America and West Indies: February 1653

Pages 398-400

Calendar of State Papers Colonial, America and West Indies: Volume 1, 1574-1660. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1860.

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February 1653

Feb. 1. Minutes as above. [Edward] Winslow's petition to be taken into consideration on the 4th. Report from the sub-committee to whom the consideration of furnishing masts and tar from New England was referred, to be re-committed, the blanks filled up, and such farther particulars added as are thought fit, and reported on Friday. Upon petition of Oliver Williams, for liberty to send 2,000 muskets and other arms to Barbadoes, he having received a letter from John Roberts, Sec. of the Island, requesting a supply, the Governor and Council having passed an Act, that the inhabitants should furnish themselves with arms for defence of that place; recommend that the prayer be granted. [Ibid., pp. 60, 62.]
Feb. 1. Order of the Council of State. Referring petition of Walter Sikes to Committee for Foreign Affairs, before whom the business [of Newfoundland] mentioned in the petition depends. [Ibid, Vol. XCVI., p. 319.]
Feb. 2. Similar Orders. For a licence to Nicholas Haward, Job Nutt, and others, proprietors of the Golden Fortune and the Peter, bound to Virginia, to carry upon each ship 500 dozen of shoes and 16 men, upon giving in their names; also for the Bonaventure, of Dieppe, James de Senne, master, to sail to the island of St. Christopher, upon giving security not to do any wrong to the English plantations. [Ibid., p. 325.]
Feb. 2. The licence above mentioned for the Bonaventure. [Ibid., p. 330.]
Feb. 3. Orders of the Council of State. Petition of Cleer, relict of Samuel Hacker, who was lost inthe John, in her voyage to Virginia, to be referred to Committee of the Admiralty, to report upon what is fit to be done for relief of the petitioner. Report concerning New England to be heard on the following day. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. LXVII., pp. 2, 5.]
Feb. 4. Similar Orders. Petition of William Penoyre, merchant, concerning a factor of his at Barbadoes, to be referred to Committee for Foreign Affairs for their report. For licence to Edward Eltonhead to send a French or Hamburgh ship to the island of Antigua [this has been added, "or any other of the English plantations in America,"] for supplying a plantation of his there. Letter to be written to the magistrates of New England, to provide 10,000 barrels of tar, which the State will buy of them at a reasonable price. A factor to be sent over to New England, to contract for goods of all sorts belonging to shipping. Those most vendible in New England, to the value of 5,000l., to be provided by Mr. Hopkins and Nehemiah Bourne, Commissioners for the Navy, for buying tar; 150 or 200 Irish or Scotch youths, unless English can be procured, to be sent to New England, and let out to persons there, who will pay for their service in commodities necessary for shipping; 10,000l. to be provided for the purchase of goods to be sent hence, 1,500l. of which is forthwith to be paid on account. [Ibid., pp. 8, 11, 13–15.]
[Feb. 4.]
2. John Bayes to the Committee for Foreign Affairs. A high faction prevalent in Barbadoes, to lessen the power of the Governor, to make that island a free state, to choose their own governors, establish their own laws, and have free trade with all nations. Arguments. Is of opinion that, if not prevented, the affections of the people will in a short time be alienated from the authority of the Commonwealth. They have already constituted a kind of parliamentary power, chosen themselves a speaker, and so clipped the Governor's power that he has not a fifth part of that which all former Governors have had. Suggests that Governor [Searle] be continued for some time, and that his commission be enlarged upon several points. Desires such commission may be speedily dispatched; thinks of returning by the first opportunity. Undertook "this long winter voyage" out of tender affection for the plantation. Endorsed by Bradshaw, "To be considered when the Barbadoes business is debated, &c."
Feb. 4. Minutes of a Committee for Foreign Affairs. [Edward] Winslow's petition to be taken into consideration on the 11th. [On 23 Feb. it was ordered to be considered on 14th March.] Report of the sub-committee concerning masts and tar from New England to be offered to the Council of State in the afternoon. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CLX., pp. 63, 64.]
Feb. 7. Minutes as above. To report to the Council of State that a letter be written to the Governor of Barbadoes to recommend that Mr. Penoyre have justice in relation to a factor of his in that island. [INTERREGNUM, Entry Bk., Vol. CLX., p. 66.]
Feb. 9. Minutes of a Committee for Foreign Affairs. Petition of Major-Gen. Gibbons to be considered on the 11th, as also that of Geo. Hopkins. [Ibid,, p. 72.]
Feb. 11. Orders of the Council of State. For a licence to Robt. Wilding and Edw. Wood and Company, merchants, to export to Barbadoes in the David and Samuel 600 dozen of shoes and 20 dozen of boots. Letter from the Governor of Barbadoes, with bill of exchange inclosed, to be referred to the Committee for Irish and Scotch Affairs for their report. Warrant of protection to be granted to Dickery Caerwithen to pass to New England in his ship the New England, with 30 mariners. [Ibid., Vol. LXVII., pp. 45, 47.]
Feb. 11. Minute of a Committee for Foreign Affairs. Upon petition of Geo. Hopkins for liberty to send a ship to Newfoundland; to report to the Council of State that it be granted upon giving an account of the number of seamen. [Ibid., Vol. CLX., p. 74.]
Feb. 14. Order of the Council of State. Referring letter of John Bayes to Lord President Bradshaw to the Committee for Foreign Affairs, to examine Major Wm. Byham concerning what is alleged against him, and report their opinion. [Ibid., Vol. LXVII., p. 50.]
Feb. 17. Similar Order. Directing copies of commissions and instructions given to Walter Sikes and the other Commissioners for Newfoundland, also of the petitions and charges given in by Sikes against Sir David Kirke, to be delivered to Kirke. [Ibid., p. 76.]
Feb. 21. Similar Orders. For a pass for the William, of Chichester, bound to Newfoundland, with 46 men. Upon petition of Mary, wife of Daniel Searle, Governor of Barbadoes; Sir John Bourchier to be desired to speak with Col. Downes, concerning what he hath against Col. Searle, to put it in writing, and send it to the Council. [Ibid., pp. 90, 91.]