America and West Indies: April 1651

Pages 354-355

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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April 1651

April 3. 33. Act for the borrowing of goods for the present defence of Barbadoes. To be published by the minister
April 3. Order of the Council of State. A clause to be added to the paper now read for William Coddington, for the Governor to take the engagement himself, and tender it to the rest of the inhabitants of the [Rhode] Island; which being done, it is to be engrossed on parchment, and signed and sealed with the seal of the Council. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. XCIII., p. 207.]
April 3. Commission reciting petition of William Coddington [see ante, 17 April 1650, p. 338], and appointing him Governor of "Acquedneck," alias Rhode Island, and "Quinunnugate Island," with power to administer the law so far as the constitution of those places will permit, in the name of the Keepers of the liberties of England by authority of Parliament; to raise forces for defence; to appoint annually not more than six councillors, to be nominated by the freeholders of the town of Newport and Portsmouth, and to tender the engagement to councillors as well as electors. In case of his death the Council are authorized to choose a Governor, until Parliament or the Council of State give further order therein. [Ibid., pp. 210–13.]
April 7. Order of the Council of State. For petition of divers merchants trading to Barbadoes, to be considered on the 9th. [Ibid., p. 232.]
April 8.
The Council of State to Capt. Thos. Thoroughgood, commander of the Crescent. It having been resolved that Sir David Kirke, now in Newfoundland, shall appear at the Council, they desire him to receive Sir David on board his ship, and bring him to England. [Ibid., Vol. CXVII., p. 114.]
April 8. Warrant for a Commission to John Littlebury, John Treworgie, Walter Sikes, Nicholas Redwood, Thos. Griggs, Miles [? Wm.] Pyle, Alexander Clotworthy, and William Hendy, to examine upon certain interrogatories, witnesses on the part of the Commonwealth and of the Adventurers to Newfoundland, and to receive informations concerning any miscarriages committed by Sir David Kirke since the time of his living there. [Ibid., Vol. XCIII., p. 243.] Annexed,
I.The Interrogatories above mentioned. Benefits made by adventurers' goods carried over by Sir David Kirke. Money received of planters for fishing boats, licensing taverns, granting leases for land, and selling wines. Sale of beaver and other skins. Profits by fishing and buying and selling. [Ibid., pp. 243, 244.]
April 8. Warrant to John Littlebury, John Treworgie, Walter Sikes, Capt. Thos. Thoroughgood, commander of the Crescent, Capt. Thos. Jones, commander of the Ann and Joyce, and Capt. Wm. Haddock, commander of the America, or any two of them, to take into their possession, for the use of the Adventurers to Newfoundland, Sir David Kirke having been ordered to repair to England, all ordnance, ammunition, houses, boats, and other appurtenances belonging to the fishing trade in Ferryland, or any other part of Newfoundland, and to collect the impositions upon fish paid by strangers, until Parliament declare their further pleasure. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. XCIII., p. 244.]
April 9. Order of the Council of State. Approving report of the Council of Trade concerning the trade to Guinea, and recommending to Parliament a grant being passed as is therein expressed. The report is recited, and the Council state their opinion that 20 leagues on each side of the two chief factories, or residences by the sea coast, the fort of Cormantin, and the river Cerberro, near Sierra Leone, may be granted to the present Adventurers, with exclusion of trade to all others for 14 years, they to fortify and secure the same to the interest of the Commonwealth. All the rest of the coast of Guinea to the southward to be free to all traders. [Ibid., pp. 247–50.]
April 11. Similar Order. Concerning the desires of Sir Geo. Ayscue, about the proportion of victuals assigned for his voyage to Barbadoes. [Ibid., p. 258.]
April 18. Similar Order. Directing the Committee for Examinations to examine the Earl of Carlisle, concerning his having received certain letters from the Caribbee Islands, and upon the state of Barbadoes, and to report thereon to the Council. [Ibid., p. 284.]