 10. Similar Order. Upon request of Lord Baltimore's agent, the business concerning the plantation of Maryland is deferred until the 16th, when Capt. Ingle, Robt. Rawlings, and Lord Baltimore are directed to attend. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CXLVI., p. 108.]
Jan. 15. Order of Committee of the Admiralty. Upon information of Capt. Ingle and Robt. Rawlings against Lord Baltimore, concerning Maryland, Maurice Thompson, Thos. Stagg, Rich. Chandler, Wm. Allen, Matthew Crouch, Mr. Roach, Dennis Corbin, Henry Williams, and Henry Stockdale are directed to attend on the morrow to give evidence, at the request of Lord Baltimore. [Ibid., p. 110.]
Jan. 16. Similar Orders. The business depending between Capt. Ingle and Lord Baltimore, concerning Maryland, being appointed for hearing on 30th inst., Sir Nath. Brent, in addition to the witnesses above mentioned, is summoned to attend. Lord Baltimore appearing, touching a remonstrance given in against him by Capt. Ingle, the former is directed to give in his answer, in writing, on the same day, to allow time for his witnesses, shortly expected in England, when all parties are to attend. [Ibid., p. 111.]
Jan. 21. Warrant for letters of reprisal to John Kirke, Wm. Berkeley, and Company, merchants, they having sustained great loss by the depredations of the French and the seizure of their ship, the Marie Fortune, and her goods, to the value of 12,500l. [Ibid., Vol. XCI., p. 545.]
Jan. 22. Orders of Committee of the Admiralty. Concerning a remonstrance touching Lord Baltimore's government of Maryland, presented by Capt. Rich. Ingle; at the desire of the latter, Capt. Leveret, Edward Winslow, Richard Allen, Anthony Penniston, Chas. Cawley and Mr. Parham are summoned as witnesses. [Ibid., Vol. CXLVI, p. 115.]
Jan. 29. Similar Order. Putting off the hearing of the business of Maryland between Capt. Ingle and Lord Baltimore, to the 6th Feb., "in respect of extraordinary occasions not permitting them to hear the same to-morrow." [Ibid., p. 117.]
Jan. 31. Similar Order. For the same witnesses to attend on the 6th Feb., concerning the business of Maryland, as were summoned on 22nd Jan. [Ibid., p. 118.]